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for My teenage highschool romance comedy can't be this perverted!

8/5 c45 4Drax152
Aww shit, Akeno with the power moves.
8/5 c53 Hachiman fan
Whew, the part when he attend the funeral sure hit hard. Remind me of rurouni Kenshin (samurai x) movie, when Kenshin tell his wife about his past. After the war, he went to the house of one of the samurai he killed as battousai, to ask for forgiveness. The mother said thank you and she understand that the time where life gone easily, but, she ask him to leave as she remember the man who appear in front of her is the man who have taken her son life.
There's other movie about an old man, that remember his younger days during war era, he went to the house of one of the fallen soldier, to beg for forgiveness from the family, and got chased away by the soldier mother.
8/4 c4 Drax152
Ohhhh shit, he got Saji's gear?
8/3 c9 linuxnoodle
USB-C doesn't refer to any standard of speed; but rather the physical connector. It can use any speed under the hood (e.g. USB-2.0, USB-3.0, USB-3.1, USB-4.0) without causing any incompatibilities, and simply defaulting to the fastest common standard. If you meant to reinforce the idea of incompatibilty; it would be better to go along the lines of a USB micro-B port rather than a USB-3.0 port, as that could refer to A, B, or C recepticles. You could also use the prior example (mismatched standards of USB-C) to highlight that while they aren't at max speed, the connection is still functioning.
8/2 c53 8CRUDEN
Wonder who tbe third exorcist is?
8/1 c53 codywhite162
I am super excited for this arc and cannot wait to see what you do with it! Also yay Asia's idea to heal viser actually kind of worked and it helped restore her to her previous non monster state. Excellent work and cannot wait for the next chapter!
8/1 c53 Saif Omar
WTF?! Why bananas? WAIT! Is Asia training Viser to take long, girthy and slightly bent objects down her throat? Looks like Kalawarna and Aika finally corrupted her.
8/1 c53 Hachiman fan
Thanks for the update ma man. So, a reunion would be happen next, eh? Wonder what would happen when black dragon king meet the hero wannabe who backstab him? Until next time, stay healthy and stay safe.
8/1 c53 Shiroyasha Rises
Yeah, there are people that stupid. It's sad when people say they can't be that stupid when in the end they are... Oh boy, Hachiman should know not to tempt fate.
7/31 c53 1NNathann
I’m glad that the Viser’s no longer a complete Stray Devil as long as Hachiman helps out. It is pretty dumb that Kokabiel did the Excalibur plan in canon when Vali and Azazel are there. And it’d be cool if Hachiman interacts with Kalawarna more! I wonder how he’s gonna react when he sees Jeanne again. Great chapter, and I can’t wait for the next update!
7/30 c52 Azaleaelf
ummm update?
7/23 c52 2Crapcase39
52 chapters in and you still struggle with grammar and spelling.
7/23 c52 Hoque007
Great story you have written so far. I hope the MC gets stronger and more confident as it goes on. And please no cockblocking from Asia like she does in the LN and anime. Shw will just turn into a hated character then.
7/22 c52 Acqua OfThe Back
Esta bien, los capítulos largos son los raros.
Gracias por el capítulo
7/20 c7 Zerak
Not relevant to story (interesting story so far by the way), but I fùcking have the whole sneeze when mentioned thing. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, breaks the flow of the story and archives nothing not even as a comedy skit as it has been used too much.
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