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2/10 c19 3Thunder Demon of Noir
Sorry Daphne you will NEVER kill Voldemort. Stay in yoir own lane
2/8 c27 ayak1692005
2/7 c3 Wantaknow
i call bullshit harry was raised by his mom watched movies had comics he would of had a better disgizze than white everything and call himself red bullshit you just got to kick down harry and make him sound dumb...
2/7 c14 ayak1692005
2/7 c1 ayak1692005
I like Harry’s explanation about how he’s so skilled. Lol.
I also love Lily and Iris and their relationship with Harry.
2/3 c66 erozoth
Have you read Harry's game plus (or something like that?) well written, incredibly BORING!
This story had its ups and downs, I still feel more than a bit blatant plot manipulation with later chapters giving "explanations" at times, bad explanations.
Somewhat too dark at some point for how light it was otherwise, the difference was just too big between each, no gradual change.
Overall, this story was wroth reading.
Back to Harry's game plus, super boring, tried to read it twice even though I love a good OP MC story... IF this story was the prequal for Harry's game plus I would love it, I would be able to enjoy 1-2 books of OP Harry just doing what he wants (though their personalities do not match), point is, if this story actually got sequels for Harry going with his family (or without, for some time) to other worlds like Highschool DxD, being OP low key, enjoying life, meeting women (canon only) I would say it would be a good read, changing the world as he goes.
2/3 c62 erozoth
I actually hoped this will be the final solution, him realizing Voldermort is dead and the quest auto completing.
He did, kinda, but the quest is still there, I guess need milking it a bit. I do hope this novel has part 2, if he turns into a god in the next 3 chapters it would be a massive let down. Level 1000 to 1,000,000 (or higher) in one jump.
2/3 c60 erozoth
The level and world jumper reminded me... how is he going to be a GOD OF THE MULTIVERSE! At level 1000, when he needs... 1 million? 100k maybe?
This story is almost over, rushed ending or part 2?
2/2 c44 erozoth
Of course, more plot bs. Recently was the levels don't matter any more, and not the items buff, but the race difference, literally invalidate the entire point of levels, rather than just normalize it and make other races show levels by power, ie 2500 as demon will show 8000 since thats the MC power scaling.
Now another "lost" it just to cause plot.
Its obvious the story is ending soon, the dungeon, the slice of life taking over (also I can see the last chapter... lol) but really, it is rushed.
2/2 c27 erozoth
I mean, at this point the story has a predictable theme: making Harry powerful, OP even... then nerf it in some way, and its never permanent. He died? ehh, i dont care. you milked the theme so much its not a surprise, When his sister died that was the first time, it was a surprise and got a reaction. Now? Nothing matter, you write the creator but its the author just flinging stuff at the wall.
2/2 c25 erozoth
I hope when he is strong enough he kills the system Issi, but I doubt it, this novel is going in weird ways.
2/2 c23 erozoth
I don't get how he died... he was level 5000, he was made that powerful. The other one was not stated to be as powerful, a blade and that is it? 50k or more hp one shot?
2/2 c18 erozoth
End of 4th year? Way to stressful. Go grinding for days, learn actual magic (from his world), train in combat, train in military tactics.
Leave it for END of 4th year? That's stupid level of planning.
2/2 c17 erozoth
5000? Damn, way to exaggerate, it just feels like a random number pulled with no relation to reality, pulled for plot.
2/1 c29 ChemicAlpaca
biased is the adjective form of the noun "a bias" while biassed is the past tense of the verb form of the term meaning "to have a bias"
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