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2/28 c11 Difdi
Anime Sailor Moon… or manga? Because the manga version has an upper power limit that would send Scion running for his mommy…
2/28 c89 Difdi
You’ve switched names for some people again. Is the amazon version of Taylor named Hebar or Heber? You switched spellings from chapter 2 to chapter 3.
2/28 c88 Difdi
Are the brothers named Whitecloak or Whiteoak? You switched names between the first and second chapters.
2/28 c87 Difdi
A ford is a shallow spot in a river that can be crossed without needing a bridge. A gorge is a very deep ravine, but not quite a canyon. Assuming Helford was aptly named, that town has been there a LONG time to have the river be down in a gorge. I’m not familiar with 5e settings - how long ago was this First Age they were speaking of?

Also, imagine Mouse Protector’s reaction to meeting a mouseling… O.O
2/24 c89 Armiture
A most interesting AD&D world, I didn't recognize Hoshime but the other gods sounded like they were from the "official" 2nd Ed setting whose name escapes me but I recall a "Time of Troubles" that sounds like the God's War of the sixth age. I haven't kept up for most of the past twenty years or so, 3rd edition didn't interest me at all.

Thanks for the update and I hope you tell us what choice she makes for her class.
2/24 c89 TSFreedom
Good chapter .
2/23 c88 Sebine
Taylor has the horny.
2/18 c88 1Wakiyamani
Oh good lord, is this a homebrew location... because you're mixing Spelljammer and lord knows what else.

That said Taylor Hebert Dark Sun Psionic Thri-Kreen Army PWNAGE

I had a Thri-Kreen Ranger once upon a time, very munchkin before I understood the term. Ambi-dextrous and was a dual/quad-wield Weapons Specialist in Bastard Swords... managed to get a couple of Sunblades, along with a 1 Bastard Sword and a Masterwork. Used to Quad-wield when fighting small groups, Dual-wield the Sunblades two-handed when fighting something extra big or undead. Name was Ki'rkkrr. He was around 5'10 stooped, almost 8 when he stretched. Couldn't wear armor, so I had a Ring of Prot 1 and Bracers of Armor Class 6. He had his carapace, so his AC wasn't too bad... this was 2nd Ed / UA so all the Pathfinder/3.5 bonuses weren't a thing yet.

Role-playing him talking was hilarious. I just added 2 k's to every word, and changed all the S sounds to Th's, because I claimed my mandibles just make those sounds. I also had fun deliberately misunderstanding common fantasy references. Was a rare Adventuring male. Decided to go because there was a rumor that the next queen thought I was strong and cute, and I wanted to avoid what came next...

Also had A LOT of fun interjecting horror and fear into every common gaming naughty innuendo because well, naughty times are rather scary for mantis-men. "Waitkk, youkk hadkk twokk queenth atkk onthe? Howkk didkk youkk thurvive? Ohkk, must'vekk crawledkk outkk whileth theykk foughtkk afterwardth... verykk sneakykk. Probablykk saferkk withkk twokk... Nokk, I'mkk notkk thatkk bravekk, thankkk youkk."
2/17 c88 Armiture
I wonder what class she'll pick or end up as, thanks for sharing this idea with us.
2/17 c87 Armiture
Looks like a very interesting setting.
2/17 c88 119dogbertcarroll
i love this setting
2/17 c88 Andrew Greaves
Huh. I hadn't thought about Metroanime's Aramar in years.

I might have to reread The Bet.
2/17 c88 177Firehedgehog
poor taylor
2/17 c88 TSFreedom
Good chapter .
2/17 c87 TSFreedom
Good chapter.
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