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3/16 c38 shinamakawa7
Yet another end to an amazing story. Sad, but at least it was given a proper ending. I kinda wish there were more Smut scenes and more moments for John and the other girls though.
2/11 c38 MOTIKA
~ Beauty, Sage And The Devil's Sword ~

While it’s rather nice of John to achieve 'Kuroka — Best Ending' with female Vali Lucifer on the side (as well as starting their family proper)… it does end on a 'very open-ended' note. I think I lost track of all the women that are 'officially' (and 'unofficially') part of John’s 'harem'!

Part of me wonders if we could have gone a bit further into the story (or at least into the domestic aspect of John’s family life)… but when I consider all the bullshit events occurring in 'canon' that test the limits of my patience with "High School DxD", then I’m changing my mind — leave all of that to Issei, instead.

John might as well live the rest of his life peacefully like how Rudeus Greyrat had done so at the end of "Mushoku Tensei"… and trust his children to be strong enough to live their lives well when they grow up.

Out of curiosity, how do you think John would have fared in the world of "Killing Bites"… and which 'woman'/'women' would he be most likely to 'bone' (if any)?
2/10 c4 Clueless Thinker 684-18
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2/6 c38 Uday Sra
2/6 c38 Apple424
That’s it huh…idk why but I feel like there should be more but ok.
2/6 c38 PasiveNox
2/6 c38 King0fP0wers
Wha... that's it? Well, I'm glad that you finished another project, but it kinda feels like a bunch of stuff was left unresolved.
2/6 c38 Nehef
It was... A trip.

Godspeed gentlemen!

Let's pray for Balor Over Hell!
2/6 c38 Acqua OfThe Back
2/6 c38 10Dragon King of the West
This was a steamy conclusion to this story.
2/6 c38 RedDemonEye
Absolutely beautiful ending 11/10 this was one hell of a ride and I'm happy I was here for it Im happy they got there happy ending and I can't wait to see what you do next. Do keep up the good work and have a nice day.
2/6 c38 scyfly
isnt the whole issue that devils wont get pregnant easily? and both vali and kuroka are devils. if a vertility potion could solve that there wouldnt be a problem
2/2 c4 17nagiten
so issei has found himself a ron just with more intellect and less of the side kick trope and a hermione just less of the bossy know it all needs to be right and first and smartest?
hmm wonder how his friendship with the dragon god will effect cannon start? or will the fallen suffer ophis fury for trying to hurt one of ophis only friend special people
1/31 c37 Asakawa Keiji
I guess that’s one way to 'fuck over' Issei Hyoudou’s alternate dimensional-timeline children…

1/29 c34 DeluxeHipster1945
Ok this is first time I hear someone refer to him as a "Femboy vampire"
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