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6/7/2022 c19 wookie100
My GOODNESS this was so FUN to read, GreyFF.
6/7/2022 c19 1Cemalidor
Please keep this up, with the manipulated horror background it is kinda funny. In doubt always blame a certain cat. :XD
6/7/2022 c19 goku90504
This one is particularly interesting I'm hoping to see where it goes!
6/6/2022 c19 haphazard1
Thanks for a very entertaining chapter. The Cheshire Cat and the cameo were amusing, and Taylor learning magic and other skills could have so many interesting outcomes. And Emma's name coming out of the goblet - I did not see that one coming.
6/6/2022 c19 addicted2text
Oh dear me, *please* do update this!

Such a nice different spin on things. It's a bit of a speedrun through Harry Potter with elements of the RPG version intermixed which lends itself to so many possibilities in the event this ever gets fleshed out..I hope any updates include a sizeable segment which lays out the changes our changed Miss Hebert creates as she strikes the timeline like a brick in a pond of water. Also hope that the repeated attempts at remember who or what Harry Potter is, is a chekov's which will eventually pay off as the story continues. Love those touches.

Also, have you read the author of Worm's other series, Pact yet? One of the fannons that have become a bit of a wink and a nudge is to use the Maggie Holt character as a type of Harry Potter analog in the Worm universe. I wonder if there would be anything of interest to you to have Taylor sent to that kind of universe in one of these and come back? Not sure all that you would or would not be interested but I wanted to suggest it in case it would spark an additional idea or two.

Any way, thanks for the story today, it is much appreciated and I hope that you get your computer back soon and it is safe and sound to use. Or that you have fun with whatever it is that is taking you away from it.
6/6/2022 c19 deadal
Interesting... Usually, i don't like a SI that take over the plot and do everything the hero do but better, yet you make it work!
If you continue this plot, plz, don't update this chapter but post a part 2: updating chapter don't always appear into the activity alert and i sometime miss it.
6/6/2022 c19 Eriktheviking70
Cracking good fun, with a smart Taylor influencing events.
6/6/2022 c19 l4w
Excellent horror crossover to mess with Hess and Winslow
6/2/2022 c18 Cemalidor
WTF? indeed, i'd like to see THAT video. :XD
5/31/2022 c18 Armiture
Looks like Taylor got a power from a source other than the reality worms' shards and it's both exceedingly powerful and very versatile. I can see this turned into a large one-shot or a short series.

I liked it, was it based on a series of books or a short story you read years ago?
5/31/2022 c18 haphazard1
This was fun. Taking most Over-powered Taylor concepts and making them look trivial.
5/30/2022 c18 Mugen-Muse
Interesting concept. Not only does Taylor have a power that Scion seeks, but she caused the Simurgh to consider turning hero. Plus, I think the Simurgh's message to Director Piggot might cause a fair amount of chaos without needing to brainwash anyone.
5/30/2022 c18 KrisB-71854
I'm surprised that they didn't try to have her make an orbital or a ring world. She could do it. It'd be more a matter of pulling out some exotic materials and seeing if she could copy those.

I could see Scion trying to invent new sensors to figure this out. Passive only. It'd be very bad if he came to the attention of whatever was experimenting with the girl. Doubt that'd be possible though as he'd likely already have damn near all the sensors ever. Well, that his species knows of.

Could you see him actually calling in help from the actual sensor specialists of his species to figure this out?
5/30/2022 c18 3DarkKing666
I really like this one. It would be good to see more of it, if only as one-shots.
5/28/2022 c17 Armiture
Now this is an interesting concept, one I haven't seen before in Worm. Loved the easter eggs from various shows, movies and games.
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