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for The Hidden One in Legend of Korra

7/31 c14 Adam Luck
Nice job with the story so far. Let me guess, Asami might now possibly be pregnant with Kang's child. I think that'll be interesting to read. I have no doubt that Asami would make a wonderful Mother. Keep up the good work. I really hope you don't abandon this story anytime soon. Anyways, that's all I had to say for now. I hope you have a great day!
5/28 c14 Yakuza2010
Kang comes home and it's back into the fire. Glad he decided to keep the hidden ones as a final resort and knows that not everyone in the north agrees with unaloq.
5/13 c13 Yakuza2010
Nice that Kang is spending time with his family. Looks like Kang and jin are accessing their spiritually they're going to need it for what lies ahead.
5/12 c13 Chris
So nice to see siblings have quality time together. Wondering if Kang will be unhappy with Korra how she has handled things in the south? And if Kang and Asami will perhaps help Korra and Mako to be a couple after all is over?
5/1 c12 Yakuza2010
That was pretty good. It's good that Kang is going on the vacation with his family, he'll get to spend time with everyone and keep his siblings from getting into trouble. Spirits above he'll keep ikki and meelo from breaking any of the statues when they're racing around the temple. Hopefully Kang will keep the Air acolytes from being jerks to his aunt and uncle. It was funny seeing Asami blush when ikki mention marriage and kids. So I guess she's thought about it. In my opinion I say they should go for it when they're ready. They been through a lot together since they were kids good times and bad. Even though Hiroshi is a jerk for supporting Amon he would approve since Kang has always been there for Asami. Kang's parents and pema love Asami. Not to mention the kang's siblings love having her around and love that she makes their big brother happy.
3/29 c11 Chris
Good. Hope for an update soon.
3/26 c11 Yakuza2010
That was a great way to finish the equalist arc. I knew Kang would get seriously injured but I'm glad he got a few good hits in before he blacked out. And that Kang and Asami have gotten back together. They're going to need each other for what lies ahead.
3/15 c10 Guest
I hope you continue this story soon.
3/7 c10 Chris
Good chapter. Kang and Asami have a very strong bond. Thought about it, Kang and Mako are pretty good friends would be interesting if Mako went with The Hidden Ones instead of becoming a cop. Or after he has been wrongfully arrested. Just a thought.
3/7 c10 Yakuza2010
Well things are going to get real. They're at the endgame now with this civil. But as someone once said victory won't be without it's price. What Kang said was really insightful and wise. Chances if his parents hadn't sent him to join the military after the Agni Kai incident Kang probably would've joined the equalist. Most likely ending up as Amon's second in command with his skill set. He's also right terrorist acts won't bring about the change non benders want,all it will do is create more pain and suffering. The flashback of Asami and Kang was great. He saw she was in pain and stopped her from doing something she would regret in the future. Kang loves Asami more than anything but he would never take advantage of her.
2/16 c9 Yakuza2010
Oh man now that was amazing. Nice to see kang's relationship with his parents has gone back to normal. And I see that pema realizes Asami's romantic feelings are returning and how she stayed by his side. I think seeing Kang with Rohan was very nice and believe he'll be a great father someday. It's nice that Hiroshi still cares about Kang despite the dark path he took. Just wish Mr Sato realize that his vendetta against benders is hurting the two people he loves the most. Man the hidden ones are gonna really cut loose. Amons people better pray for a quick death. They already know what Kang can do and despite the blood on his hands he showed only two equalist mercy. They're going to be in for a big surprise when kang's master and fellow comrades show up with the UF.
2/13 c8 Yakuza2010
Kang's training and experience with the hidden ones really came in handy. Most people would cave under pressure if they went through the same torture he did. I was really surprised by Lin. With Kang being kidnapped by the Agni Kai finding him wounded made her realize she screwed up as a mother. Well I'm glad she is getting another chance to be there for her son. I see Asami's feelings for Kang are coming back and suspicion of mako are turning out to true. Hope everything turns out ok In the end. Though I have a feeling once Kang and Amon have their final showdown Kang will end up seriously hurt.
2/11 c7 Chris
Who will search for Kang as a maniac, Lin or Asami?
2/10 c7 Yakuza2010
Dam this is about to get crazy. Old feelings are beginning to rise between Kang and Asami, not to mention we've learned how many was like growing up. Kang had it tough living in his grandparents shadow,glad he found his own path to keeping the world's balance. I can't believe what Tarlock did to Kang. That's a low blow even for him. Well Tarlock better pray that Lin doesn't find out what he's done. Because I got a feeling if she does, she'll make what she done to Air temple island look like a cake walk.
2/10 c7 6CalvinFujii
If Kang discovers that Tarrlok is a blood bender, will the corrupt politician go on a monologue about how Kang has been a thorn in his side for too long and that once he kills him, he’ll go after the other Hidden Ones and wipe them out too?
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