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10/18 c41 Bucio
Please, please, it's not usual, but let this be one of the few times where the weight of the influence of the Triumvirate (Cauldron) falls on Emma and her minions, and her father.

Well, it is assumed that revealing the identity of a layer is a crime, and more so if it is done with intent, as Emma did.

That and I hope to see, when the other shoe falls on Stalker, who thinks she has gotten away with it, and with Alexandria, by revealing what she has in mind, being at that moment that Sophia understands how screwed up she is and that she didn't get rid of punishment, as she had believed

Although, if Taylor can fix anything, could she have fixed what made Emma and Sophia the fine people they are?

Could she fix the flaws that make Dragon prey to Saint and his minions?

Or cure the depresión of Vicky's father?

Good luck and keep it up
10/18 c41 17bissek
The way Taylor described her power's action, she isn't actually fixing things. She's reverting them to a time before they were broken. Which means she could potentially move them even further back, or possibly forward as well.

As for Stalker, deliberately outing another cape is a cardinal sin among Capes, so she is now toxic, and is too stupid to know it.
10/18 c41 Blade of Iron
Piggot will smile at the next line. " Jamie Renke" from Alexandria
10/18 c41 Eriktheviking70
Another great intriguing start.
10/9 c40 Armiture
Now this is promising, I look forward to seeing which one she picks.
10/9 c40 Mugen-Muse
Yeah, even if said minions turned out to be Brook or Skeleton Knight, their skeletal nature might be a problem in more ways than one. I mean Brockton Bay was home to the Marquis after all.

So, Taylor has three options? The first being four slots to fill with powers with or without mixing at least two powers together. Will she be limited to just those four slots, or would they just be the cap on how many powers she can have equipped?

Honestly, Queen Administrator acting as administrator access to the powers of other parahumans sounds interesting. Too bad the boost part might require Taylor to make repeated and traceable trips to get a recharge unless Apollo acts as her means of recharging the boost to her power.

In any case, I doubt Taylor would just refuse and leave. Even if her options are a lot less than what a protagonist might see when presented with a CYOA by a ROB, they still sound rather impressive.
10/8 c39 Armiture
Another fun read, pretty sure that Coil is responsible for the merc substitution.
10/6 c39 Guest
Blue mage useless?! It’s the duct tape mage of Final fantasy! Has everything from healing to buffs to boss skills. There is a reason why Blue Magic got changed to limit break class, as you could do beyond damage cap just in hits! Blue Magic useless… so this is where the idiot boulder dropped by New wave and Brockton Prt went.
10/6 c39 Mugen-Muse
In hindsight, I suppose the rules would have a positive effect on Carol. Doubly so for the anti-master ability. Though being able to pop Gray Boy's bubbles is probably a plus too. Perhaps the changes will be a positive influence on the New Wave family as a whole.

I imagine Dragon will have "fun" explaining the sudden existence of her "sisters." However, I wonder what if any effect that'll have on Armsmaster and his image.

Well, Final Fantasy also has a Simurgh and Behemoth. I may not know about the other franchises that might have been mixed in with Taylor's power, but I imagine any sort of summon version of those two would be rather upset to hear about the Endbringers too.

Yeah, the Blue Mage class/archetype is a bit too reliant on power copying. The rules of how it works and the RNG that may be involved makes the concept a mess even without factoring in the kind of abilities that a player would rather not copy. An example would be the self-destruct ability that basically penalizes the player for using it. That is one game mechanic that I doubt anyone would like to see translated into real life.
10/5 c39 1Cemalidor
Thanks for the fresh chapter.
Know Dancer and Blue Mage only from Final Fantasy XI. Dancer is there a fiendish clever/competent job, be it as main job or as supportive sub job. Blue Mage is a hassle since you have to learn the spells from enemies using them on you and it is not guarantied to learn the used special attack, which can be pretty frustrating. :XD
10/5 c39 Shivers82
A friend just started FFXIV. Amazing seeing some of the same rolls. Good story, looking forward to your next posting.
9/25 c38 Armiture
For your second question, the yellow dimensional sub should have a Dimensional Flux Agitator that sends the target to a random dimension. (Sluggy Freelance ref.)

For the third question, she should turn into a Great Ancient Guardian, it looks like a duckbilled platypus but it breathes magical fire hotter than dragon fire. (8-bit Theater ref.)

Loved the easter eggs I spotted: Humanx Universe by Alan Dean Foster Beatles song. Naruto. Final Fantasy. Star Wars. I'm sure other games besides EQ have stat boosting food.

Thanks for the update, I look forward to the upcoming battle.
9/24 c38 Shivers82
Great chapter. There really aren’t enough Foster’s Commonwealth crossovers. Only other one I know is mp3.1415player’s Incompatible Systems.

Looking forward to more of your writing.
9/23 c38 Xenoguyver
This was a fun chapter to read. Also here's my votes.

Carol Dallon's reaction: The whole situation pretty much gets her head out of her ass and causes her to ACTUALLY talk to her daughters and then go get some psychological help.

Weapons for Taylor's sub: I think a Summon Unlock would be a good option. I mean, imagine it also having a "Summon Amp" sort of thing and she summons Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh or even fucking BAHAMUT and the Summon Amp would end up causing said summons to be stronger and larger (think borderline Godzilla Size for the Godzilla Threshold.) and would cause any enemy/monster/shard that's the target of said Amped Summons to rethink their very existence (as short as it will be) and make them wish one of two things. 1) "I should've done what my mother suggested." or 2) "I should've worn my Brown Pants today.".

And as for Taylor's alternate second form: I don't remember what it's going to be.
9/23 c38 Richard6154
Another great chapter. CYOT should be its own story. I see lots of scope for character development with all the alternatives you have given the cast and lots of fun to be had. However I don't know how long it can be as power creep will make them unbeatable quickly.
Really enjoying this one, thanks fore sharing, looking forward to more.
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