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1/18 c10 4Bluewr
Great fight, if anything I was just confused because I thought Asuras couldn't be turned into devils. But yeah, great boss fight as a whole, cool skills, and Issei bluffing with Juggernaut Driver was a smart move
1/18 c8 Bluewr
nice chapter, just a little weird that they bothered to tie Saji(now I wonder, without Issei in the Sona x Rias fight, how will Vritra start to awaken) but didn't think of making something to stop him from hearing them. Characters make mistakes tho, it's completely understandable that they oversaw this

now, about Issei's peerage, I already now who you will put next(jumped a few chapters ahead to take a look), so I wanna let registered my bets of who else can join, to in the future come back here and see if I got it right. Obviously Asia, as a bishop. I am also betting on Irina or Xenovia, or even both, and as knights. And, I am already running out of ideas, but if I had to say, I would also bet on Kiyome Abe, as a bishop as well. Well, there is also the possibility of Ravel, but the political implications of this could be a nightmare, so I am not too certain on her. And yeah, pretty much out of ideas already, lol. I can say with confidence that I at least got one right, I think
1/17 c7 Bluewr
Ok, I am having more mixed feelings as this progress. Rias being level 50, seems, forced. I would understand if she was level 30, but 50 seems too high for her. I tried to rationalize it, and I remembered that the Peerage system has a "better exp gathering method", so correct me if I understood this wrong, but wouldn't this defeat the whole point of Issei having a system? If the devils can also gather exp, the system seems less unique(yes, it still has a lot of other traits, but for now, all the system did was hold back Issei for years and give him some neat skills. Nothing impressive really)

Really, the fact that Rias, a Kiba that doesn't have Balance Breaker, an Akeno that doesn't use lightning and a Koneko that doesn't use her race's trait, seem that would be able to give trouble to a Issei with Balance Breaker and to Kuroka, seems forced. Maybe it would just have been better to not give Issei Balance Breaker so early

Didn't he took that way too easily? If the system was responsible for it, makes sense, but if the first try really was purely him, this is, for a lack of a better term, way too much bullshit

Ok, adding Sona's peerage to the whole thing... Does literally nothing. Sona's peerage is a joke, trying to add them to add pressure or tension, assuming that's the objective and it seemed like it was, just makes Issei and Kuroka look weaker. I understand this is to make the stealth part harder, but taking Sona's peerage serious(saving Saji, of course, but that's a later Saji, and I am assuming Saji even is part of Sona's peerage currently), is basically impossible for me
1/15 c6 Bluewr
well, at least this answers why they did nothing to the strays. And it makes sense when you stop to think about it. Still, the ridiculous amount of Strays keeps being weird. The battle was cool, though now that I stop to think about it, if Issei and Kuroka wanted, they could trash Rias and Sona peerage, let's be real. Either of the two alone or working together. Of course, is not their objective, but is still something
1/15 c25 MERK FOX
Another incredible chapter I think it would be cool. If you gave him ability similar to solo levelling it would match with the shadow magic and I would love to see him using the shadow army against his enemies other
them that keep up the great work
1/15 c25 PraetorXyn
Great chapter as always. Though I will point out to Koneko that sugar is what makes people fat, and that the fat Kuroka is eating does not.
1/15 c25 Uday Sra
1/15 c5 Bluewr
why are strays so common? No, really, I am pretty sure they are supposed to be rare, far and few between. But it looks like you can kick a tree in Kuoh, and five you fall from it? I am not sure if all of them killed their masters(it would make 0 sense if that was the case tbh), but even if a lot of them simply run away is weird that there is so many of them. This just makes Rias and Sona look like shitty overseers, if anything.

