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for The Gate into the 86th District, discontinued

9/16 c1 27Don Orbit
Okay so am I reading this correctly? The gate in this story connects Earth to the word of 86 and some 21st century soldiers are coming through after the events of the canon series?

May I ask where this story is supposed to be going? Because it feels like I'm missing the point. By a lot to be clear.
4/11 c1 Guest
Oh come on That was perfect The story was completely perfect
3/28 c2 4Stahlschnitter
disappointing that you discontinued this was looking forward to more.
12/16/2021 c1 1Drcaus
Hey there idea crossover for you and I hope that you like it and can make a great story of it

86 and Azur Lane crossover
86 and Girls Frontline crossover
12/14/2021 c1 Janny092
Nice to see you author-san, taking the time and effort in making sure that you provide us readers the best possible AU story possible, you are one hell of a good author I tell ya.

Anyway the chapter quality is good enough for me that I did not spot anything wrong with it. Hope to see next chapter soon and Oh Boy. You will enjoy the novel very much.
12/14/2021 c2 TorstenL
Good Chapter!
Cant wait to read the next!
good luck and many new inspiration for you.
12/13/2021 c1 TorstenL
Good and interesting start!
Please continue the story!
11/29/2021 c1 cello
gate into the 86th districk very good you can build gate jsdf san magnolia and jsdf vs empire
11/28/2021 c1 8CasualFictionWriter23
Interesting. I wonder how the next events will turn out and I wonder how the 86 will react to civilization outside the world they know.

The Earth should have more experience on facing outworlder and be more tactical in approaching the Kingdoms in 86 world.
11/24/2021 c1 Janny092
This was a good read for the first chapter, compared to many awful writings I have read throughout the years author-san yours is not one of them. Wish to see how Terran modern tanks would fare against the legions armored forces head-to-head

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