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for Unrequited: A Nathan and Elizabeth FanFic

11/12 c18 Dee Bee2
I don't know if you are still reading reviews on this but the serge ans Allie was absolutely amazing. Thank you!
5/28 c36 SaSeLi777
Everytime I reread this chapter, Allie’s relief at her adoption with Uncle Nathan and her disbelief turned to belief with a Elizabeth, I cry! You have a way with words that makes this section so poignant! (I love to have a good serious happy cry! And this section and a similar scene in one of your other stories affects me the same way! 10 out of 10!)
4/26 c38 Guest
Well done. Hopefully, you'll be keeping the Grant family alive and thriving in continued stories.
3/28 c38 Guest
I enjoyed reading this story so much. It was so sweet with such tender moments. I think the most touching though was when Allie first realized that Elizabeth wanted to adopt her and that she loved her. She couldn't quite understand why E loved her. She had grown up thinking that only Nathan wanted her and loved her. There wasn't anything that I didn't like about this story. I won't go in to anymore detail about things! I loved it all and enjoyed it tremendously. You are a great writer. I'm not sure what your other stories are, but I think I have at least one written down to read. Thank you again for writing. Now you probably need to rest!
3/27 c38 SaSeLi777
This was indeed a beautiful ending to a chapter, a story… and a beautiful beginning to a life of love ce in a blended family.
3/27 c30 Margaret Redmon
What a happy chapter, this was a surprise and completely out of the blue! I loved it! It was great to hear Allie's happiness in her voice. She is such a happy girl and has had so much sadness in her life, it is time we see her happy!
3/26 c24 Margaret Redmon
Well, you might be able to tell, I didn't go to bed and I'm so glad. I loved reading that chapter. it was so sweet
After I get home tomorrow. I will start reading again. I might get this story finished tomorrow. I can't imagine how excited you were to write this. I'm amazed at everything Nathan was willing to sacrifice for her happiness. He really loves her and wants her to be happy. I loved his surprised tone of voice when he found out that she broke up with Lucas. It was all just so good! Thank you so much. I think we do need a season 10, but you should be the head writer and show runner. Good night
I can't wait
3/26 c23 Margaret Redmon
First just let me say I wish you had written season 9 for TV. I would probably be watching instead of findind other things to watch. This is really an outstanding story and you are a great writer. I. can't begin to write about all the things I have thought were so good. I will try to do better at writing reviews. I read most of what I have read up until now in about 2 sittings. I do like that your chapters are a little shorter than others. Even though I'm not saying others write the chapters too long. I'm really not a complainer or a fault finder. I think i am going to be forced to stop reading. It is after midnight and I have to get up for church tomorrow. I just wanted to be sure you knew that I like everything about your story. I had read some of it before, but it had been so long ago, I needed to refresh my memory. Thank you for writing. I really am enjoying it.
3/25 c38 171nebula2
This chapter wraps up the story nicely. Allie's adoption becomes official - yay for Bill for expediting it! Loved the scene where Allie calls Nathan Dad and the title hits Nathan. You wrote that very well.

That bit with Elizabeth and Allie at the end was also well done. That scene wraps up the story nicely.

Great job overall! Thanks for writing it!
3/25 c37 nebula2
that was a sweet little wedding. Loved Little Jack's antics and that they just accepted the kids into the ceremony instead of trying to get them to 'behave'.

I have to admit that when Nathan started taking off his shirt, I thought the scars were going to be from something his father did to him. Somehow, though still terrible, the fact that they were inflicted by stranger criminals sits better with me that if his father had been the one to hit him. I also like that Elizabeth realizes that it was something she never would have known about had she not become his wife.

Happy that she finally got her butterfly and how you worked the butterfly into her reflections. Very nicely done!
3/24 c36 nebula2
Ah, and now they go before the judge. Nicely done. I think my favorite part though is when the judge tells them that he doesn't think Allie would allow him to deny the adoption. What she said to him was so very sweet and so very Ally. Personally I think all Nathan would have had to do is set Allie on the judge to get the man to change his mind without the marriage but the marriage is sweeter!

Allie's reaction to the adoption was lovely as well. Poor child. Not feeling wanted by so many but happy that Elizabeth wants her! That was precious!
3/24 c35 nebula2
Yes, I think Nathan would have said no in that moment. It isn't that he doesn't love her or want to marry her but he doesn't want either of them to feel forced into it.

Her speech was beautiful. I love how Elizabeth laid out all the true romance of the situation to him. That is so much more beautiful to the mess they are showing on the television screen. This is love - showing her heart when it isn't all blue skies, candles and picnics. So very well done.

Of course Nathan says yet.

(This might have been in the previous chapter and I didn't mention it but I loved Nathan's thoughts about never winning a verbal sparring match with Elizabeth. There is so much truth in that!)
3/24 c34 nebula2
I am not sure why the painted rock stuck out to me but it did. That is such a sweet little gesture. Plus the fact that Nathan puts it out on display and uses it - now that is love.

And there is Elizabeth walking into the middle of something. I loved how you had her leaving and then she self-admittedly says she is a meddler and turns back around. She really is and always has been but she is a meddler with a good heart. Glad she demanded an answer of Nathan here.

Haha - Papa Bill dropping a hint and leaving. Sounds about right.

Well, that is a switch. Elizabeth asking Nathan to marry her. Somehow it is fitting and I think had to happen in this scenario.

Nice chapter!
3/20 c33 nebula2
This whole scenario was so well written. Elizabeth's fear waking up to find Jack missing was very palpable. Yet, she keeps her wits about her and searches before going to Nathan. Running to Nathan makes sense - he is the Mountie.

You wrote Nathan in Mountie mode very well. Even when he also starts searching for Allie he keeps a bit of a detachment from his emotions so that he can do his job.

I felt bad for Elizabeth when she realized they were searching the pond for a body. How heartbreaking.

I liked the reunion and how Allie is included and then Elizabeth tells Nathan how she feels about the girl. That is the story line they set up in season 6 and 7 and I thank you for following through with it!
3/20 c32 nebula2
I love how sweet this whole chapter was. There was something touching about Elizabeth going to check on Allie because of the wind. I liked how despite the surprise Nathan and Allie just takes the surprise visit in stride and they all enjoy their evening together and then it is Ally initiating her and Nathan walking Elizabeth and Jack home. It was such a wonderful 'family' moment and what I would have loved to have seen on the show.

Aliie's thoughts at Elizabeth kissing her forehead was heartbreaking but works well for Allie's sotryline in this story. Her insecurities are very clear here.
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