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5/30/2022 c18 Mugen-Muse
Interesting concept. Not only does Taylor have a power that Scion seeks, but she caused the Simurgh to consider turning hero. Plus, I think the Simurgh's message to Director Piggot might cause a fair amount of chaos without needing to brainwash anyone.
5/30/2022 c18 KrisB-71854
I'm surprised that they didn't try to have her make an orbital or a ring world. She could do it. It'd be more a matter of pulling out some exotic materials and seeing if she could copy those.

I could see Scion trying to invent new sensors to figure this out. Passive only. It'd be very bad if he came to the attention of whatever was experimenting with the girl. Doubt that'd be possible though as he'd likely already have damn near all the sensors ever. Well, that his species knows of.

Could you see him actually calling in help from the actual sensor specialists of his species to figure this out?
5/30/2022 c18 3DarkKing666
I really like this one. It would be good to see more of it, if only as one-shots.
5/28/2022 c17 Armiture
Now this is an interesting concept, one I haven't seen before in Worm. Loved the easter eggs from various shows, movies and games.
5/22/2022 c17 Guest
... this is brilliant.

Although I suspect that Doom would go for the throat of whoever was manipulating him, no matter if it was Azathoth itself, rather than just up and leave.
5/22/2022 c17 Mugen-Muse
Yeah, Doctor Doom would not respond well to that. Never mind the fact that an enforced status quo kind of tips the proverbial scales a little too far in one direction.
5/19/2022 c14 21Joe Fenton
You have it backwards, Armageddon was copying Deep Impact. Spielberg had been working on and off on Deep Impact for a couple decades, and initial work on the movie started in the early 90s. Spielberg had another movie to work on in 97, and Armageddon was being thrown together at the last second to compete, so the studio decided to not wait for Spielberg and use another director to film Deep Impact. Armageddon shows as a cheep cash grab movie, shallow and flashy enough to rake in money, but a terrible movie in general. Despite their claims otherwise, it wasn't very scientific at all. Deep Impact was much more firmly grounded in science, and if they had waited for Spielberg to do the directing, it might have turned out better. And the comet DID hit the earth... just not all of it. The comet was split in two pieces, with the smaller of the two striking the ocean. It threw up a tsunami that wiped out most of the earth not at sufficient altitude to avoid the waves. In general I found Deep Impact to be a decent enough movie that was mostly accurate, with a touch of Hollywood at the end to make a happier ending (I wonder if that was Spielberg's ending, or if the studio had the other director tack that on to make the movie more fiscally sound). Armageddon was trash, entertaining trash that had me laughing at the stupidity from one end of the movie to the other. I love Armageddon... to make fun of. Seriously - remember when the SOLAR PANELS on the space station exploded? That had me rolling on the floor.
5/18/2022 c16 Mugen-Muse
Definitely an entertaining concept. Though I keep thinking up Dio Brando for The World. Granted, there is also Gaia/Gaea, Atlas, and The Truth (Full Metal Alchemist) as possible options that are probably better than a vampire that would turn to dust in sunlight.
5/18/2022 c16 5Keldin
Well, since you've already got Odin and Death, for The World, perhaps look to American Gods? There were three actors that represented World there, Crispin Glover, Danny Trejo, and Dominique Jackson. The World is possibly the direct opposite of death, but in AG, it also represents knowledge. You've already got a couple of cards representing some types of knowledge, so I might just go with the Flower Child representation, or Gaia, or something like that. Maybe she is a healer on par (or, actually, significantly better than) Panacea.

Anyway, I'mma gonna stop rambling at you.
5/18/2022 c16 sandmanwake
Sailor Venus for the Lovers? Does she actually have any emotions or love based powers or is she just associated with the planet Venus? Wouldn't entities associated with love based powers be more appropriate?

There are plenty of goddesses of love, some of whom were just adopted and renamed from other religions. Ishtar would probably be most appropriate since she her portfolio was of different forms of love and was one of the gods of divine justice and aspects of her made their way to gods/goddesses like Cupid (wings and bow) and Venus/Aphrodite. Considering Masters in Earth Bet like Heartbreaker, a little divine justice against those Masters messing with love would be appropriate. Ishtar even has a Nasuverse version of her that looks like Rin Tohsaka or who inhabits Rin's body.
5/18/2022 c16 Armiture
Yet another fun read, I liked your Bhaalson Remodel reference. All hail the mighty miniature giant space hamster that is Boo!

I look forward to seeing if card 6 or 11 ever get drawn and card 9 needs to set up a bracelet that will summon either premade tinker devices or a "toolbox" to use to cobble something together. Like a self-driving briefcase on wheels that homes in on Taylor/Hermit when summoned. Something similar could be set up for #7 Chariot too.
5/18/2022 c16 1Cemalidor
Absolutely love the Moonwolf section. :XD
5/17/2022 c16 Rake1810
Loved this. Absolutely hilarious. And I still really wanna know who you consider The World for Taylor
5/17/2022 c16 4the DragonBard
The World would likely be Marvel's Eternity, or some version of Gaea/Gaia from Greek Myth.

Just to point out, Marvel has a character named Moonwolf as well.
5/9/2022 c15 Kieran
Well, traditionally, the Hanged Man's art depicts *Odin* . . . :)

I would *love* to see more of this, please.
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