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for Rivalry

9/27 c1 Artzmis
Thank you for posting the story so far. Your stories have given me endless hours of enjoyment!
9/25 c2 liysyl
Thanks for resharing this awesome story.
9/25 c2 dpennell007
Thank you for re-posting as I missed this one last time. Albert is a wonderful, loyal man who deserves to find someone who truly loves him. That person does not appear to be Lizzy.
9/25 c1 Emo Stomper
Reported for breaking TOS. You aren't allowed to advertise pay sites on FF moron.
9/25 c2 LoveInTheBattleField
This is the first time I'm reading this story, please finish reposting it!
9/25 c1 LoveInTheBattleField
Great story.
9/25 c2 Colleen S
Love this story!
9/25 c1 Colleen S
Great start!
9/24 c1 Guest
Not sure I understand what’s going on with your story, is this a repost? Will we be treated to all the chapters or is this merely a sample?
5/25 c1 Orianna
Was this story ever completed?
4/27 c1 Debra
Are you going to continue this story?
3/18 c1 Guest
Will you be doing another chapter soon?
3/17 c1 Guest
Please can we have another chapter? I'm on pins and needles since the last chapter. Fantastic! Thank you.
3/16 c1 Orianna
Wow! I can't tell this story is fabulous. How can anyone sir and give you a hard time? Morons! Thank you for sharing. Looking foward to your next installment of this story.
3/7 c1 Orianna
Love it? Mr. Darcy isn't the one and only for Elizabeth. Take that Darcy!
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