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8/2 c17 Guest
We miss you and your story :(
7/31 c17 Guest
hope that you are doing okay KwaK and you can update this story one day. I'm a huge fan of your beautiful stories. \'
6/24 c1 A
I hope that you're doing well. I hope that one day you can come back to this story. I miss your wonderful writing.
6/5 c1 cutie
I hope everything is good and you can return soon, we miss you and your updates. And we send you a million hugs 3
6/5 c1 Guest
I hope everything is good and you can return soon. We send you a million of hugs, and we miss you and your updates
6/5 c1 Guest
We miss youuu
5/24 c1 Guest
I hope that you are doing okay KwaK and that you can return to this story one day. :) I reread it every now and then because I love it so much.
5/15 c17 All4uu4all
Hope everything is alright in your life an you would like to continue this amazing story. We are missing your updates. Thanks for this!
5/13 c17 Guest
Such a brilliant story hope you are feeling better and will be able to continue it soon
4/29 c17 Allytb420
Here's what I need: Gilbert to come back, he sees Anne with his daughter, he falls in love with her, and they become a sweet wonderful family.
So excited for an update!
4/24 c1 Guest
It’s been almost 2 months and I am concerned. I do hope all is well.
4/22 c17 Therese81
Love the story! Please please find it in your heart to continue!
4/21 c16 AnneNGil
Oh the drama!
4/20 c14 AnneNGil
Such a fun twist!
4/19 c12 AnneNGil
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