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4/25 c7 The-odd-Weeb-out
Got to agree with you there rimuru is a good ruler but while not bat at leading the battlefield he ain’t the best. His skill very clearly transfers over from his human life where he is a general contractor, he is decent at teaching and extremely charismatic (not in the way gazel is but in his own way) but the greatest skill he has is delegation, he puts people where they need to be to preform at their best while also developing a systematic governance that is capable of operating and evolving. Essentially he gets people with or trained in the skills required then let’s them do their job with minimal oversight (aka treating the people under him like actual adult’s capable of doing their jobs)
4/25 c2 The-odd-Weeb-out
Oh, Rimuru x Guy?
4/25 c1 The-odd-Weeb-out
Rimuru not prepared for the less durable world steps onto the planet only for it to split in half… lol
1/7 c7 Nullblaster
Rimuru really should just let Milim or one of the others break Cardin's legs. It's the least he deserves.
12/30/2023 c6 AdanValdovinos3
Thank you thank you for for fixing the errors cause this is easyer to read, an i mosty read this in audio to injoy it. Meanwhile i do stuff other stuff can’t thank you enough hope to read the continuing of this fanfic thanks againω
12/29/2023 c7 declanbeech97
this chapter is broken
12/29/2023 c7 Unisun
the format has something wrong in it
3/23/2023 c6 Katomi
I like your story,but god damn the time it takes for a chapter to come out
3/22/2023 c6 Wolfbloob09
Can't wait to read more
3/21/2023 c6 Lechuzape
3/13/2023 c5 Anti-weeaboo Faction
When i see VV, i remember a certain immortal goblin that kickstarted code geass plot
3/10/2023 c5 Lechuzape
amazing idea... pls continue!
3/10/2023 c4 Lechuzape
1/20/2023 c5 divintgamer
wtf whats with chapter 5?
1/17/2023 c5 KySocceRref
Not bad. I could see reading this,
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