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12/7/2021 c1 jlwlandscapingoflouisville
I love it. thank you so much for continuing this story. I've read novicaine twice and needed more . please keep the updates coming. if I could buy this as a hard back book I would and it's not even finished. lol thanks again.
12/7/2021 c1 5flame55
This is great can’t wait for more
12/7/2021 c1 Accio698
Yah. So happy to see this continue. I can’t wait to see where you’re going.
12/7/2021 c1 3theflowofmusic
I know you may have this in mind as a future plot line, but I'm honestly surprised no one has complained about gentrification, even if that's not the exact language they use for it.
12/7/2021 c1 7x-kid11
I really like Novocaine, mainly for the actual slow burn, and I really like what you’ve started out with in this story. I enjoy the premise, and I like how you haven’t changed the characters in this as some authors do after not writing in said story for a long time and I’m glad that characters have evolved, but in a way the screams realism and is also overall enjoyable. I can’t wait to see more!
12/7/2021 c1 wolf970
Impressive, I really like how u are building your world.
12/7/2021 c1 Read Falcon
Off to a great start. Loved Novacaine and glad to see it continuing
12/7/2021 c1 cameron1812
I have so loved Novacaine and am thrilled to see the next book begin. Thank you! This is really one of my favourite post-war stories. You craft your universe so well, and the planning is grand, the challenges and roadblocks real, the relationships promising, etc... It's lovely. Thank you!
12/7/2021 c1 5plums
I thought Scamander was expelled from Hogwarts? How could he be on the board of governors?
12/7/2021 c1 KongoBongo
yay love the couple, looking forward to more of the story
12/7/2021 c1 2mwinter1
Enjoyed the first chapter of your new story and sequel. Instead of not only offering scholarships but loans, two different companies of course. The loans being like student loans of today very low interest rate or suggest the loan idea to the government and have them deal with that financial headache instead of just paying out. Anyways loved it. Awaiting more.
12/7/2021 c1 CollFarstepper
Absolutely brilliant start to the continuation. Novocaine is one of the stories I have read and reread time and again, and I look forward to the thrill of knowing this has been updated and getting that same buzz. Thank you for continuing the story and the development of your version of the world.
12/7/2021 c1 Stevec30
Great begining! Can't wait for more.
12/7/2021 c1 4Bellalphine Black
I love this story and since Harry and Daphne have so many plans, I hope Harry's "kin” are not a problem.
12/7/2021 c1 10WiseSilver
Good first chapter. Really sets up the conflict with Blackwood. Shame though if they’re really family they could work together but it seems that Blackwood is definitely more of the shark business man then the helpful one like Harry.
Can’t wait to see more. This series is my favorite Harry Potter series to date.
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