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for A Remedy For Anger

7/19 c1 NTRLover
Yo when are we going to get the NTR chapter where Gudao fucks Pollux right in front of her own brother? Make Castor watch as we NTR his sister right in front of him, fuck yeah.
5/26 c1 Arkanataraisa
wonder how this will go with taira/yoshitsune
1/27 c1 Not a Meme
It says chapter on in top so will there be more chapters? Personally I hope we get an update to Eternal Loyalty.
12/10/2021 c1 Just a bored Highschooler
Man this is so wholesome, maybe in the future, we will get Angra's Therapy session
12/7/2021 c1 Bedlam TheOtherFate
Angry Mango proves once again how he's the chillest Servant im chaldea. I still think that's cuz he uses Shirou as the body, tho lol.

An Avenger being a therapist, what a world.
12/3/2021 c1 mackerelfunfun
Well, this is an original and highly believable take if I've read one. Certainly a bit odd coming from you, but I highly enjoyed it.
12/2/2021 c1 TimeDiver
This... is simultaneously weird-as-all-hell, suprinsingly-plausble, and lastly FUCKING AWESOME on the part of THE original Avenger.
12/2/2021 c1 12D.N.Works
Will there be another chapter of this. I liked it.

Also, surprised a bit as I saw this chapter in archive. Didn't expect it to be here.

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