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9/4 c9 20fvdv123
More please
6/18 c10 17AeroJester203
Personally, I think Fleur and Hermione are further along in resisting the Imperius curse than they think. Harry’s willpower is astounding, and there would be very few that could match it. If that will allows him to resist the Imperius, then it’d probably affect his casting it too. It’s telling that Fleur once described that Harry’s “voice” giving orders is much louder than her own resisting them.
6/12 c10 xxPercyRoxxx
I don’t know if this story is done but can’t wait to read more. Or if it is finished read again sometime.
6/9 c7 4Patton44
This is definitely one of my most favorite fanfictions out there. Are you continuing it.
4/25 c10 2subhogue
Great new chapters, I wonder if those items would work for something like orgasm denial? Looking forward to more!
4/22 c7 deez nuts
the room of requirement can't mmake food
4/20 c10 OmniViceUser
When i stated re-reading this Story yesterday Morning, out of Curiossity googled what the Incantation to the Crutiatius literally translates to. It was pretty straight forward, "Crucio" came out as "I torture". Then wanted to know what the opposite would translate to, and the wording "I pleasure" became "Delectatio". This might be an interessting Piece of Information for a Story in which one of the Unforgivables is used as a consensual Sexspell.
4/19 c10 pix25
Great chapter
4/18 c10 5Nysk
I wonder if the bracelets will lead to trouble in some fashion...
Thanks for updating!
I do sometimes feel bad for Pansy being with Malfroy...
4/11 c8 avidnarutofan
Albeit not quite the serious fic I was looking for when browsing fics of Harry using the unforgivables, it is still a good fic.

You aren't scared to right risqué scenes and they are of some very high quality.

Keep up the good work and I hope to see you update more.
3/17 c8 1EliteShadow
will there be more of this story? if so i hope to read more of this great work keep up the great work hope to read more soon!
3/15 c8 FallenSage
Great job loved it thanks for all your hard work
3/13 c8 2subhogue
Loved this new chapter, hope to see more soon.
3/12 c8 Daniel6
Ron is gonna be so jealous. It's gonna get him killed. Is that a possibility here? I hope Minerva doesn't have a stroke.
3/12 c5 Daniel6
If I were Harry? I would have sicced Fleur onto Neville. That boy needs some too.
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