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10/9 c54 Iersseltje
Inloved reading this story. The final chapter is the icing on the cake. Thank you for sharing.
6/14 c54 QueenGB
Wow. Thanks for the insight. Angela was fangirl to the tenth power. Bella was right to try to get her to see reason and give her space. I bet later Angela was crazy embarrassed by her blow up.
6/13 c53 QueenGB
I will miss them. Thank you for sharing them with us. Be well.
6/13 c52 QueenGB
You pack so much in such small chapters.
6/13 c51 QueenGB
Very romantic.
6/13 c50 QueenGB
This is what I love most about this story. Ifs my belief that if you have good intentions and you remain open sometimes life takes you places you didn’t know you wanted to go. And often times you find that path through something painful or an awakening like Angela’s death. Look at their life now.
6/13 c49 QueenGB
Love it!
6/13 c46 QueenGB
This Bella is quite bold. But you generally write her that way. I like she doesn’t back down.
6/13 c44 QueenGB
Yay Esme is here.
6/13 c39 QueenGB
I’m surprised it took so long to put them. They’re lucky.
6/13 c36 QueenGB
Alright, alright Rosalie is a good friend to Bella.I don’t like her but I relent here. And this thing with Angela reminds me of my old best friend. Now you’ve got me thinking about her too. Thank you for that. *hand over heart*
6/13 c33 QueenGB
Yeah this whole betrayal of Angela thing is reaching a bit. She had a fangirl crush on a singer not love. And she married and had a full life before she died. it’s time for Bella to embrace hers.
6/13 c31 QueenGB
Interesting and new.
6/13 c30 QueenGB
I hope Rosalie isn’t her usual bitchy rude self when she arrives, She is a guest after all. Your welcome hon.
6/13 c28 QueenGB
Wow this Edward is lovely. How old are they exactly? Not important just curious.
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