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5/12 c3 Guest
I think your writing is fantastic. I love everything you've done and I can't wait to find out what else you may have in store. I think my favourite thing about this story, the thing that sticks out to me the most, is just how mature Mari is. I noticed the same with your character Casey in Dreaming Wide Awake, and I just find them both so refreshing. And like with Casey and Stefan, I've become so soft for Mari and Derek. Thanks for sharing your writing! I hope you're doing well.
5/2 c3 effynn
Please! Please! Give us a new chapter. Can’t wait
4/7 c3 ViciousGingerLady
Love this, but are you going to update this month?
3/4 c3 That2-one3-girl4
Thanks for the hard work!
Can't wait to read more.
3/3 c3 Hearteyesmf
Alex is so removed from the other interns in the early seasons, I’m really glad he and Mari have bonded and I like the idea of him becoming her person. The early intro of Callie is also great, so excited to see that friendship bloom! This whole chapter bodes well for Mari forming her own group as opposed to being stuck with Meredith’s friends all the time
3/1 c3 Guest
Thanks for the chapter
2/28 c3 Ellixwolf
Thought the title was very fitting and found the scene between Alex and Mari to be lovely not romantically but gentle like someone trying to take in a stray dog with issues home.
Alex choosing Bailey because of most surgeries was not hidden especially since in the beginning they're all hungry for the OR.
We cannot be the only ones wondering how Alex even got put with Bailey so it was nice to see your take on it.
Mari basically teaching her ways and helping out where she can.
Omg Torres is Queen and when she first popped up in the series she was refreshing and wonderful along with that attitude ugh perfect. Torres dynamic with Cristina was what made me stick to the series when losing interest and already loving her abd Mari's first interaction.
The comment made with Hospital errors and the Doctors was brilliant because so much of what you written is true. People lie and so Hospitals along with Machines and it'll get covered if you don't know what to look for or if not advocated for.
Not gonna lie I did have a though when Webber thought Mari wasn't his and he doesn't have children just you wait sir. Webber not knowing about Ellis is already changing the game along with everything else and I cannot wait for it to all come together.

Maybe it's just the vibe in my head but it seems while Mere and Mari may not be as closed as they used to be and still love each other and care for one another. I'd think Meredith and Mari should of course later on have a more in depth convo when it arises but love the portrayal of how separated they are now yet they used to be so close.
Can we talk about how maybe Ellis thought of Seattle her home because that's where it all started it became a domino effect and while she left and did well off in Boston she still had a spot for Seattle. Meredith will make that house her home it'll be her save place and maybe Mari can figure out why it was Ellis wanted to come back.
Alright that was the sweetest cutest scene between Derek and Mari AND they were texting in-between my heart was melting at the cuteness of it. It seems like Derek is making progress on His hobbies and will take Mari on a fishing date soon. Ugh the details and all just killed me how they act like they've been together for a while now how precious.
Alright Derek did make a comment how if he were in that situation he'd want his Sisters there and Im like you really going there huh speaking it to existence are you?!

Anyways loved it very much fantastic cannot wait to see more of Derek and Mari along with how she navigates throughout the hospital.
2/28 c3 Junyahui
Always fun to read this fic. Thank you!
2/25 c2 Ellixwolf
Alright so Derek's and Mari interaction in the last ch was perfect to me felt amazing to see the start of this beautiful relationship in my opinion.
It was different to actually see the beginning of it like from the actual starting point there's just something so satisfying about it.

I kept smiling through the whole Chapter it was pure magic if you ask me and the way you set them up with your skillful writing it flows effortlessly almost as if Derek and Mari have been together for some time and not just one night.

Yes we applaud for consent as long as both parties are safe legal and consensual idc what goes on. Lol Alex was like this chick is too welcoming. There are some similarities in way how both Mere and Mari can be nonchalant.

Seeing Mari act in a different way to Derek not because of others but for her own views and relationships she herself was surrounded or seen about surgeons is refreshing.
2/25 c1 Ellixwolf
I have no idea who blessed you with such amazing writing skills and the fact you're able to write something from the fandom of one I enjoy watching but not reading. I've never been one to read Anatomy books just because none ever caught my attention and the fact that this is a Derek and OC ugh I fell in love so quickly it should be illegal man.
I absolutely cannot wait to continue this series definitely looking forward to this.

The foundation for this book is incredible in my opinion we got to see Ellis and a bit of her background but to me it seemed true to her character of her emotions and the way yes she didn't have Richard or Maggie it seemed in a way Mari was her own as you said.

Her graduations call I'd like to think Ellis was proud in her own little way maybe a back handed compliment if you think about it.
2/12 c2 mrs. morgan 35
Meredith with Alex
2/4 c2 Hearteyesmf
I already like Mari and Derek’s relationship so much more than MerDer’s in canon! The lack of drunken hookup makes their connection feel more genuine and since Mari isn’t a surgical intern the power dynamic is less cringey. Also Meredith hooking up with Alex is for some reason hilarious to me and I’m really excited to find out how that will change their relationship. The two of the were aggressively platonic in canon and you’ve already thrown that out the window which I love!

Mari not having a job title at this point is a little worrying but also fun. Can she just run around the hospital doing whatever she wants and eventually build a reputation like House? It’ll be interesting to see how Mari fits into future episodes after how perfectly she slid into the first. The Frasier inclusion was fantastic and I hope to see a lot more of that in the future!
2/4 c1 prosopamnesia
Incredibly well written! And such a good idea to not make her a surgeon for more than one reason. In reality surgeons depend heavily on the other specialties especially on internal medicine and anesthesiology.
I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
2/3 c2 Junyahui
I am really enjoying this story. like I know none of these characters, but it's such good writing-I'm invested.
2/3 c2 2TheWiseQueen
Ouuuuh so so so good! I love the way you write. Interesting that you made her not a surgeon which is actually pretty cool!
I am a forever Lexie and Mark forever diehard shipper.
Idk about Meredith… Alex doesn’t feel right and neither does George :( I forget who else was around in the beginning for her.
Looking forward to your next update!
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