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2/8 c49 Bucio
I like this idea, with Taylor, ironically thanks to Emma's derangement, winning her own army of cyber minions, and Taylor's attempts to come back, with her minions finding and helping at different historical points, like what happened with Piggot and Ellisburg, or the Leviathan attack, which involved Taylor's Yorha androids to help.

Let's see what other changes occur if you follow this idea, like the PRT leaders, who specifically told Sophia, to keep an eye on Taylor, to question her as to why she let that happen

Good luck and keep it up
2/8 c49 alaskan-dracolych
Ooh, this is a new one! Nice.
2/8 c48 Difdi
Predators to the Entities indeed. Given the world sees Scion as the top hero, is Summoner going to be seen as a villain now?
2/8 c47 Difdi
When I think of legendary machines, my first and second thoughts are Optimus Prime and Megatron, respectively. Either one against an Endbringer is probably unfair to the Endbringer. Both together? Scion might need new pants.

“PRIMUS! Bring Light to this world’s darkest hour!”
2/7 c48 1Rotten Sarcophagus
heh, noice.
2/3 c48 1Cemalidor
"Cthul-Who?" came automaticly to my mind. :XD
2/3 c48 Armiture
I went back and re-read part one, had another chuckle about there not being enough alcohol in Australia again. The Dragonslayers takedown was awesome, I loved the Russian's line about not wanting to look up. I especially liked the truck buying scene, it was really sweet of Taylor to do that for her dad. Tagg getting foiled is always fun to watch. One of these days, maybe someone will do a one-shot on how a militant idiot like him managed to become a director. Great Maker knows that I can't think of a reason. The "fake-out" of Leviathan was very well done and the takedown of The Warrior was unexpected.

Thanks for sharing this with us and I hope you give us an epilogue one of these days.
2/3 c47 Armiture
Ah bliss! Yet another chapter of pure awesome. Thanks for sharing this with us and for the laughs. Loved the MASH refs!
2/2 c48 Eriktheviking70
Yup, definitely needed a bigger boat.
2/2 c48 l4w
I do so hope that there will be more to this story.
I do wonder if the crystal creature can fit into the Lovecraft universe
2/1 c47 solitare
I just looked up Gastornis, and apparently they were discovered and named by Edmund Hebert. Yes, Hebert. I'm not sure if this was intentional by you, but it was too good not to comment on.
2/1 c47 TerraBull
If you are doing Legendary. Summon the USS Enterprise or CV-6, It has many legends aboard, maybe the navy will help dredge the Graveyard in P.R.?

Does Airwolf count as a Legend?
2/1 c47 Bucio
So legendary, eh, mmm, what more legendary than The King of the Monsters against the Endbringers, or one or another Mecha, like any of the versions of Mazinger, the SDF Macross, the UNSC Infinity or the Master Chief himself or some of the heroes of Fate (btw, who did Lung ask to see?), maybe some Dragon from Warcraft or another saga?, or some good version of Zion?

Good luck and keep it up
2/1 c47 Eriktheviking70
Great fun read, thank you.
1/13 c39 Sebine
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