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11/7/2023 c6 VamPyr00
Once again, you are confusing the hell out of me with the 'Virtue Class Angel' power level. I have seen no explanation for what this means at all. According to your AN at the end, I can assume it is somewhere around Low Class or maybe Mid Class but there is no definite power level at all. If you are going to make up random names for your power rankings, please at least explain what they mean in terms of DxD power levels.

Also, it seems that he has a good enhancement to all his magecraft due to the lack of Gaia and Alaya's influence. I was hoping this would lead to permanent Projections but I haven't seen that hinted yet.

I also wonder what is happening with Gabriel. Clearly, Alaya is influencing her in some way but I wonder why and exactly what she's doing in the first place.
11/7/2023 c5 VamPyr00
What on Earth is a Virtue Class angel? Is that a power ranking? What level of power is that? Why haven't you explained this power ranking at all? You've called Gabriel a Seraph if I remember correctly so is this going off the christian hierarchy of angels? That still doesn't explain what level of power that vampire was though.

Usually, Angel and Fallen (sometimes Devils too) power levels are measured by the number of wings they have, if I remember correctly. Since Archer deemed the vampire 'insignificant' I guess I can assume that it was below High Class at least, since I would think most factions valued High Class and up members. I honestly am extremely confused with your power scaling and exactly how strong Archer is at the moment.

Still, even if it WAS a low leveled fight I think it was well-written. Utilization of tools like Black Keys and Reinforcement allow him to hit above his weight class for sure. I would think he had several D rank or lower Noble Phantasms he could have used though. Even if he is limited to D rank and below, that would have been more than enough to decimate that level of combatant.
11/7/2023 c4 VamPyr00
So he has a magic core of nigh infinite mana but hasn't had his circuits upgraded at all? Plus, he can't even use his powers properly, being nerfed down to D rank and below while also having 13 of his circuits sealed. Why are you nerfing him so hard? I don't really understand the need to do that, since even at full power Archer will be weaker than the powerhouses in this world.

You've barely given him enough power to defend himself at the level of a regular exorcist at this point. All the battle experience in the world will mean nothing if he can't properly use his abilities or against overwhelming power.
11/7/2023 c3 VamPyr00
I don't really see the issue with him having a magic core. Won't that just, like, give him basically infinite amounts of magic? Is he simply angry that Alaya is taking that magic from somewhere else? Or is he mad that this will simply draw a lot of unwanted attention?
11/7/2023 c2 VamPyr00
Oooh, Alaya already making moves! This seems really interesting! I think the Heaven faction suits Archer much better than the Devil faction anyways, even with his True Neutral Alignment.

I wonder how powerful he will be once he opens all his Circuits or if there will be some change in his power this time. Without Gaia or Alaya's influence, wouldn't his Tracing/Projection magic be permanent as well? That would be awesome.
10/26/2023 c9 6Caelum1842
please continue i love it!
10/20/2023 c9 PasiveNox
Thanks for the story
10/19/2023 c8 PasiveNox
Goddammit badass
10/19/2023 c7 PasiveNox
Oooooooh artoria nice
10/19/2023 c6 PasiveNox
10/19/2023 c5 PasiveNox
Lol anyway great chapter
10/19/2023 c4 PasiveNox
Great chapter
8/26/2023 c6 bige2613
8/12/2023 c9 1Vilostrike218
Is this on hiatus, dead, or is the next chapter slowly being worked on?
7/11/2023 c9 Rust
Waiting for an update?
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