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for My teenage highschool romance comedy can't be this perverted!

12/1 c25 10Toshiro Ricky
Demmm Hachiman have a lot of drip from Horny girls and womans! Komachi will be proud!
11/29 c16 Toshiro Ricky
LoL now I want to see Hachiman meet Issei again
11/29 c15 Toshiro Ricky
He got some action from Duo Oneesan,, demmm Zaimokuza will crying blood if he know his comrade becoming harem protagonist
11/28 c12 Toshiro Ricky
Heck yeah action time!
11/28 c11 Toshiro Ricky
Hachiman score to settle with pretty bois LoL
11/28 c10 Toshiro Ricky
So this time Rias who going to ntr Akeno, yep yep how table turned.
11/28 c9 Toshiro Ricky
Rias has crush on Hachiman..? Now you talking
11/28 c86 Hachiman fan
Thanks for the update ma man. Hah, nice dream, getting serves by the in laws. Until next time, stay healthy and stay safe.
11/28 c7 Toshiro Ricky
If yukino and yuigahama see hachiman been hugged by ara ara girl
11/28 c6 Toshiro Ricky
Oh boi.. the childish akeno is gone... now she full pervert and lewd
11/28 c5 Toshiro Ricky
I like this childish young akeno yet to have her full ara ara vibes like the anime
11/28 c86 Guest
11/28 c4 Toshiro Ricky
Letsssss fckin goooooooo
Hachiman starting his badassery!
11/27 c3 Toshiro Ricky
Oh he must have sacred gear the 108 skills of Hachiman!
11/27 c2 Toshiro Ricky
LoL asian parent road of school reff just to much
I guees this is congrat to our loner to have a soon wife at age 5
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