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3/24 c42 iamshinydragonmist
didn't Harry's sword become.e 12x l/14x in a previous chapter
3/24 c41 iamshinydragonmist
when I hear "the things I do for love" I think about courage the cowardly dog. loved this chapter by the way
3/24 c43 iamshinydragonmist
loving this. kinda hoping harry quest changes from kill Voldermort to conquer cause I'm wanting eos to be part of his harem
3/23 c7 BMS
OK, I'm done.
Why go back to Hogwarts when he could be doing Quests and gaining levels to get where he needs to be able to resurrect Iris?
3/23 c6 BMS
How dumb is this? Let me count the ways...

1) His Gamer's Mind can be overcome by simple grief so bad he runs away.
2) Suddenly, he can jump dimensions. A power/skill that doesn't show up on his Character Sheet yet he seemed to know that he could.
3) Said jumping dimensions are done randomly so he has no idea what he's getting into until he arrives.
4) After seeing a lvl 300 Voldie, he switches to a new class dropping himself down to level 10 increasing the likely hood of dying and thus not being able to bring Iris back.
5) Said jumping dimensions are done randomly, so how can he be sure he can get back to Iris when he has the ability to resurrect her?...

It's a good story to the point of the random jump and I'll continue to read but the way you chose to begin the dimension travel makes no sense and could have been handled better.
3/22 c10 iamshinydragonmist
is this a spiritual sequel to kill me if you can cause well ending harry
3/21 c9 Sensepi Rescopula
he just gave away the blade? he better get it back
3/19 c6 Gon Freaks
I can deal with killing an 11yr old girl the way you did. I am just not sure how I feel about the incest that will later come. We will see if you can make it believable as I read on.

3/19 c43 4zega606
fantastic chapter, the date with Daphne and jealousy of iris, I also like that you add tracey, Astoria and Alicia, I would also like Hermione and Susan, and that Neville stayed with Hanna abbott, thank you.
3/18 c43 dkainallen
please don't have the slut eos taint fluer with her sluttyness
3/11 c36 2Narigo kurimaki
do you know the third true magic heaven's feel
3/11 c42 8Seiichi Yotsuba
Can I ask why you have Alicization Kirito as the pic for this fic?
3/8 c41 PlasmaMelon
Ooooo maybe harry can spawn two dicks snd basically DP his lovers? (Tentacle dicks are alittle bit eh, but two dicks? Woo)
3/8 c40 Guest
Figures if he g3ts a time turner he can make his rounds round with Lily and Perpy.
3/8 c1 Team 3 Star
just realized that his earlier story "kill me if you can" is a prequel to this story. Which is pretty cool. I hope to see a new update soon. Keep up the good work.
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