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4/17 c11 itscrem
I loved this fic so much. I couldn't put down my phone. Thank you for this, you did merhayes the justice they so badly needed. I can't wait to read the other stories you'll write about them!
3/22 c11 Guest
I really love this fic! I am abig MerDer fan but this is really good! It captures really well what could have been for Mer and Hayes! I really think that being a widow is a complex background for having a relationship and I dont think that Mer’s relationships on the show have not made justice to that…. The good “love” stories after Derek (nathan and cormac, because of their background) were cut short…
3/20 c11 Alihar70
This is fantastic please keep writing
3/20 c11 Cindydaly
That was excellent! I would love to read any Merhayes stories you write!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
3/20 c11 reinadelsol2389
I am so sad this fic is done! I loved it! I can’t wait for your next one!
3/12 c10 Alihar70
Loved it, thank you
3/6 c10 5stfuboba
I needed this so much after the bs grey’s put merhayes fans through. This is amazing, from the perfectly described emotions to the sweet and vulnerable moments that they shared. The ending was spectacular! Will continue to support this fic and I’ll be getting my merhayes fix through you since GA’s been crappy at writing
3/6 c10 shepsbrainrot
OH MY GOD? This fic is way too good, I can’t believe the next chapter is the last chapter. I just want to say I’ve really enjoyed reading this, especially since to me, it’s just so realistic to the characters. Thank you for the update and for the tears this chapter brought me. I will definitely read whatever else you may write about this ship, no matter how much it hurts. Still bummed out at the fact that MerHayes was done so dirty in the show, like, the writers didn’t even bother caring about the fans who genuinely wanted them together. Hayes deserved so much better! I realized that not only was I devastated that he left because I liked his character, but also because he was the last closest thing I had left to Cristina. It was so sad, the way Meredith didn’t really have anything to say about her best friend’s gift leaving, like? It was also a bit confusing and just rushed. Now that Hayes is gone for good I fear Meredith will get married with Nick if they don’t do something about them and SOON. When it comes to Mer’s family he just doesn’t seem to care much about them, like when he met Maggie and Amelia, he didn’t seem interested AT ALL, and it bothers me so much more than his existence. Hayes would never! I hope the mernick fling ends soon because I don’t think I can watch season 19 if they’re going to be on my screen more than they already are. I wish Derek would still be alive, they need to find a way to bring him back ALIVE to greys if they want some of us to continue watching. But it’s all good, what helps me sleep at night is that even though we didn’t see them “datebecause honestly I don’t even consider Hayes as one of the men she dated because it was off screen), at least MerHayes’s friendship is better than the relationships Meredith was in after Derek, in my opinion anyway.
3/6 c10 Cindydaly
This was so good! Especially after the crap the show is putting us through!

Please keep writing for Meredith and Cormac! It is the only way we will see them together now! I still can’t believe Greys did that!
3/5 c10 reinadelsol2389
Thank you! This chapter was therapeutic and an escape from the real show. I was waiting for you to write a chapter I can drown my sorrows in! Please keep writing!
2/18 c9 piaramilo14
when's the next update?
2/18 c9 Alihar70
Thank you, thoroughly enjoying this read, I love these 2 together
2/14 c9 shepsbrainrot
Thank you so much for updating ! Last week was so bad for me and this brightened me up a bitI also hope you feel better soon.
2/13 c9 Cindydaly
Excellent! It is fun to see how things that happened on the show would have been just a little different if they had been in a relationship. You write them really well!
2/13 c9 reinadelsol2389
Thank. You for the update! It is so good you weave this story so well. I really enjoyed this chapter!
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