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15h c2 Gardengirl6
Hiya StardustWarrior, I really enjoyed Novocaine and was delighted to find another story following on. I really appreciate how you've developed your characters, given them depth, multi-layered motivations, and a genuine sense of urgency amid their recovery from such trauma. I hope you have more of this story to tell! But please, don't let Nott and Blackmore join forces. I might keel over from the stress! Best, Gardengirl6
11/10 c2 12mastercheif1229
Incredible story so far! Can't wait for the next chapter! Hope that you update this again soon!
10/28 c2 qwerty
10/27 c1 5fongstar5
Yay! I loved your last story and was so happy to see that a sequel is ongoing! Can't wait for more - thank you very much for writing these stories!
10/24 c2 E8rocks23
Wether the story is abandoned or not, what a perfect way to end. I accidently saw the sequel update and jumped on it, this story is one that I've reread multiple times, and having become a hardcore harry/Daphne shipper (for this story, at least), it's absolutely incredibly satisfying to finally see the romance come to fruition. If I were to magically lose all access to the internet, I would be happy knowing I finally got to read "the end" of one of my all time favorite stories after waiting so long.
10/23 c2 houselord76
I am hoping you continue this story. It is well written and has it's own niche in HP fan fiction.
10/21 c1 Scott Fletcher
Great story line, I have loved this story from the beginning. Harry and Daphne make a very interesting couple. She keeps him grounded and he makes her see life different than what she was raised on. I truly hope you continue this story line, I have really enjoyed it.
10/3 c2 piltad
Amazing story
10/2 c2 luna tsuki mond
please please keep writing. its so good. i wanna see this through to the end
9/12 c2 K
It looks as if this will be just as good as Novocaine.
9/9 c2 2PrinceAsmo
It's been 7 months since this chapter was released. I have to say this is one of the better Daphne x Harry Post War fics. The pacing is great, and there are MANY things to anticipate, which is honestly bit of a shame that there aren't more updates; Especially since the climax of this chapter was the courtship. Despite it being a great conclusion, it is still a MASSIVE cliffhanger. All in all great story. Also, I have send you a PM here, so if you read this, do check your PM inbox. Again, great work
9/7 c1 8d'ihshtri
Both this and first part,are marvelous, thank you for writing! Its one of those rare cases where fiction is better than original. Here characters are very natural in their presentation, and mature in a way true life is. All in magical frame, of course. Especially relationships you show reveal how people interact in real life. I hope you continue. Reading it made my week!
8/16 c2 plumbknot57
Really good story
8/9 c2 1blcoachmac
Absolutely loving this!
7/20 c2 8AlaskanKing
Great story. I look forward to reading it when it is complete.
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