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9/25 c38 Armiture
For your second question, the yellow dimensional sub should have a Dimensional Flux Agitator that sends the target to a random dimension. (Sluggy Freelance ref.)

For the third question, she should turn into a Great Ancient Guardian, it looks like a duckbilled platypus but it breathes magical fire hotter than dragon fire. (8-bit Theater ref.)

Loved the easter eggs I spotted: Humanx Universe by Alan Dean Foster Beatles song. Naruto. Final Fantasy. Star Wars. I'm sure other games besides EQ have stat boosting food.

Thanks for the update, I look forward to the upcoming battle.
9/24 c38 Shivers82
Great chapter. There really aren’t enough Foster’s Commonwealth crossovers. Only other one I know is mp3.1415player’s Incompatible Systems.

Looking forward to more of your writing.
9/23 c38 Xenoguyver
This was a fun chapter to read. Also here's my votes.

Carol Dallon's reaction: The whole situation pretty much gets her head out of her ass and causes her to ACTUALLY talk to her daughters and then go get some psychological help.

Weapons for Taylor's sub: I think a Summon Unlock would be a good option. I mean, imagine it also having a "Summon Amp" sort of thing and she summons Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh or even fucking BAHAMUT and the Summon Amp would end up causing said summons to be stronger and larger (think borderline Godzilla Size for the Godzilla Threshold.) and would cause any enemy/monster/shard that's the target of said Amped Summons to rethink their very existence (as short as it will be) and make them wish one of two things. 1) "I should've done what my mother suggested." or 2) "I should've worn my Brown Pants today.".

And as for Taylor's alternate second form: I don't remember what it's going to be.
9/23 c38 Richard6154
Another great chapter. CYOT should be its own story. I see lots of scope for character development with all the alternatives you have given the cast and lots of fun to be had. However I don't know how long it can be as power creep will make them unbeatable quickly.
Really enjoying this one, thanks fore sharing, looking forward to more.
9/23 c38 deadal
has it gone for too long?... NAH! send more!
9/23 c38 FreeAllFrogs
:) thanks
9/23 c38 2Mugen-Muse
Well, if the ribbons were like the Ribbon of Final Fantasy, then they could come in handy.

Hm, I wonder what sort of Star Trek android Dragon might be thinking of if that is what said android would be doing.

Really hope Winslow doesn't suddenly manifest a monster or become one.

Indeed. Given the known list of patrons, it helps to be wary of any warlock that refuses to divulge the name of their chosen patron.

Do you mean Carol's reaction after she gets done with the hangover? At the moment, there is a lot she doesn't know and "game mechanics" as a power might be a bit vague for her. The only good news in her eyes would be the fact Rydia is a hero that's working with other heroes. Mostly. Perhaps Carol, her sister, and the other adults of New Wave might try to approach the PRT with questions of what is going on. They would hopefully see that working with Rydia might be a good idea. Beyond that, I'm not sure which way things might go. Though it would be nice if Rydia's power somehow helped the New Wave family recognize their problems and work to correct the issues in a positive way.

To be honest, reading the question of what weapons should her sub have had me thinking of the submarine acting like a summon attack. Hm... I wonder what the submarine will look like when Taylor fully unlocks it. Granted, Tuatha de Danaan would be more of a submarine than Arsenal Gear, but both can act as underwater carriers. Sort of.

Well, I would hope Taylor's second form was something she thought about very carefully given what happened with her Rydia form. Preferably with input from those she trusts.
9/23 c38 3wolfey141
I think the summon her sun should use as a weapon is final fantasy 14 leviathan.
9/18 c37 alaskan-dracolych
Lots of fun. Wouldn't mind more chapters of this, at all.
9/14 c37 2Mugen-Muse
I imagine quite a few more people would be rather happy that Taylor got the powers she did. Who knows how many people might have been watching and recording the broadcast.

Might be for the best that Vista can't send someone into low earth orbit.

Magical Girl Dragon... Well, Saint probably broke his brain trying to compute that.

In hindsight, the classes everyone chose seems to be a good fit in terms of power and personality.
9/12 c37 Armiture
Those were some fun to read battles. I especially liked all the failed loot rolls! The foreshadowing for Canberra's Endbringer attack was nicely done too. They have a date now they just need the place.
9/13 c37 1Cemalidor
Lemmi guess. Tuesday? :XD
Yup, loved that glowing/radioactive Squirrel in several Final Fantasy parts.
9/11 c37 Richard6154
This story is glorious, please split it off on its own and continue.
Thanks for sharing and very much looking forward to more!
9/11 c37 14Zaxxon
If you got the juice, this could be a nice series in it own.
9/11 c37 haphazard1
Thanks for another fun chapter. Vista and her unicorn was amusing, Queen Admin as the enemy boss was a great touch, and Kenta showing up as Lung was a lot of fun. I have really liked his character in this story.
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