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5/25 c92 Difdi
Wing sauce for Simurgh, tartar sauce for Leviathan?
5/24 c81 Difdi
Late-model Bolos kinda straddle the line between warship and tank, especially if they have their FTL deployment sled.
5/24 c72 Difdi
And once she builds the Stop That cannon, she can build a Don’t Make Me Come Over There trebuchet!
5/9 c92 Cookie Warlord
I lost it during the Barbeque Wing line. Lol. Ah thanks for another great chapter, I loved that the Slaughterhouse Nine literally met a force of nature and thought they could control her. Darwin Award (-o-).
5/10 c92 3Digital Dragon Productions
Always a fun read. Had to go back to original chapter to recap though
5/10 c92 TSFreedom
Good chapter .
5/10 c92 l4w
Great chapter
All Seeing Eye is explaining a video and mentions void cowboy specifically as nonsense almost out of the blue
5/9 c92 Richard6154
This has got to be its own story. It will be short but very funny.
5/9 c92 pallendin pie
Lmao ;)
5/8 c91 2Qriiz
Ah... Human's stupidity truly knows no bound.
5/8 c91 goku90504
I'd really like more from the point of view of Hera's killer particularly why they killed her when the god's were man kinds defenders in this
4/24 c90 119dogbertcarroll
Wonder who set this off. For some reason I can just picture Dr. Doom being responsible as a test.
4/23 c90 TSFreedom
Interesting concept .
4/21 c90 3Grimmideals
I like this as a concept.
4/21 c90 Sebine
Taylor needs a girlfriend for all the shit you put her through
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