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9/7/2022 c36 Paver83
Actually I see Amy and Vicky having a minor argument over classes. Vicky assuming Amy will be a white mage, and Amy wanting nothing to do with it. Amy would say something about not being stuck as the healbot, and Vicky saying it's not so bad. This is followed by Amy challenging Vicky to be the white mage/healbot. Vicky impulsively accepts. I then see Amy going as the "opposite" of a white mage, a black mage. I want to see Amy really get into it, eventually incanting "Darkness beyond twilight,
Crimson beyond blood that flows..."

Vicky as the white mage that constantly runs into trouble as she intrudes into the front line is also a source of fun.
9/7/2022 c36 CH316
Nice update. I vote for Mary Poppins.
9/7/2022 c36 joncst
Danny Warlock patron: Mary Poppins, please.
9/4/2022 c35 incy789
Better be a healer. A medical orofession is always at demand. Or be a shipgirl.
9/2/2022 c35 Cookie Warlord
Wonder if she can be a dual class? Samurai/builder sounds pretty cool to me. Or Tech Knight/Builder even better, honestly it's nice that Kenya came to help and that Taylor is making allies. Hmm, berserker/kenta, paladin/armsmaster, healer/panacea, bard/glory girl, troll/tattletail(lol), Taylor has a lot of possibilities and I can't wait
9/4/2022 c35 ammybah
Kenta being so relaxed and casual is fun to read. Yes, always be nice to the healer, give poor Pan-pan a dumpling.

Taylor the builder please?

Can Taylor build it? YES SHE CAN!-!-!
9/4/2022 c35 21Joe Fenton
Nice starting point. I like how Lung is a borderline otaku. He's player a few games... once or twice...
9/4/2022 c27 1Cemalidor
Teaming up with... an "represent" for Lung is something that come up that often. :XD Nice shout out for the Final Fantasy francise there. Having played some (not all) of them. The summoner could be interesting. Examples coming to my mind would primely be Rydia, who got rather powerful. And the version from FFXI, depending on the subjob could be rather versatile as well.
9/3/2022 c35 Mugen-Muse
Sounds like Taylor is spoiled for choice. Personally, the list of recurring spells for the White Mage in just the Final Fantasy franchise sounds interesting. Never mind the fact that Superpower wiki has the White Arts include more than just what is found in Final Fantasy. Plus, Taylor's power might include stuff from characters that might fit the archetype but exist outside the Final Fantasy franchise.

Summoner could also come in handy so long as Taylor's power doesn't summon something she cannot control. At the moment, her power didn't say just what she can expect to summon. Might be interesting if her power could tap the Smith Spirit scroll from Chrono Cross. Imagine summoning anyone that might be considered a blacksmith or the personification of the blacksmith archetype. In any case, if Taylor's power follows the Final Fantasy archetype for the Summoner class, then she might have some White Magic available.

I'll admit to being curious about Techknight, but I wouldn't pick it without more info. Builder sounds better at the moment even if Taylor might have to worry about the whole problem of people getting twitchy because of the buildable minions. Seriously, Lung being there to help Taylor make a decision would come in handy if she doesn't pick Builder. Not sure how many in the ABB alone would like to see Kemonomimi or ship-girls. Plus, what if the sub-categories imply something other than being a builder of what the sub-category covers? What if picking Builder and a sub-category would cause Taylor to become both Builder and ship-girl. Or Kemonomimi?

Decisions, decisions... I wonder if Taylor's power might allow for a Class and Sub-Class to be chosen, or would she need to stick with one class? Some possible combinations might be handy. Though if Taylor has to pick one and stick with it, then I'd probably pick White Mage while hoping the power let's her have what's given to the class by the whole Final Fantasy franchise at the very least. That or maybe pick Builder so she could build her own White Mage minion.

Funny how Ed basically thought Uber and Leet should not be told about Taylor's power and then proceeds to shotgun invite as many people as possible. Even if those two didn't get invited, the scattered invite could have helped them hear about it eventually. Fortunately, their invite was cancelled. Unfortunately, they were made aware of Taylor's power.

Group? I'll admit that joining Lung would be refreshing in the sense of being "new," but also unlikely for any number of reasons. Still, I doubt Lung would have any problem with whatever class Taylor might choose. Though White Mage would allow the ABB to have their own healer. If Taylor tried joining New Wave with that class, then... the word "heavy" comes to mind for some reason. Not sure why. On the bright side, Lung may not see White Mage Taylor joining the Wards as any great loss since her healing people could help Panacea in more ways than just lightening the load.

That said, Taylor going Independent sounds bad regardless of what Class she chooses. She is about as outed as can be without her face being plastered all over the media. Coil is bound to know about her by now and the Empire will almost certainly try a recruitment attempt. Though I got the sense that the higher ups for the latter would first facepalm after hearing how Taylor came to Trigger. Then they would decide to make a recruitment attempt that would be expected to fail thus they wouldn't bother devoting much effort into it. Maybe.

In any case, being Independent would also leave Taylor vulnerable to Uber and Leet. They might even show up to give their own advice on what Taylor should pick if her current "advisors" don't convince her of a choice beforehand. I would hope Taylor doesn't accidentally pick a class due to the ruckus that might happen as a result.
9/3/2022 c35 2Qriiz
A) Builder - Abyssal Fleets
B) Join Lung

Imagine, Lung as mentor figure.
9/3/2022 c35 Eriktheviking70
A new novel approach, well done.
9/3/2022 c35 Armiture
LOL, cliffhanger ending!

Also Lung was great!
9/3/2022 c34 Armiture
This was definitely a more fun read, thanks for the upgrade!

Giving the powers to Taylor instead of Danny was a major improvement, it doesn't feel Wormy enough if it's an unpowered Taylor. Moving the secret base to Mars also upped the coolness factor. Loved the new easter eggs too.

Lycoris from Lycoris Recoil or is there another series called Persica and Lycoris? I watched the first few episodes of Lycoris Recoil before my free trial of Crunchyroll ran out. Cool series, reminds me of Gunslinger Girls but without the brainwashing.

Also considering Taylor's love of beefcake, I'm surprised she didn't make an Arnold-droid as eye-candy.

Thanks again for the laughs.
9/2/2022 c35 Waspy
Builder, please!
9/2/2022 c35 haphazard1
Really enjoying this one. Game playing, genre-savvy Lung is hilarious.
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