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7/2/2022 c2 wandamarie
wow getting good thanks for the story so far keep up the great work please update the great story when you get a chance to thank you
7/2/2022 c1 wandamarie
thank you for your time and talented on the story so far
7/1/2022 c2 Livre'YsARI
pleaseee updateeeee
6/30/2022 c2 Just William
A great 2nd chapter, can't wait for chapter 3.
6/29/2022 c2 Fenrir Azazel
I hope this is on hiatus and not abandoned, waiting for the next chapter.
6/29/2022 c1 Fsufan35
Love this story, hope you're planning on continuing
6/12/2022 c2 Anon
I’ve followed Novocain since early on. Can’t wait to see where you go with Panacea. I check monthly for an update and just reread both out of desperation
6/11/2022 c2 Guest
Hey! My name is Tommy. I just wanted to stop by and say that I love your story and have loved binge reading it all the way through. Hope you are doing well and keep it going!
5/25/2022 c2 4DA Exodus
This story has been great so far. I massively enjoyed novacaine and the sequel has been equally amazing so far. Really looking forward to the next update
5/20/2022 c2 suryamgangwal63
any news on the mext update?
5/5/2022 c1 Segap
An outstanding read as a do love a good post Hogwarts story. Looking forward to your next chapter.

Thank you,

Walt Frazier
Delaware, USA
5/3/2022 c1 Guest
I am so excited for the sequel:)
3/15/2022 c1 Guest
I really enjoyed reading novocaine and am delighted to read panacea. However, you took a long break while writing novocaine's last chapters.

Belby's involvement in a werewolf cure needs to be fleshed out. Nott's marriage to a vampire and his revenge needs to be expanded.

Real life always takes priority over the pit of voles. However long breaks lead to loose ends. I request you to read what you have posted so far before writing a new chapter
3/6/2022 c2 WildOnionTops
Loved seeing update on Novacaine story. Enjoyed that Daphne and Harry.
3/5/2022 c1 sarahfaustin2011
Love your stories! Thanks so much for picking them up again!
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