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5/26/2022 c3 Guest
I loved this story - great idea to explore Merlin and Arthur's character and relationship by giving them children. Please write more - those one shots you mentioned of Merlin with Isla sound great.
5/7/2022 c3 1SpangleyPony
Great story, thank you for continuing.
5/6/2022 c3 5PadrePedro
Well, here is an author who cannot just write drama, but also something really sweet! Oh, how much I dried from happiness reading this story finale! Applaudes!
5/6/2022 c2 PadrePedro
This story - or one like it - might very well be the death of me! A really well written thriller!
5/4/2022 c3 Doenja
Loved the whole of it!
5/2/2022 c3 3OechsnerC
Awesome update.
5/1/2022 c2 Guest
This is a really cool story I can't wait to see how it goes
4/28/2022 c2 3MariCat .'D
Awwww, this was such a cute ending! LOVED IT!
4/28/2022 c2 Guest
Aw this is so sweet! I love the idea of Merlin as a father! Plus, interesting premise. The poor Irish always seem to cop it, don't they!

Also, love the Irish terms thrown in. My name is derived from 'a leanbh' so I almost squealed with glee to see someone use it.
4/26/2022 c2 2myrosedream
Aww, yay! Merlin's okay! I am looking foward to seeing how he excaped and what happened those 4 months. Gabe and Rosewen friendship is also such an adorable concept!
4/25/2022 c2 oma13
Absolutely love this story. Even though it's complete, another chapter or two would be so awesome! Thanks for a great story.
4/10/2022 c1 88montez
I love this story and would love to see another chapter. Maybe with the queen showing up and with protection Camelot has and knowing Merlin’s son also has magic, I think that would be totally worth a try!
3/11/2022 c1 4AceAyane
I would love to read more it's got an excellent premise
12/1/2021 c1 3OechsnerC
Interesting story.
11/28/2021 c1 1SpangleyPony
More please, great story!
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