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11/20 c2 1Kirbs85
Oh i hope you are continuing this story! I am obsessed lol
10/14 c2 2HPMARIE
love it!
10/1 c1 Raymondjay41
Hopefully you can continue this story as it truly is ine of the best fanfic but nedd finished
9/18 c2 Ashaika
Really loves the two books.
Thanks for all this, it was perfect. I hope you will comme back but hey, what we had was really good.
9/8 c2 Lethq
Please come back and finish this story. I really enjoyed it
8/29 c2 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Looks like I missed this one due to all the trouble I've been having with FFN's email notification. Interesting drama going on with the courtship thing. Glad to see Harry finally figured it out! Rather funny (and dangerous for Harry) that Daphne was being pulled in two different directions at once and refused to sort it out. That Kei character does seem to be a troublemaker. Looks like there was a reason his ancestor was thrown out of the Fleamont family and that the reason was passed down to him... Enjoyed that last bit of H/D. Rather a unique courting gift - a sword, although I do know one girl that would be turned on by that! Glad to see that Daphne was. Can't wait to see what's next! Update soon please!
8/26 c2 Sleepyhawk502
great start, would love to see the rest! Thanks for sharing!
8/11 c2 2SpSt
I've really enjoyed reading this series. I hope you decide to come back to it and continue.
7/27 c1 joearnold926473
Please come back and finish this story, itd be a true shame if it ended just as it started to get going, i hope you manage to find the time and or muse to finish this :)
7/24 c1
Is this story abandoned or are there plans to finish it?
7/22 c2 1DrollPaladin
I love your work! I hope this finds you well author, I wish you happy writing!
7/18 c2 6errobotter
I didn't realize there was a follow-up story to Novocaine. This was a treat. I hope that you continue to expand on this universe that you've created! I've read hundreds of stories and this is definitely top 50, possibly even higher. Thanks for your work! I don't imagine you get many flames but, if you do, ignore them bc you are cooking!
6/27 c2 Travis99
I hope this updates soon, I love this story
6/26 c2 EternityCube
ahhhh i love this story and i hope dearly that it is still being continued. thank you so much for your work! :)
6/3 c1 jinnyjiab
Please come back and update this story, I still can remembered you update weekly with Novocaine. This is the best story i have ever read in FF. Do th . I think you can make a lot from it.
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