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3/30 c19 Mr. Odd
I don't mind slow chapters, thier quite important for building ones world and characters and are entertaining in thier own unique way.
3/30 c16 Me. Odd
Well it been a while hasn't it? I just remembered about this fic and decided to give it a reread. I wasn't disappointed, and I'm quite glad to see it continued.

About my old comment on chapter 16... I have no idea what past me was talking about nor do i remember it. including that some how I bugged out the site... neat!
3/15 c24 Guest
... When's the next chapter?
3/13 c23 7joecola00
Out of curiosity when IS Winston going to reattach their augmentic arm? And would Winston require (because they definitely won't desire) help in doing so?

As for the assorted explosives in the Saviour Pod... any chance there's a metla bomb in there? Because nothing short of Salem's BS immortality would survive that going off in their face. And also, out of curiosity, having played Warhammer 40k Darktide rather extensively, what pattern bolter is the one in the pod? Again, based off Darktide, I would think it's a Locke Mk IIb Spearhead Boltgun (or just a Locke Pattern variant in general), as those are generally designed as able to be fired by an average human without the recoil breaking bones, but given his high quality prosthetic, he MIGHT be able to handle a slightly heavier model, such as those the Sisters of Battle use.
3/12 c18 joecola00
Well, here's hoping that Winston will eventually be able to retrieve that bolted and even produce more ammunition for it. Even if he can't make more rounds, if las weapons are as effective as they are in RWBY (I tend to forget that in a more conventional setting, lasguns are actually ludicrously OP weapons), a bolter could probably down a Goliath in a few rounds, and possibly even give the Wyvern (if shot in the eyes) and Cinder a run for their money.
3/2 c7 Anomim
Hm... it's been a while since the last update or 3 month. Hope you will upload new chapter of this work.
Anyway, great thanks for writing this. This work opened a door for a interesting serial, fandom and other fanfiction of RWBY for me. I think next chapter will be interesting and knowing your stile, it will be.
Keep well, Great Wizzard
3/1 c24 Guest
Please update this is good
2/26 c1 1MercenaryGrok
An entire year? Whens the update
2/25 c24 powerhendler
Very well done waiting for more:)
2/8 c24 Guest
At the end of chapter 24:
This 'mission' to get to know Winston will result in one of three things:
-Immense Trauma, physical and/or mental.
1/3 c24 Desert Fox 5 Ld
(I decided to reflect out of a little boredom)
I as curious. If Winston landed on an escape capsule, then he had to do it according to the idea from orbit, so that the capsule would be attracted by gravity. And if so, then it can be assumed that there is not a small chance that the ship that transported the 483rd Siege Regiment may be hanging in high orbit. Therefore, I have a suggestion that if there really is a transporter, then sooner or later someone will see it. Of all the characters, Ruby, Weiss, Young, and Blake don't try to figure out Winston's origins. Ren and Pyrrha, in the same fantasizes, but does not try to find out the truth. But Jon, in my opinion, could have started adding 22, starting with the fact that he could have seen the proposed transport in orbit at night during training with Pyrrha, or simply decided to look at the map in search of Krieg on the maps. Then on the maps he can find that there are no other islands around the Patch at all, and parts of a continent similar to a dragon go north of the Patch in the distance.
But this is all just speculation.
12/31/2023 c24 Anomim
Happy new year!
12/25/2023 c24 Guest
Me gusto el capítulo
12/24/2023 c24 Red Scorpion
So Ruby, Blake, and Yang are going to try to learn more about Winston. I doubt they’ll be successful, but we’ll see what happens.

While I’m still looking forward to Winston getting his arm fixed, there’s a couple of other things I’m curious to see. Namely Winston’s reaction to Doctor Oobleck’s class; and how the faunus students and Oobleck react to Winston’s considerably less than politically correct views on the faunus. My own speculation is that Winston is going to end up pissing a lot of people off.
12/18/2023 c15 RandoFox
Damn, my man got locked out
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