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for Surf 'n' Birth(day)

12/1/2021 c1 133jojoDO
D"AWWWWWWWWWWW! WARM FUZZIES for the grumpy boi and crew!

I should have figured it was a dream, but it admittedly did not catch on until he woke up. So you succeeded there with the dream fakeout. I guess I thought this was just a different time period lol. But yeah, you painted an INCREDIBLY serene picture of K' as a child, with big sis Seirah, and it pains me so much to know this time was robbed from them... but the gentle reassurance that these memories are still embedded in him brings me some comfort. As it does K' too, I'm sure.

But as beautiful as the past was, you made the present just as bearable. K' is doing just fine here, with his new family, and they can still have those good times. It was a delightful parallel. Also, LOL at those sunscreen writings xD "weenie king" ha! Glorious.

This was such a heartwarming, needed story for K', a guy who constantly wears a cloak over his turmoil. This was a reassurance that, as hard as the guy has had it... he's doing okay. He's got people he loves. He can still enjoy the beach. He's gonna be alright.

Happy b day K' : )
11/28/2021 c1 67illyrilex
How the hell has this gone for so long without anyone saying a single thing about it? I feel like that's a crime, but I'm here to fill that void so here we go:

The amount of depth that you've added to the jerky goblin knows no bounds and will never cease to amaze me. He dreams! And he smiles sometimes! And he has banter with his found family! I love it; I love what you've done with these characters whom I really never gave much thought to before I started reading your takes. And I love how you cut that dream juuuuust before mum could utter a name. Clever :D

Also, "weenie king" got me pretty good. As someone who had to live through SNK's weenie-obsessed days as they happened, and not as something I recently learned about (like others) I appreciated seeing that lol

I could go on and on about this, and what you've added to the NESTS crew but I'll stop here before I get too rambly. Once again, another great job, Mali :)

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