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1/12/2022 c6 2Qriiz
Oh, come on, you're letting Doctor Mother get away with it? At least write until people bring the torches & pitchforks. _
1/10/2022 c5 Rude Guest
Aww.. I'd appreciate more of your attempts. Or bringing back the prior ones (I really did like the Ranma 1/2 cross over with MGLN, just so you know)
1/12/2022 c6 Ancalador
Can't say I liked Doctor Mother going off the rails like that but the rest of it I enjoyed.
1/10/2022 c5 Armiture
I liked it, shame it didn't make the cut, I think the intro and outro would've been fun to read. I've seen a similar power in crack-fics by Dogbert Carroll and one by another author whose name escapes me. Dogbert's tale hasn't updated for years and the other tale was abandoned because he felt it had gotten too extreme.
1/7/2022 c5 addicted2text
I don't know if it was you or some other fanfic author but I first heard of the Libromancy series from a fanworks author and bless them for the introduction! Such a fun series. I wish more fan authors would use it to blend the multiverse.

Thanks for this, I really enjoyed it.
1/6/2022 c5 deadal
It was nice. Why was there a hard limit on Worm Turns and why was it cut? it is not worst than some chapter.
1/6/2022 c5 Warehouse1
Was surprised that they didn't attract the attention of Q while they were on DS9 lol
1/6/2022 c5 Mugen-Muse
What a shame. This chapter certainly made the idea seem like a fun read.
1/6/2022 c5 4the DragonBard
This 'is' a neat one.
A power most book nerds would go nuts for. And that's without having access to Wuxia or Xianxia novels.

If you're not familiar, they're basically Chinese genre of fantasy involving martial arts.

Xianxia especially, as it looks at DBZ and says hold my beer.
1/6/2022 c5 kaws
Libromancy does have a lot of potential for shenanigans. I like what you've done with it.
12/17/2021 c4 alaskan-dracolych
Sounds like a less Cyberpunk version of Shadowrun. Or a cross between Shadowrun and Rift, shortly after the magic came back, not 200 years later, when the games usually start. Sounds interesting to play in.
12/17/2021 c4 Armiture
An interesting setting, I liked the concept.

The most different thing I did for a campaign was have one loosely based on the infamous Twin Peaks show. Where instead of clearing out a dungeon or another traditional party activity, they had to solve a mystery. So, the loggers of a northern town that supplied wood to the Free City of Greyhawk would get back to work. I was honestly shocked that none of the players ever noticed where I had stolen the plot from, while the name of the town was changed, I used all of the same character names.
12/17/2021 c4 deadal
Interesting setting. I may use something similar for some modern fantasy out of fantasy punk or hidden magical community.
12/12/2021 c3 deadal
Interesting plot, I'm curious how light level adventurer compare to cape...
BTW, if the various modes have various personality, can they disagree on issue and on the way to respond?
12/11/2021 c3 Armiture
I like this concept, it's different from all the other Taylor as a gamer persona that I've heard about. The multiple modes concept is what makes it different to me; especially the fact that it is nonrandom. I have seen a number of multiple persona characters who change their persona randomly, including one whose transition involved a status condition that could be fatal.
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