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for Pheromones ever after (Pheromones trilogy part 3)

11/16/2021 c1 impossible17
please update soon
11/15/2021 c2 CoppertopJ
God damn, I feel sick to my stomach. Tense, irritable. I want Caius' head. And all the fuckers following him. OMG, you certainly can stir a pot! And what the hell is happening with Edward and Bella?! It took me this long to get up the courage to read this chapter after the last one. js
11/15/2021 c2 fresh-BLOOD-was-drawn-2night
Ohh bad Carlisle and Jasper. They should of told them. Can’t wait to find out what happens.
11/15/2021 c1 fresh-BLOOD-was-drawn-2night
Loving that your back. Is it wrong that I’m hoping for a baby.
11/14/2021 c2 BridieM
Wow! You weren’t wrong about the plot. Lol Brilliant. Exciting. Compelling. Thank you for writing
11/14/2021 c2 1edwards-girl-4-ever
11/13/2021 c2 traceybuie
So Caius has started his own shit show by making some expendable vampires? Dam! Is Athendora fighting also or does he have her squirreled away somewhere for safe keeping? The Forks community and reservation doesn't really have anymore supernatural protection. I'm relieved that Sam and Jacob could still shift. It sounded like the Volturi guard were outnumbered and surprised.

The Cullens need to set a few ground rules, 1) None of the 8 of them are actual children. They are all adult mated vampires. 2) Information about a threat(s) to any of the 8 should be shared immediately. No secrets involving safety should be kept. 3) Trying to stick your nose into another mated pair's business (sexual, financial, etc...) is not allowed. Living separate from each other should help with that. I guess I'm angry at Carlisle and Jasper for keeping secrets as well as Emmett's ridiculous goading. ;)

If I was Bella, I would bend over backward to help Seth and his family whether they are in Forks, New York or Antarctica. I could give a rat's ass about Charlie. ugh... If Caius is using him as bait, he would have done better picking a random stranger to barter with. Bella would have cared more...I hope.

So next hopefully is a brief family discussion followed by a private conversation between Edward and Bella. They have a lot to work through, but I'm assuming Edward biting Bella has enabled them to feel each other's emotions? She should bite him as well. Very curious...

This chapter has sure brought out a lot of feelings and emotions from me. LOL ...steps off opinionated review box... Thanks for writing and sharing such a thought provoking chapter.
11/8/2021 c1 ChaoticH
Wow, you came out of the gate at high speed with this one.
11/7/2021 c1 CoppertopJ
Someday? Someday? So...tomorrow? Just asking for a friend. ;)

This was hot, scary, hot, unnerving, and extremely hot! Wow, that was one hell of a beginning.
11/7/2021 c1 traceybuie
So will Emmett learn not to be such a douche canoe? LOL Probably not... ;)
I still think Edward and Bella shouldn't be 'forced' to be around their family or other people for the 100 years or so of their pheromones. Hopefully they will get some private time very soon so Bella can 'show' Edward what happened between them.
I wonder why Seth is calling about loser Charlie. He and his family are in NY right? Shouldn't Charlie be dead by now? mwahaha... Or at least really old?...
Looking forward to your answers in yummy story form... Thanks for writing and sharing.
11/7/2021 c1 8CullenCherries
I have so many questions!

Also, I’m glad there’s more to this story.
11/7/2021 c1 BridieM
Wow! What a start!? And a cliffhanger too! Looking forward to reading more. Thank you for writing
11/7/2021 c1 1Myketje
Whoot whoot! Nice beginning of an unexpected sequel! thanks for sharing!
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