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for Breath Of a Hero SPECIALS

12/24/2022 c2 AmateurWriterJ21
Lol what did he do :0
5/18/2022 c2 Guest
You didn’t write A New Year
Valentines Day
Labor Day Special
1/6/2022 c2 Guest
I have never ever expect someone to fight Santa clause because that is too funny when I read it
12/25/2021 c2 Guest
Merry Christmas.
12/25/2021 c2 Karlos1234ify
Merry Christmas
11/25/2021 c1 DOOMRAIDER
I have 2 questions, first is if you are still doing commissions right now and if you are I have 2 story ideas in mind, second if you are not doing commissions right now do you know anyone who can do a Batman crossover story on either the franchises Naruto or RWBY?

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