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8/1 c29 21Joe Fenton
I like this story line. Can't get enough Taylor-is-a-dragon stories.
8/1 c29 Mugen-Muse
Huh. Will Alexandria or Taylor end up adopting Kanna Kamui? In any case, I hope Lung is happy with the news that Taylor has no intention of taking his territory, and that their conversation goes peacefully.

...Coil is probably going to try poking the dragons, isn't he?
8/1 c29 CH316
And here's the. Ross over. Ah, Kanna. She deserves so many headpats. Now Taylor needs a maid. I look forward to more
7/28 c28 1Cemalidor
Dragon Taylor might be OP, but is always fun to read for me. :XD
7/28 c28 Armiture
Hahahahaha, "I got suspended for injuring a bully's fist with my abs." That was awesome!

I like the boat graveyard plan, hope it works out for everyone.

The E88 ambush was fun to read, and please don't forget that an ABB minion is supposed to speak with Taylor to set up a meeting. I'm looking forward to reading it.
7/28 c27 Armiture
Using dragons as a source of magic on Earth-bet is something I haven't seen before. I believe it was part of the background/history of those popular GOT/ASOFAI series.

I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with this, even if it's just a bunch of time-skip scenes with a "Thousand Years Later" epilogue at the end.
7/28 c28 Mugen-Muse
Sounds like someone needs to ask Taylor to transform Dragon into a dragon. Though that does raise the question of what to do about the Birdcage without Dragon acting as the digital warden. Then again, perhaps Dragon would become a dragon with power over technology?
7/28 c28 Eriktheviking70
Another engrossing chapter. I look forward to more of Amy vying with Vista for dragon-time.
7/24 c27 Mugen-Muse
Well, that's probably better than what I was thinking might happen when I was reading the chapter's title and Taylor's response to her being asked to fix the lack of dragons. At least the dragon powerset would allow Taylor to leave the locker rather than being stuck inside with less room to work with due to the whole "mother of dragons" idea being taken a different direction.

I wonder if anyone will let Taylor and Amy live down the ecstasy touch thing?

Sounds like Taylor could have fixed the whole school on her way out.
7/22 c27 Guest
I like this very much :)

As an aside, I do like how you try to give one-line characters (like Gunter) something of a background.
7/22 c27 FreeAllFrogs
Yup good stuff. I look forward to your stories. Thanks.
7/22 c27 Eriktheviking70
An intriguing scene-setter.
7/22 c27 Rake1810
Very amusing so far. Hope there’s more.
7/19 c26 Armiture
Wow, that was a cool concept, Taylor as The Specter, a DC sort-of hero, antihero?

I liked this update and I hope you're inspired to show her taking out the major gangs.
7/19 c25 Armiture
Ah, that was a fun read, thanks for the laughs.
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