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for Naruto Uzumaki: The Transcendent Child

1/18 c1 1kylekatarn77
Nice start- any chance of this continuing? I hope so!
4/22/2022 c1 2oujiswan
Aaaaawwwwwwww yo quería seguir leyendo T_T
2/11/2022 c1 2Narudevilfan
Very nice concept! Well written too. I hope to see more soon!
1/23/2022 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/s/14011295/1/Caillou-Montana

1/17/2022 c1 20Menydragon5
This is a pretty good beginning. I hope you continue this story. I'd like to see what happens next.
1/7/2022 c1 SCORPIOSPADE999
I can't wait this will be a good story
11/28/2021 c1 Guest
Yo... this seems to be rather interesting. Looking forward to the rest of this fanfic.
11/21/2021 c1 Darth Renatus
Why do I get the feeling Hiruzen is in for a world of hurt.
11/19/2021 c1 WindyCitySlayer1
Hopefully naruto and kushina get together romantically speaking
Please continue
Awesome chapter
Can’t wait for more
11/18/2021 c1 Guest
i like the story please update soon and more often thank you. i think naruto should date fuu yugito nee or yugiro uzzizike.
11/18/2021 c1 randyr2015
Love it hope you keep updating
11/17/2021 c1 Guest DCDGojira
To author
I can immediately tell this is a stupid smut story if you exaggerate Kushina's breasts and ass by making them bigger than usual for smut purposes~! LOL
11/17/2021 c1 gwb620
Interesting premise and an excellent start. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
11/17/2021 c1 daniel.santiago.4545
Excellent start for another amazing story, can't wait for what's to come next.
11/17/2021 c1 4DRADX
Lol Naruto definitely got Stockholm syndrome, wanting to protect something that treats you poorly is beyond me(even in the anime it didn't make much sense to me) it's like saying "I love the person that takes a shit in my front yard everyday and I'll protect that person with all of my heart".

Anyway I not hating on the story because as far as I can tell it was very well written and has a goal in mind that can be easily followed but unfortunately I had to stop reading when Naruto gave his speech to the soul because I couldn't get past that (it's mostly due to personal taste not the story)

I'd recommend anyone to give this a read tho, it's just not my taste.
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