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10/25 c43 Armiture
Wow, that was an awesome multi-pronged attack against the Terrible Trio. Kudos for that!

I also had a good laugh while wondering if the initial trainer was Genma attempting redemption or someone else and it turned out to be someone else.

The scene with Leet and the WBBR announcement were especially funny and I hope you give us more in this setting soon.
10/25 c43 14Zaxxon
Well, this can be fun
10/25 c43 deadal
Pure crack and i love it!
10/25 c43 KrisB-71854
I liked what she did with the ninja abilities more than the plot mech that she got them. That felt too much, too soon.

I could handle her getting Iruka, basic academy stuff, and chakra unlocked. She'd end up sort of like Tenten except focused on ninjutsu.

I know shadow clone is a Naruto staple, but no really something the base naruto ninja can do. She'd be lucky to make 2-3.

I have no issues with her training the base skills up or getting more from different settings. Could be marital arts, ninja, or cultivation skills. They'd all fall under the theme.

That's just background powerup stuff though.

I love what she did with her skills. Really, any Naruto ninja should have been able to do that except with slightly different cloning skills or puppet abilities.

I'd love a few more chapters in this. You already have her picking up the paperwork to be an independent hero. Then Sophia's bit was more about uncovering corruption in the school and protecting a student from abuse. Who knew that Sophia was actually a Cape/Ward?
10/25 c43 3Tendragos
I like this. If you ever write this out, I would read every word of Ninja! Kitsune! Taylor.
10/24 c42 Armiture
Hahahahaha, I love what you did with Shadow Stalker! Kudos!

The battle royale over Taylor was excellent, I didn't realize that he had landed on the roof of her RV. As usual, the last scene was unexpected.

I look forward to what else you do in this AU.
10/24 c42 Codellw
Anya and Bond from spy X family. The girl is telepathic and the dog is a pre-cog.
10/24 c42 Mugen-Muse
Heh. Using a hook to pull Taylor away from Mouse Protector was rather fitting.

On one hand, Tagg might have a good idea. On the other hand, is that really what he has in mind?

On the bright side, Taylor managed to get away from the Fallen thanks to Coil's mercenaries, Legend, Mouse Protector, and at least one of the Travelers. Not sure if the girl riding the dog is who I think though.

One odd thought, what sort of options does Genesis now have for making the projection look human?
10/24 c42 1Cemalidor
I'm with Mouse Protector there. I didn't see it coming. o.O :XD
10/23 c42 Bucio
XD hahahahaha, thanks for that, and somehow I thought that SS was going to end up in Ellisburg, at least the PRT armed her to the teeth, for her mission, oh, the satisfaction that Emily must have felt or will feel, knowing of a Cape, going through the same thing that she did in that place, and technically, thanks to her powers, Sophia could do it, if she is smart enough to understand how to do it.

As for Taylor, the villains she saved were the Travelers, with Noelle grateful to be normal again, even if she doesn't have powers, and with her and her group, keeping an eye on Taylor, and helping her through the chaos, heh, what was the fight in the parking lot, between Coils mercenaries, the Fallen, the Travelers, Legend and Mouse Protector, the latter who manages to talk a bit with Taylor, before, I suppose, being taken by the Cauldron, back to her house, where Alexandria is talking to her father.

Having explained the situation, I hope Taylor sets conditions to work with them, such as Emma and her minions paying for screwing Taylor's life, and perhaps with Miss Fix-it, as a sign of goodwill and that she will consider it (Danny using his skills as a negotiator to help her, and give her time to think about it and not make a decision under pressure), fixing the eye that Rebecca lost when facing S9

Good luck and keep it up
10/23 c41 2Digital Dragon Productions
I'm still enjoying this more than I should. It must be difficult to always write shadow stalkers arrogance and attitude. do you imagine the comeuppance scene to be able keep writer her scenes?
10/23 c42 Eriktheviking70
Thank you.
10/20 c41 Mugen-Muse
Yeah, being able to fix anything and everything like that is so valuable that it's not even funny. Eidolon might have made the understatement of the century when he said "Okay, that's bad." Where's Q when you need him to say, "that's putting it mildly."

Anyway, I doubt Shadow Stalker will be happy with what Alexandria has in mind.
10/19 c41 Nefer Ka Re
'"I have just the place," said Alexandria.'

Odds that the place is named Ellisburg?
10/18 c41 Armiture
Hahahahaha, Sophia is too stupid to realize how deep in the hole she is and is using a back-hoe to dig herself even deeper.

Very cool alt-power on Taylor, I look forward to seeing what she does with it besides fixing Ziz-bombs.
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