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5/1/2022 c15 Rake1810
Loved it
5/1/2022 c15 Mugen-Muse
Interesting idea. Definitely like the part where Danny asked the High Priestess about Taylor's power. I don't know if he was the first to think about it, but he was the first to not dismiss the idea before bothering to ask.
4/30/2022 c15 l4w
Nicely done
I enjoyed the Marvel and DC choices; rather than limiting yourself.
And Etrigan was a good choice
4/30/2022 c15 alaskan-dracolych
Wow, this is a freaking awesome idea.
4/30/2022 c15 Deicide73
If you going to go with an Emperor you really can't go past God Emperor of Mankind from 40K.
4/29/2022 c15 Richard6154
This is a great concept please continue your short ideas are more interesting than many good novels.
Thanks for sharing.
4/29/2022 c15 Armiture
For 01 I suggest either Harry Potter or Merlin of Arthurian Legend
For 06 I immediately thought of Sailor Venus
For 11 I thought of Judge Dredd for some reason
For 21 I thought of Oma Desala from Stargate SG-1, she was known as "Mother Nature" though the Titan Gaea of Greek mythology could fit in here too.

I enjoyed the chapter's premise and hope to see some more exploration of the deck. The idea made me think a bit of Cardcaptors but with a random selection until the cards are mastered. I'm glad Taylor doesn't have to hunt them down and defeat them to use them. Or is that how she'll have to "master" the cards?
4/29/2022 c15 8andres.mullerbeck
Suggestion for The World - Hellstar Remina
Alternately - Zaphod Beeblebrox
4/29/2022 c15 5Bailey Matutine
Considering how competent and powerful they are when NOT chasing a yellow rodent, Jessie and James as the Lovers might be appropriate.
4/22/2022 c14 Armiture
It amused me how Emma kept thinking "daddy will save us from our stupidity" until the very end. Shame she didn't get eaten and one can always imagine it happening in another chapter but you're right that doing underground survival after the destruction of the surface is hard to do.

I recall reading "Level 7" when I was a teen, very grim post MAD nuclear shelter story where the survivors eventually end up dead when their reactor leaks and can't be shut down. The war had been directed from that shelter so it was extra ironic or karmic depending on your point of view.
4/10/2022 c13 Mugen-Muse
Sounds like quite a few people have a good reason to consider using the pens soon.
4/6/2022 c13 9Lillith The Nocturnal
Did you have to make the Aussie heroes so agressively Australian? They only really do that once they leave their hellscape of a country.
4/6/2022 c13 deadal
Sailor Simurgh? after Eidolon get hit by a mind healing spell? I am REALLY intrigued!
4/2/2022 c12 1Cemalidor
Evil cliffhanger-no-jutsu is EVIL! :XD
4/2/2022 c12 Xenoguyver
Welp, Sophia just screwed herself over.
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