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10/8 c66 2CMVreud
If Travers doesn't end up as Sashimi within a month I am very disappointed.
He reminds me of Fudge. Yes, that Harry Potter, Minister of Magic, totally useless fool one. Only with Malfoys brain.
10/3 c74 4Scorpion.Sorcerer7
Thank you for this wild ride.
I watched seasons 1-3 of BtVS. I loved them. I was not english speaking at the time and the others never got translated. This is a beautiful love story. This is

I am left with many lessons learned. The wolf you feed, the ruining perspective, the self-destructive tendencies of people’s preferences.
It’s interesting that the smut you wrote was never one written for the carnal enjoyment of your readers. It was there for actual storytelling purposes.
I wish i read this when i was 12 years younger. This is exactly the story that shows you the importance of continual development. I missed out on that.
It took me four days to read your story. I don’t remember feeling this empowered at the end of any story I read in my life.
Thank you and I hope you have a beautiful day. My best regards to your co-writers and/or betas.
10/2 c74 3Fyr RedNight
I cannot tell you how much I loved this amazing story.

I laughed, I cried, I got angry and felt immense pain for Xander as he went through all these loops in the Time Braid then felt happiness when he finally exited it.

You did an incredible job with your way of writing the characters, your take on them was as faithful to canon while having your own brilliant spin on them. I can proudly say that I'm among the Cordelia fans! Actually, she's one of the few for which my tears fell... Along for Buffy, Xander of course, and pretty much everyone at some point or another.

And the plot! It was magnificent. Sure as you pointed out there were a few slights hiccups here and there, but really just a few! Otherwise it was all a fantastic journey, I enjoyed it so much that I've bingeread your story throughout all of the weekend.

I must say, your story had quite an impact on my life, because seeing Xander striving to be the best version of himself inspires me to better myself. As role models go, he's definitely up there with the likes of so many inspiring figures both fictional or historical. Joy and her siblings are quite lucky.

Speaking of which! This family is just beautiful, and while I know it would have been wishful thinking I would have rather seen this story's ending or thereabout as canon than what we got in the series end, be it the TV show or in the comics which I'm very ambivalent on. The couple Xander/Dawn eventually grew on me they're not that bad together all things considered, I actually came to like Dawn her character isn't so bad once she's allowed to grow on her own without the label of being Buffy's little sister clinging to her, even if her character would still deserve much needed polishing... And while I came to appreciate Spike's character looking back him and Buffy being a couple was as doomed than her and Angel, not to speak of the fact that their couple was more based on pain than actual love. I would have been enjoyed to eventually see Xander with Buffy, but sadly, i feels like there was already too much history for that to happen. A matter of bad timing I suppose. That, and clumsy writing.

It's one of the reasons why I'm a big fanfiction afficionado with stories where Xander either gets a leg up from a Halloween costume or stumble on some kind of object or goes back in time, which helps him bring to the fore his inner strengths, allowing him to stand side by side with Buffy, just like in your story, and not just stand in her shadow without his potential realized, which was a kind of waste.

It's even better when the characters are as amazingly written as they are here.

And now I'm feeling both happy and bittersweet for the journey is over, I cannot help but to feel like the end felt kind of rushed but it's perfectly understandable in my humble opinion considering all the work you put into it, if anything it's possible I feel that way because I wanted the journey to last a bit longer, scratch that it definitely is... But more seriously, I absolutely do not regret to have stumbled upon your story, I wouldn't have known what I what missing out on.

So, thank you oh so very much for sharing this wonderful story with us!

And if you ever feel like expanding on this universe, or doing anything with it really, I'll definitely keep an eye out.
9/28 c74 Mangadonf
Great story !
I loved your work.
9/27 c55 2KidReapr
Im too far in to stop now, but story is nothing but xander suffering. At the start it would have been fine and even though you said its about his growth, there hasnt been much. He keeps making stupid decisions time after time.
9/25 c74 Dracaris5470
insomnia binge says great story thanks
9/23 c22 Dracaris5470
hmm is the plan going to be that our boi starts build high tier equipment of such heights that' they soulbound and he doesnr have to reforge everytime? would help building a up a useful arsenal for badass reasins
9/23 c13 Dracaris5470
question why did he never try a wizzard costume or the like to get a magical opinion on his looping sounds like it should have been a frist step thing , having a lot of fun tho
9/23 c10 Dracaris5470
well after that I hope he has enough self respect to stop simping cause that was. major bitch move from buffy

still dont get why someone would want the necrophiliac, if dead meat was in disgust outweighs interest
9/17 c74 The Kromann
*slow clap *
9/12 c74 H. Gells
Wow I just binged this in 3 days. Great story! Never watched BTVS, but I never felt lost while
Reading and I loved the character interactions. Bravo!
9/7 c31 2BadReader
Oh, heavy. But hopefully this means he moves on to more realistic and rewarding goals. Good stuff!
8/31 c72 1J4C00B0
I have learned even more about the original series (I had only seen certain scenes before, now several whole episodes) and I can say with complete confidence that your story ends better.
Seriously, I don't know how the hell that story was so successful, it starts out being regular and although it has several very good chapters, it also has many other HORRIBLE ones, to the level that disgusts me.
I honestly prefer your story and that even though the first read I gave it made me angry.
8/28 c22 5AlsoSprachOdin
""Mn, awkward like when your parents walk in right when the sex scene in a movie starts," the sexy teacher joked."
Yes, it sure is annoying when they put those scenes in otherwise perfectly fine stories.
8/27 c20 AlsoSprachOdin
These incessant lemons really do feel obstructive to the story.
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