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for DxD: Like a Devil

2/16 c36 Tim
- let her fix things with like a snap so i guess i'm just worried over nothing haha.
Or maybe my worries are well founded and we'll get screwed by a dark story with a darker ending. Who knows but it's probably a far off thing anyway so imma just enjoy for now

(Also sorry for the multiple messages, damn thing broke and had to make multiple)
2/16 c36 Tim
Hey it's me again and after reading the other stories again i've concluded i'm a bloody idiot with no reading comprehension since after reading the very first chapter of Draconic Impact i realized i was kinda wrong and it doesn't look as bad as i first thought, if anything i was just wrong as hell and the ending will end up pretty great for Akane even with how f'ed up things might get. Thinking on it better even if someone dies or something worse happens, Akane becoming Uber God will just
2/16 c33 Tim
Man i gotta wonder how dark things are gonna get since one thing i noticed is that, if the other stories are in the same verse and this is the origin story then we know that Akane essentially wins and becomes Uber God but she's also alone, no one, aside from the Game is ever mentioned and while Draconic Impact shows she has kids (if that really is Akane) they didn't appear very close either, at least to me. Maybe they just aren't mentioned since it's not important and those aren't stories about Akane but i dunno.
I mean the whole sociapathy makes her not care but even that is not insurmountable if the inner thoughts she has about her mom and Ichiban are any indication. Hopefully the ending at least isn't mega dark like some kind of "You won but at what cost" scenario, i think that'd be kinda sad since the whole point of having The Game is to have your cake and eat it too, at least eventually.
2/11 c36 7zakan
Great chapter!
2/8 c36 Chris
Pretty nice update I like the church duo recognizing their own faults and weaknesses enough to ask for help it’s nice. I also like Akane threatening to fuck Sai pretty funny
2/9 c36 demissedwaifu
Yay, update~
To be fair, I would have expected for Akane to try to seduce Rias Infront of Sairaorg for shits and giggles
2/9 c36 alexc123
Thanks for the chapter!
2/9 c36 narutodarkfan
Saejima beating people never stops being funny
2/9 c36 NightmareKnight1
I still need to get Infinite Wealth... when the price matches the product, anyways.
2/9 c36 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
2/8 c36 esonic1
how could ichiban forget to cast heros guts before fighting saejima? what a noob lol
2/8 c36 Reader20448
Pretty good chapter.
2/8 c36 SolSparda36
Woo ,looks like we got another update. Yes
1/30 c35 demissedwaifu
1/25 c5 4Curse Of Kings
Um, he most certainly CAN make fun of Akane's name. Or is Ichiban just not interested in reading Ranma 1/2?
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