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for I'll be waiting

2/20 c1 Alihar70
OMG please continue
1/2 c1 Cindydaly
I just found this story. I don’t get how Hayes can date Megan, but not Meredith? From what I know, him and Meredith barely started anything and he had to break it off because of his son. I do think she should have told Hayes about Nick, but at least he doesn’t have to see them at the hospital together like she has to see him and Megan. He was overly harsh with her and she didn’t deserve that.

Is she supposed to wait for him but he doesn’t have to wait for her? I think that reminds me of Derek expecting her to wait around while he gave Addison another chance.
11/17/2021 c1 ena
Great story. very well written we can feel their emotion quite well. love the interaction with Bailey!
However I am sad to see this as "complete". does not seems complete lol or at least I think I need a sequel ;-)

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