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3/22 c53 Sebine
reminds me of that God tier Taylor fic where she killed the e88
kill them all?
or something
3/22 c53 Mugen-Muse
On one hand, this is Assault we're talking about. On the other hand, at least one person was covering up Sophia's behavior.

So, Taylor's power is basically the ability to have a kid after getting drunk enough? Given the world she lives in, it's probably for the best that each of them happens to be a superhero.
3/22 c53 TSFreedom
This would make a great story . Reminds me of Ravendaggers Head Pats over on Spacebattles.
3/13 c52 TSFreedom
Well you've certainly got some very interesting story ideas here, hopefully you expand some of them eventually .
3/11 c52 Bucio
Well, while Taylor recharges her batteries, she goes adventuring a la Final Fantasy way (13,14?), I curious if she could change from Blue Mage to Summoner (or Reaper), to sick Shiva or Bahamut in Endbringers (or Sofia )

And also, XD, me trying not to make jokes about Chet being Taylor's future Boytoy, and you go and reveal what his main function was (Pleasure Unit)

While in Fallout, we see one of Taylor's new friends, Nick, meditate with Curie, on what they've learned about the multiverse, with Nick being able to deduce that there's more going on than meets the eye.

And in NieR, as the Yorha try to control the situation (and Taylor), the resistance refuses to let it die down and hides the new hope that Taylor represents for them, which resonates even with Yorha units, and even with the Machines offering a truce, for the Yorha to protect Taylor, making things interesting, and very confusing for Commander White

In the end, well, things turned out okay? I mean Shiva didn't turn them into ice statues, and Sakura got new clients, while Taylor grumbles about the criticism of her pronunciation (which Sakura shouldn't, well thanks to Taylor, Sakura has customers in her tavern)

In addition to the fact that in the world of Taylor, Alvin and A2, they ponder what to do, a very good thing would be for them to visit Danny, which would give him some peace of mind about the whereabouts of his daughter.

I like this idea, I hope to see what else happens

Good luck and keep it up
3/10 c52 Difdi
Attack fish restrained in a small containment? Shooting fish in a barrel in other words - that makes me wonder if the Machine Intelligence got its start as a video game AI, that is still playing by certain rules. It also makes me wonder if it’s not an enemy of humanity per se, but more of a LARPer GM that switched to the androids when it ran out of human players… if an android puts its hand atop its head, would the Machine Intelligence forces stop and discuss character motivations?
3/6 c52 1Rotten Sarcophagus
3/4 c52 14Zaxxon
While I am unaware of the crossovers with Worm, there are four parts so far, and I would enjoying seeing more, and made into its own thread.
3/4 c52 Armiture
I really like that the dimensions Taylor has visited during her mishaps are still undergoing aftershocks of her visit and even some paradigm shifts.

How "big fish in a small pond" was misstated by the robots was hilarious but the lead in to it reveals that the robots know more than the androids about Taylor's abilities.

I have no clue what the latest dimension's setting is but it sounds interesting.

Thanks for the update!
3/4 c52 Mugen-Muse
Heh. Be amazed at the power of Tea!
3/4 c52 1Cemalidor
:XDD Didn't see that one about Shiva coming, played as mentioned (?) FFXIV for a while, FFXI even longer. And having at times such options would have been just hillarious.
3/4 c52 deadal
-I shall feast on your souls!
-We got cookies?...
2/24 c51 1Rotten Sarcophagus
2/22 c51 TerraBull
Taylor will critique the tea, and possibly get part of the source to grow, a cutting?

I admit to mentally hearing "We got bush!" From revenge of the nerds movie.
2/21 c51 Armiture
If not for the mi'qote reference, I'd have no idea what the last scene was; well other than one of the Final Fantasy games. I know the online game is version 14 and think the video game is up to 17 or 18, honestly not sure but the bit about a catgirl doing puppy-dog eyes was hilarious.

Not sure what's up with Emma, I thought someone spotted Sophia pushing Taylor. Looking forward to seeing what the greasy Merchant has to say.

Thanks for sharing this with us, I enjoyed reading it.
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