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10/4 c12 Sparkysbro
Fun fight!
10/4 c12 zeonstar360
chain saw bayonet would give him a hard on lol
10/3 c2 Cerberusx
Damn Ozpin, dug that hole for yourself really deep there. Impersonating an Inquisitor. Already screwed that up.
10/3 c12 Alphasdragon
As a humanoid cat who knows kung fu once said "finally a worthy opponent, this battle will be legendary" or just finally it will be a challenging battle (although i also think blake, ruby or ren would also be an interesting challenge) it was a good chapter It is always good to see cardin beaten by someone more competent, I hope to see the next one, keep it up
10/3 c12 25The Baz
Barely know shit about warhammer but this is good
10/1 c12 Teo Char
I was wondering about the special power of our guardsman. I think a walking corpse would be a nice name. Makes him feel no pain and allows him to fight despite his fatal wounds.
10/1 c12 Dasgun
9/30 c12 vincentburns343
If Winston is ~1.5m tall then he is about the same height as Neo, the shortest RWBY character barring actual children. He would have been culled by the Krieg Commissars for being too small to fight effectively. Even 1.75m would be pretty short for a Guardsman, seeing as that's the low end of what can be considered the average Imperial male. Kriegers are genetically tweaked to be fully grown up, big, strong and as close to a nice, uniform 6' as possible, by 14-16 years old. Even if he wasn't born from the Vitae Womb, those genetic alterations would carry through from his parents. Why this boi so smol?
9/30 c12 Rando guy that likes this FF
I think our Krieger might finally meet his match with Pyrrha. I’d say if he pulled out most, if not all his tricks, Winston might win. Depends on how magnetic his equipment is. Pyrrha wins, I’d say 8/10. Also, why does everybody always say chainshovel this and chainshovel that, when you can fashion the Emperor’s Most Holy Entrenching Tool a bayonet lug? Sure, it would disrupt thing like “the center of mass” and “practicality” but it’d have a longer reach than a standard bayonet, and be more intimidating. I wish our Krieger good luck, he’ll need it.
9/30 c12 1The Commissar 13
So, I feel the need to make this known about most Warhammer weaponry. They do not use magnetic metals. The metals used are alloys and some sort of ceramic for the armor. The guns do have electro magnets in them so they can connect to mag-locks on the armor, which are also electro magnets. Most Krieg weaponry uses wood in the fabrication process. Krieg mono-knives and bayonets are designed to cut through space marine ceramite armor. Power weapons don't use electricity. They are force disrupters that destabilize atoms in what they are cutting, which releases a lot of heat. Adamantium, Plasteel and Ceramite are the materials used in imperial construction are are nigh indestructible to nothing less than an antimalarial round (bigger than .50 cal and used in heavy stubbers).
9/30 c12 Caboose118
9/30 c12 2ManwithaPlan113
Quite an enjoyable read as usual. Seeing Cardin get usual daily fic beatup was nice and I wonder if this will kick in his character development…nah

Not yet hah. Regardless seeing everyone reacting to a 40K denizen in their world is always a joy to read. Culture shock and culture clash is always fun and seeing Winston fight Pyrrha next should be fun

Maybe even a pyrrhic fun hah
9/20 c11 MedianKriegLover
This story is very cool, stayed up as long as my body could take to read this, it would be really interesting to see Winston dealing with the grief of losing his regiment and more memories from his memento moris
9/14 c11 ManwithaPlan113
A straightforward but entertaining chapter. Always amusing to see how Winston interacts with others and it’s nice to see him sticking to unit integrity and beating anyone else up for insulting his team
9/4 c11 1JawsOnYou67
I do hope that over the story he starts to get a better view of remnant and it’s people. So many 40k stories just have one side better then the other which sort of ruins the enjoyment.

So far loving this either way. Can’t wait to see more!
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