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5/6 c38 Aki Togake
Random thought that crossed my mind as I was rereading this but… have you ever considered a "High School DxD" story (self-insertion or otherwise) with Griselda Quarta as one of the primary characters?
Part of me wonders if there could be a 'Adaptation Relationship Overhaul' between Griselda and Xenovia Quarta (even 'biological')… while the other wonders what kind of 'schadenfreude' would befall upon Xenovia from all of this.
And when the light novel mentions a character like Mirana Shatarova with a description of "an enormous chest"…

Look, at this point, I’ve made peace with the fact that "High School DxD" is fan-service that ought to be enjoyed with your 'brain switched off' (and perhaps with your pants down) — one can never write fiction based on today’s religions without stepping on people’s toes (to say nothing of deciding upon a creation myth and world-building afterwards; I think "Shin Megami Tensei" got around this using Gnosticism) when they decide that it’s no longer just a work of fiction but an affront to their beliefs — but designing (almost) all their women as 'buxom' while the protagonist (who I have mixed feelings about due to his 'strong' sexual perversity) has a small percentage of in his harem is honestly more frustrating than completing the Pokédex in every Pokémon game.

At least with the latter, you’re guaranteed to Catch 'Em All!

"I Just Really Like Girls."
—Yoko Taro
4/25 c38 Guest
Damn, this SI was boring. It feels like he did a whole bunch of nothing, had very few worthwhile interactions with people outside of smut, did a lot of “tell don’t show” with relationships with the characters (unless they were smut, again) and had girls falling in love with him for dumb reasons like the generic “he a nice guy” trope you see in harem animes.

But I’m definitely a minority opinion given how many people followed and favorited this story, so congratulations on your success I suppose.
2/7 c20 BasicWhiteDude
…and I lose interest. A large part of my attention on this was the steadfast resistance to polygamy, which I personally find upsetting and distasteful. Even if it’s diet polygamy. Sorry. Checking out
2/6 c5 BasicWhiteDude
The constant doomsaying in the past tense makes him sound like ciaphas cain
11/6/2023 c38 noble6117
10/23/2023 c34 Shogun lord poke burst
Also, there's the recent Pxtreon-Exclusive (for a month) new story called 'Guide to be The Very Best' which is a Pokemon Semi-SI where Ash gets himself a 'Pokemon coach' living his mind rent-free.

Where can I find it, the most recent chapter of this story was February, thats nearly a year ago. I can't find it on your page
10/23/2023 c29 Shogun lord poke burst
Kite-man, like, Harley Quinn show Kite-man?
9/21/2023 c31 AvideReader99220
Sorry, but Kuroka's actions have ruined this fic for me. I don't know if she was not told about what Milttet did with the girls but even then she knows how John feels about underage girls and yet she is training them to be in a harem with John, a betrayal of his trust in my mind.
6/2/2023 c7 Shogun lord poke burst
So Ophis gave him a snake? No chance of a devil trying to force him into their peerage now, cant handle thenpowet of one of Ophis snakes
6/2/2023 c6 Shogun lord poke burst
When you look at it, kuroka is going through the natural progression of attraction instead of the supernatural, Power Attracts attraction.
6/2/2023 c2 Shogun lord poke burst
Its gotta be someone like Kuroka or something
5/31/2023 c1 leonardcalumpang2006
This is a new dxd fanfic I really enjoyed silently, what with the fact that it's a self insert and how the main character lives his life in the dxd world. Though I wish you could make an extra fanfic revolving after John and Kuroka got married and what kind of life they are living after that which not gonna lie it excites me If you ever consider on my suggestion of a fanfic about their post wedding but alas you do you author and I don't have a say in this. Lastly I just wanna say again I loved the adventures and development in this story author and thank you for blessing me with this wonderful fanfiction. ️️️
5/20/2023 c17 harsimransingh507
I love this chapter, lmao. All these broken people getting the much needed parental affection.
4/26/2023 c38 GodsReader15
huh. Not bad.
4/13/2023 c1 pertemis4lyfe
ok yeah but what color was the bugatti?
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