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12/7/2023 c85 deadal
Funny concept, thanks for sharing!
12/7/2023 c83 Difdi
No need for a litter box if you potty train the cat. Cats REALLY want to hide signs of their presence, which is why litter boxes work. Flushing is better than burying, and once you demonstrate that to a cat, they practically potty train themselves.
12/7/2023 c85 Phutor
Ah, the last part... Tom Lehrer and the element song.. Smiley face. Thanks!
12/7/2023 c85 TSFreedom
Great chapter , but how does Ice, Water, and Psychic fit a Gym theme?
12/7/2023 c85 119dogbertcarroll
Great setup and some touching moments, loved the way it played out.
12/7/2023 c77 Difdi
Micromanaging mice? Miceromanagement?

Cue the Armsdog comments on PHO in 3… 2… 1…

Honestly, I’m amazed Mouse Protector hasn’t shown up yet.
11/30/2023 c84 11Greydon Creed
Is it wrong to feel my heart grow warm reading about Costa-Brown making herself look bad in public...? ...Nah.
11/29/2023 c84 TSFreedom
Great chapter .
11/28/2023 c84 Armiture
Well, there were certainly some very interesting developments, like that fact that the various forms of "shipgirls" can have add-ons attached and stored away for later use. That was very cool, kudos for that. It amused me that the first male-"ship-person" was in Australia.

Since I dislike the Chinese government's behavior, the CUI's sub getting hammered was a nice touch. After all, they are even worse.

Thanks for sharing this chapter with us.
11/28/2023 c84 Sebine
you need to spin this off into it's own fic
11/24/2023 c83 Armiture
Interesting, looks like Sophia doesn't have any illegal bolts and a crossbow hidden in Winslow yet. Since she has Emma, she's already a deranged vigilante.

I look forward to seeing what happens to her and what the boosted animals do to keep order in Brockton Bay. I got to admit that putting taps on a man who is tapping the PRT systems is very amusing.

Thanks for sharing this with us.
11/23/2023 c83 177Firehedgehog
11/22/2023 c83 9TheCentauress
I just had an evil thought: what if the Endbringers are the Entities _pets_? Animaster getting SSS-class minions! 01 is a groundhog, 02 is a gecko and 03 is a albino raven. And by staying near Taylor, they are suborned from both their 'masters' and can switch sides.
11/22/2023 c83 l4w
Smaug? An amazing entrance and I do hope that you share more of this.
I can see Uber and Leet calling them the super friends
Thanks and happy thanksgiving to you
11/22/2023 c83 haphazard1
Really enjoying the minion enhancement story line. Smaug was amusing, the ninja mice are great, and karma paying Emma and Sophia a visit is always good fun.
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