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for RWBY: Kitsune No Reaper ReBuild

5/25 c3 Guest
That's worse than the explosion
5/25 c2 Guest
Before I frogot 6 is the best number for a harem so I hope it doesn't go past that. Anything more seems to get messy.
3/27 c22 crazzydude10101
3/16 c2 3Duncan0Idaho
This chapter needs more polishing. I am attempting to read it and there are a lot of problems. Naruto is not smart enough to quickly create an entire style for himself. He is a kinesthetic learner, but he isn't anywhere near the tier of Kakashi. He lays more on the side of Idiot Savant. It stretches the Suspension of disbelief, pretty hard.

I'd say making Naruto a wolf Faunus a Hybrid is a bit of a red alert, making him a regular fox faunus is just fine and dandy. Being a Hybrid starts to reek of a Special Snowflake, which he already is in this work. Being the only one for a long amount of time to have a chat with the Twin Gods, which makes him someone of interest to Ozpin and paints a target on his back from Salem and her forces.

I couldn't finish reading the rest of the chapter, apologies if I come as blunt, I just find the idea very interesting, and I'd rather see it developed to it's full potential.
1/11 c7 cod4envy
So he just lets these little shits attack him for no reason? And he’s completely fine with that? Ok, right here is where I’ll stop reading because that makes no fucking sense. He should’ve kicked their asses, told Ozpin he’s out, and left after that
11/27/2023 c22 A
Great job in this fic
Hope to see more updates on
10/8/2023 c1 3xXVeldanavaXx
thank you, i read the original version of this edition and i loved it. to see it grow to become even better warms my heart. Keep up the good work.
8/9/2023 c22 Guest
naruto is not a character that i want to see succeed. frankly i just wanna see him get in over his head and die, the world of remnant - and everyone around him - would be better off without a sociopathic, murdering monster roaming around fucking everything with a pulse masquerading as an actual person.

just straight edge lord shit with absolutely no substance. stick to writing porn one-shots, seeing you degenerates try to make a coherent, compelling story is just pitiful.
7/8/2023 c22 Shanks
Okay this is actully unexpectedly good, hope to see an update.
6/14/2023 c16 dragon slayer of death 98
is blake interested in girls, because i can see her being bi, and she is probably the kinkiest of narutos girls so she would be willing to experiment
6/6/2023 c22 dragonstalker445
my birthday is April 16th
6/6/2023 c22 dragonstalker445
your doing great love the story
5/24/2023 c22 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
5/19/2023 c22 SPark681
Hmm, a nice story and seems Blake saw underneath the beneath lol anyways keep up the great work!
5/2/2023 c22 ethan.lukkar
Magnificent chapter can't wait for more please update soon
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