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for RWBY: Kitsune No Reaper ReBuild

1/24 c21 leonelortiza.conv
Pa cuando el siguiente capítulo estuvo genial
1/15 c2 Kamito D Midoriya
does Naruto have two sets of ears or one set
1/3 c3 1Diametrik
That was a very bad action scene. You wanted to keep the plot on the rails of canon, so you had Naruto sitting around doing nothing for the entirety of the fight and only getting involved at the end where his assistance has no effect.
1/3 c2 Diametrik
How does making a fake persona stop any repercussions for Glynda? Regardless of whether it is Naruto or Menma, she is allowing an unregistered hunter to go on missions with her.
12/25/2022 c15 6Jtf0012
im hoping for some eventual pregnancy. naruto needs a family after everything he has been through.
12/24/2022 c21 Guest
11/22/2022 c12 Guest
At this rate, my man's gonna lose his sanity and become 100% monster because he kept thinking 'someone dying was his fault', and he 'had to save them'.
11/21/2022 c1 Guest
I can see Naruto being like "So this is what happened in my old world." But it still cringes me out. Idk why. Maybe it's because Naruto trusts people WAY too much? Let's hope he doesn't tell that shit to Ozpin. Actually, let's hope he doesn't announce this shit to the entire world.
10/13/2022 c10 Parsee Jelly
I knew it was sus that Naruto hesitated on shooting Roman and Cinder.

I’m really interested on the rabbit true origins. And Naruto despite being portrayed as hero seems like a mastermind behind the scenes.
10/7/2022 c21 SpeedyLaserDude
God damn this story is so well written. I'm so excited to see more!
10/1/2022 c21 2Pheles Luna
Man, I do love some Naruto x RWBY crossovers. And this one is one of the best! Bravo on the writing for all the characters, especially Ruby! I have a feeling it might be hard to write the always kind and innocent Ruby in such a serious story, so well done indeed! I especially love the NaruxWeiss and NaruxRuby pairings, those are my favorite. A shame these last few chapters have been a little short.

One of the best things about this story is how graphic it is, from gore to sexually explicit scenes to incredible detail to peoples deaths and injuries, I love it all!

This fic has one of the best storylines/plots and development of all the stories I've read, so when I truly mean well done, I mean it.

Here's to getting some more chapters soon, cheers!
9/7/2022 c6 6nexusplayer
Jesus thesus.
Maybe kurama should come back.
He might be able to stop this.
8/31/2022 c21 desi-uchiha
The overall story is interesting and leaves me wanting more pls keep up the good work
8/18/2022 c1 5Spedyalarm
well, well, step brother naruto?
Insert gumball
I think we all know where this is going.
8/17/2022 c21 Zeith
Just binged the shit out of this and I love how you made the harem it's one of the only ways I see a harem working for real most others try to gloss over or say they all get along and that always makes me think bullshit. Loved the story and how you wrote a strong character without making it seem like he steamrolls everything. Keep it up you got a fan.
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