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3/3/2022 c2 12Village-Mystic
Continuing to enjoy the story, hope that Dudley's girlfriend isn't working for either of the new adversaries you introduced (the vampire queen or the american business man... and there's also whoever Anita is marrying). Good questions on why they are expanding. They want to provide jobs and grow the economy, and have enough left over for big gestures when needed. However, it might be enough to have the wine-shop or "bottle shop" as you're calling it in each village, planned for a start plus their construction company getting some work in each village, until grow is managed. The only issue is the ministry limiting "one of each kind of business" so they have to decide if they want to back a franchise - so far that's how the other locations are being developed. One franchise - not all of the franchises.
3/1/2022 c2 percabethfamily
continue updating!
2/27/2022 c2 18MyMelo
I’ve just read the entirety of Novocaine and these two chapters for the second time over the last few days and absolutely love it all! Your writing style is so good and the flow and pacing is really great, and despite the number of characters that are involved it never feels like it’s too much or overwhelming.

The business side of it all is so fascinating and not like many other stories, the magic and all that comes with it is almost secondary in a complimentary way. And of course I adore the Harry x Daphne pairing so the romance is just the icing on top!

Amazing work, can’t wait to see what happens next, almost waiting for the shoe to drop with what happens with Nott and the Blackwoods because it’ll undoubtedly bring up some challenges (and hopefully not too much angst because I am getting very invested in everyone in your story!) for the gang.
2/26/2022 c2 fraewyn
love it
2/24/2022 c2 triton1313
Can't wait for the next chapter, reactions, female gossip and squeals. Hope to see the next steps of the courtship and the halloween ball
2/21/2022 c1 14ykkn
Ohhh, I can kinda see Peverell castle being used for the after-hogwarts institution
2/21/2022 c2 mumphie
It's going so well (Harry's life) that I am worried about how the vampires will try to ruin Harry, and if his distant cousin will be part of it. I do hope that whatever happens you have Harry and Daphne (and team) win in the end. Yeah, I'm a sap for happy ever afters!
2/20/2022 c1 Lorien Legacy
Great chapter please continue soon
2/20/2022 c2 Inhdrae
i love it ! The higher education school idea is really interessing. its not the first fanfic where i read about or but i like how it is explain here !
the magical village idea is really nice two and i love how realistic the developpement of all those plans is.
Daphne and Harry are cute but for now the "political"side of the story is what im more knterested in and that Kei surprise visite was very scary and im curious if the next Harry/Kei discussion is going To be as cordial as the first one.
im also curious about Nott, and what ecxavtly is his plan.
Hoping for a new update soon and in the meantime i wish you Well!
2/17/2022 c2 KongoBongo
very sweet, about time :D looking forward to more
2/16/2022 c2 1SyedtheFanFicLover
holy crap this entire chapter was amazing please continue
2/16/2022 c2 calcifiedful.ako
Yes! Thank you for the update
2/15/2022 c2 rune1806
Thanks for a very enjoyable update.
2/14/2022 c2 4DaDragon562
Loved the intro of more malicious intentions by the blackwoods, as well as harry and daphnes relationship moving to the next stage with proper courting. Daphne's personal struggles and difficulty in being honest while trying to reconcile her traditions with her personal desires was well written imo.
2/14/2022 c2 ffgandalf
Love it can't wait for more. I can't help but wondering what the other Potter courting gifts are? Does it end in a full set of armor?
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