Mixed feelings about the oc, but I at least understand the purpose for the story
1/14 c4 Bluewr
now I remeber why I sometimes have a hard time reading stories with system/gamer... math
1/14 c25 2Xerzo LotCN
Bummer no ophis cause you know it choices a form and chose female thus a girl but Hopefully at least Lilith then (but why not both pepehands such a cute kuudere and kunou friend with both of them interested in issei lol)

Fair she is a strict no nonsense women opposite of serafall

Exactly bashing is bad even before it became so deeply over saturated
i remember the first or one of the first dxd orc bashing fic from years back that has been copied same formatting more or less
sure bashing isn't new it in every fandom some are just ok bashing orc isnt
but yeah I've only seen 1 decent dxd bashing and it wasn't permeantly it was set around other bashing event when ravel comes to the school and everyone get mad at issei cause he hid his trauma and rias told him to call her bucho not her name a misunderstanding cause they are teenagers and azazel saved the issei with ravel it was by a really good writer lol

Also yeah but not go so far like you said be on guard til they prove themselves but don't hate without personal action

I mean beside tiamat what other dragon gals (besides technically ophis) exist so im glad tiamat will join

Huh ok welp that will happen when it does

Yeah she going to have dragon protector slash fighters to fight alongside issei lol but they cant try and claim her issei only lol

Yeah make sense power up her peerage as well as the orc but no waifus for saji lol

So it just exploitable ok thats cool i said it how i did thinking it actually wasn't but it is ok

Well yeah but I more meant she wanted to do it well before she hit max ish like it shown ingvild is in that range just bit more shy

Pretty sure it mostly doesnt work thats why asia is such a big deal to raynare and diodara
But maybe it cause almost all heal is holy based either way
issei can heal devil and fallen they cant heal outside of long waiting period healing of family share magic or phenox tears is how it is
So he and asia are something they want to keep in good favor with

Raid happened

Idk if it's logical for the devil guy to think he is a game character but ok as long as that wasn't a trap to let others know they have detected the magic right

But interesting new skill why just 2 more circles instead of 2 per person
Also you think before it merged dual would have increased to a higher number
But the perks are nice especially the higher exp multiplier
As when he gets the past boost gear users those are also extra magic circles lol
Since your not sacrificing them to revive issei as a a dragon demi god lol
Hopefully he get some longevity cause whats the point of a supernatural harem if you can only love them a few decades and then they either stay alone or post death ntr by moving on

Welp bloodborne blood enhancement is now go lol nice as long as he doesn't lose to the blood
So blood empowering and life steal to keep fighting maybe power drain the boss talked about sound good to do as a limit get exp and some of the defeat enemies stats

Also now a normal moonlight blade and the bloodmoon light blade
I think solomon wrong to say not to use it later not now obviously unless he drains all the random blood from the fight to temporarily use as a bonus attack

If the bloodmoon light blade like the moonlight blade can store power for later use
issei can in turn burn a large amount of his HP bar before sleep heal by morning
Plus all his passive hp regen when not in battle ie at school etc
plus blow hp into the sword while healing to raise healing magic during training

so exploiting to power up the blade to super chunky and safe to use in battle til it runs out then shelf it and repeat the cycle
As well as healing magic rapidly leveling up and his stats cause he taking massive damage like burning massive amounts of mana for spell or to power up the moonlight blade his hp pool increase like his mana pool would

So did he face 200 or just 150 and the boss cause if the latter rip 50 worth of exp to the orc
Idk if he will need backup or not who knows

I mean the second stage was interesting but why did he try and finish him in melee instead of blast him lol
But great job him winning by trapping the trapper lol overconfidence of that blood haze lol

So prepare for the other 2 female fallen whether or not they are waifued (hopefully and at least enslaved like raynare)
which with his new ability from ddraig is super useful against them as females lol
1/14 c25 R0gueMess1ah
It’s a great story, but the main thing I see you needing to work on, is your constant flipping between past and present tense. You’ll need to choose to stick with one or the other. You can’t keep flipping.
1/14 c25 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Really enjoyed this chapter. Looking forward to reading more.
1/14 c25 yoganksri
great chapter. didn't think anything would happen to the moonlight blade this early.. neither did I think he would be so tired without battling the fallen angels. it was a very good battle.. it'll be interesting to see solomon join the party now and then... thnx for updating soon. will be waiting for more
1/14 c25 SpartanKing J
Great chapter, got some blood borne vibes from the boss, but him corrupting the moonlight blade gave me PTSD of the rivers of blood (I hate you for that).

Honestly tho the magic I hope Issei end ps up learning is Soul magic maybe he can finally free Ddraig and Solomon.

Anyway thanks for the chapter can’t wait for more
1/14 c25 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
fun boss fight and having him figure out his abilty's
fun upgrade to issei's ability's with all 3 of them being able to take action now
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