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6/27 c34 1DisMinded
At this point, I’m losing sympathy for Xander. It’s like, dude, she’s just not that into you and has no duty to suck your dick. Get over it and go bang Cordelia.
6/27 c34 The Kromann
Good short chapter after gorging on those bigguns.
6/27 c34 X Kronos X8
Okay, what? Even after everything he's been through, even with all of the ways Buffy has fucked him over, mistreated him, assaulted him, taken his friendship for granted, and so on and so on, Xander is still in love with her? Still simping?

At this point it is starting to feel unrealistic. Xander was never even in a relationship with Buffy, so he doesn't even have the good memories and emotional ties to her that normally keep people in abusive relationships.

I don't know. At this point it is beginning to feel like way too much. Something should have given by now.
6/26 c34 Mikle Silver
A bit short, but I like this chapter. X man starts to heal and B reaction? he-he! I'm really looking forward for new chapters!
6/26 c34 3oneshield
"Then you boot me off the team because you'd rather blame the messenger than the powers that be"

Yeah I sure the MC will be extreme pissed about the powers that be.
6/26 c34 BlueTea21
Okay, I am liking this direction...
6/26 c34 Chi Vayne
Xander acknowledges his relationship/obsession with Buffy is toxic. I would hope that all of these loops would allow him to move past that, but it doesn't seem to have helped so far. Really, I am blaming Xander in this case because he is the one looping while Buffy is not, so he should get the hint.
6/26 c34 Daba00
Thanks for another great chapter can’t wait for more.
6/26 c34 gauravbansal1999
Uhh, why haven't you brought the Jessie point up yet? Pretty sure his friend dying to a vamp and later on being dusted by him is a pretty big motivation
6/26 c34 Tigers-Telling-Tails
Well, some proper communication about people's feelings and problem. Nice to see.

No, I don't think the bike needs a name. Just call it... The Bike (capitals are required) Because really, everything else is being named, and some things can just be left as is. And right now there's nothing that can compare to it.

Man, I don't know how much Oz remembers from his time as a furry, but he's going to have a lot to talk about with Willow next time the pair meet up. Or he's sitting in that cage thinking "wow... um, this is like a messed up episode of one of Willow's drama shows." (Because I can totally see Willow being into dramas)

I know that the story is very laid out already, but I'd be curious about setting a new 'save point'. As in, instead of looping ALL the way back to the beginning, Xander now starts the day after this conversation with Buffy. Essentially locking-in the decision and events that he's made in the last little while. For a person who's gotten used to being able to try-try again... that would be a hell of a shock. At the same time, this run has been fairly good to Xander. Everyone is alive, he's slept with and encouraged Kendra to be more social, Cordelia and he have a strong relationship/friendship, Buffy and Angel are done, the magical weapons are being forged... this sounds like a perfect run... and time to save just in case. Because as any gamer knows... it's when things are going good that you have to watch out.
6/26 c34 PSYCongroo
Thanks for the chapter.
6/26 c34 4shadespace
Pls pls pls don't have buffy be xander's one true love that he marries. We still got faith, dawn, Tara, and that money demon girl for Xander to try his heart at. Personally I'm going for faith, dawn or the demon girl he left at the alter(who annoyingly spike got to sleep with too)[seriously it's like joss whedon was like ok all the girls will get with a vampire just to spite Xander]
6/26 c34 Mosydys
Great chapter! Really sad it's not longer, it would have made more sense to me. Xander's actions are kinda weird to me. He should have just said that he's in love with Buffy, yet hates that and would have preferred to love someone else. And that he started to fight because of a desire for revenge and the aforementioned love, but continued out of a sense of responsibility for the town. Or something like that. The Casanova actions seem kinda counterproductive to the narrative he's telling Buffy.
6/26 c34 11ShadowLord1329
I’m hooked on this story! It’s mentality painful that I have to wait for a week to see an update on this story. It’s really good love BTVS Xander is my favorite character from the show this Fic is Doing him the Best Justice I have ever seen. Xander deserves more than the show or comics have done to him. It’s too bad Kendra never really had a chance to really impact the story more than cannon fodder til Faith showed up if you do another reset at least have Kendra survive and have the Slayer line branch again then if Xander reveals the existence of the ultimate slayer weapon from the series to Buffy have him convince Jenny and Willow to do the spell to activate all the potential slayers EARLY!
6/26 c34 Arsinis
Eh, he is simping again.
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