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1h c23 BRoberts1353
they know what the monster is and what caused it, and they still let Hagrid go to jail? What horse shit is this? For smart kids, they are a bunch of dumbasses
4h c55 Cateagle
A very interesting Yule Ball and I suspect the after-party will be even more interesting.
15h c23 3Hoodedgenius98
"which is the biggest in the eastern part of Europe" *looks at map* AH WEASTERN EUROPE
19h c55 3alix33
You have the apostrophe in the wrong place in "girl's dormitory", because this means or implies that only one girl lives in that dormitory. It should be "girls' dormitory" because all of the girls sorted in Ravenclaw live in that dormitory.
Way to go, Andy and Dhapne, at giving Harry those dance lessons. Let's hope he learnt loads and doesn't totally embarrass us all on the Yule Ball dance floor.
Poor Fleur!
You meant "contained its usual bushiness".
"say-so" needed a hyphen, accoridng to the dictionaries and reference sources of pharosaanlyn dot co dot za.
Welcome to the lovely chaos that comes with being one of Harry's girlfriends, Fleur.
19h c55 SSSra
great chapter
4/12 c55 gwb620
Wonderful chapter!
4/12 c55 stacygrrl2002
and so a coven is born. they have to be able to get along, and any squabbles should be minor as they work towards their goals.
4/12 c55 2TigerCat
Okay, that was a very cute way to confess.
4/12 c55 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Ah! It’s been awhile (for me at least lol)! Glad you updated this as I absolutely adored it. The ball was so beautifully written here and I could practically picture Luna as Belle in the Disney Animated Movie when they referred to her being treated like a “princess” for the night. Kawaii!

In any case, on top all that, it seems there’s going to be a small “after-party” with Harry and some of his girls who wish to take the next step in their relationship! Even getting a heartfelt confession from Fleur! That one nearly had me in tears of joy. I’m looking forward to the next chapter and hope to see Harry’s and his girls’ bonds grow all the more.

P.S. I still can’t help but laugh at how utterly adorable you made Susan Bones and the mention of her “sweater puppies” like back then again. So cute.
4/12 c55 4zega606
What a good confession, there's Fleur as the sixth girlfriend, I still like lavender more for Harry, and that hint of Patma about his sister and Katie is something.
4/12 c55 shirousagi87
Another one bite the dust, i wonder who would be the girl from gryffindor
4/10 c28 30Vance McGill
I am quite sure Hermione would have known who Newt was by the end of her second year.
4/8 c17 taliporat
Man Harry going through Hinata Hyuuga levels of embarassment and even fainting like she does is hilarious
4/1 c54 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Loving this story! Hope to see more and enjoy what stuff awaits our little club of witches and wizards next!
3/31 c54 Mr.BrownOptometrist
Great chapter, keep up the awesome work
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