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7/7 c9 ScoR32Fan
Question: Will there be any more chapters to this story? It's been really good and engaging so far. I can't wait to see what happens next.
6/9 c9 79Grykon
Very nice update! I had feared we'd never hear anymore. Hope you are able to continue the story, looking forward to how it progresses.
6/9 c9 10railman
It was worth the wait to be able to read the rest of Paige's letter . Walter spilled his heart out in this letter to Paige , it would seem that he as certainly struck a nerve in her and it would seem she as realized exactly what she as lost . Please do not keep us waiting so long for the next chapter although it gives me an excuse to re read the story to remember what had occured earlier in the story . Will they be able to trace Walter and will Ralph offer his help .
5/30 c9 LouBe96
Welcome back!
I’ve read your story a couple of times in spite of it being unfinished, so I was very pleased to be able to read the second part of Paige’s letter from Walter! Thank you!
I’m looking forward to seeing where you take your story. Will they discuss their letters or immediately go looking for Walter? Will they go their separate ways - Happy and “her husband” to visit Arjun and view the house, Paige to try to contact Ralph? Will Ralph answer Paige’s call this time?
Has Walter gone to track down Mark or is he running away? I’m a little concerned at this point that the ‘M’ rating of this story indicates that Walter is in a dark place rather than preparing us for a happy ending for Walter and Paige
Where’s Florence?
I hope to read more soon :-)
5/30 c9 2minecraftgraces
Bruh I started tearing up
5/29 c9 Guest
OMG fantastic, you have me crying through this whole story. Please do not take too long to update this story. Can't wait to see where you take us.
5/29 c9 Guest
Wow! Paige is going to be heartbroken until she can track him down. Almost didn’t want to read it because of the time since the last post. Please please please post the next chapter as soon as you can. How many chapters will there be in total?
11/2/2022 c8 Nqobile Simelane
Absolutely brilliant. All the letters brought me to tears (not so much Part 1)! So beautiful, you really captured Walters voice so well. I eagerly await more!
10/13/2022 c1 4SkunkeeFunk
Almost a year since your post of Paige’s letter. I’m sad it wasn’t finished.
9/23/2022 c8 TinyNinja
Amazing work!
You have me on edge of my seat. I hope to hear more!
Please more! This is definately what the season 4 finale should have been
9/2/2022 c1 SkunkeeFunk
Please write the next chapter. It’s a shame to leave this very good story unfinished
9/2/2022 c8 ChuchieSG
I’m enjoying this take on what happens after the series finished so badly. Hope to read more
8/19/2022 c8 MawOfTheVoid
This is REALLY good
8/1/2022 c8 Guest
Looking forward to the next chapter!
6/20/2022 c8 SkunkeeFunk
Thank you for posting Paige’s letter. I was looking forward to reading it. Sometimes, in other letters I’ve read, Walter takes to much of the blame. In their case I’d say it was 50/50.
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