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6/5 c5 Guest
Quit writing in present tense.
6/5 c36 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the chapter.
Nice Christmas scene.
Looking for the other shoe to drop.
6/4 c6 Nathair1
you nailed hagrid's accent PERFECTLY in this chapter
6/3 c36 Harrypotterpercyjacksonfan90
Interesting chapter please post again soon thanks!
6/2 c36 7jh831
Another good chapter.
I know this hasn’t been brought up since the Dublin tournament, but are you planning to have Harry get his eyesight fixed so he doesn’t need glasses?
Looking forward to the next chapter
6/2 c36 jonahtapper1228
I’ve and sweet chapter!
6/2 c36 gwb620
Not gonna lie reading them making gingerbread cookies I was tearing up at the start just thinking of how much Harry deserves this and should have had memories like this growing up. It’s very sweet family moment and I love it. Him having a true family Christmas just fills my soul. Excellent chapter
6/2 c36 3alix33
Ever since I started in my new job on 1 March I hope and pray that the 12th grade students whose question papers, memorandums/marking guidelines and analysis grids I proofread and edit have such a firm grasp on their course material as the members of the Sphinx Club has. Well done, everybody on your grades in the practice OWL exams.
You meant "Arriving back at the Tonkses for the first time", "'he loved the Tonkses" and "the Tonkses managed to have".
I am sorry Nym didn't take a magical photograph of that gingerbread alien she made before she bit its head off.
"skintight" should be one word.
6/2 c36 George Cristian810
Nice chapter but i have an observation : the only time harry yad problems with the flow is the first time he use it so thing with him not beign able to not fall when using tye floo is a fanfiction cliche that got old fast .
6/2 c35 Mr.BrownOptometrist
Great chapter, keep up the awesome work
5/21 c35 major wallace
Nice work
5/20 c2 2A10riddick
Great chapter!
5/20 c1 A10riddick
Great start!
5/18 c35 RicFule
Was Luna barefoot of her own volition or is it a bullying thing?
5/15 c35 4zega606
one chapter, the moon's advice to Harry, to be a little more selfish to himself, what he should think more about himself, I also liked what Harry wants for his future, and being good at enchantment, defense against the dark arts and with his parseltongue, he would do well as a curse breaker, he would only lack good communication with the goblins and he would not open up a problem.
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