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1/29 c11 JuneOfTheVilla
Thank u for putting us out of our waiting misery! You're so great, KwaK! Yay! They kissed way earlier than I expected!
1/29 c11 safirraapdhila
I GASPED. I didn't expecting that ending at all omg i wonder what is monty's reaction would be. I'm so confused rn (in a good way)
1/29 c11 Guest
I am so obsessed with these updates.
Kissing! Midway point! Those things don’t go well together, I’m expecting it’s going to be more tough things

I love (though am saddened by) the fact that Minnie may surviving is so hindered on Anne, that was such a clever thing to point out
1/29 c10 JuneOfTheVilla
You definitely found a Maud "flash" when you came across this selkie story. I'm enamoured with your story! It's even better than "Fever Dreams" which was my favorite Anne-fic evah. And I've delved into many, many the Anne-fics. This story is so well thought out, with hints a reader better understands after a second reading. I get such a rush whenever I receive your update email. I really hope the next one comes soon! KwaK, we all applaud this tremendous, AWE-FUL story!
1/28 c10 All4uu4all
Another great chapter, I am re-reading everything from the top. You leave subtle things on every chapter than now I understand better.

I like how your Gilbert wants to be a farmer, so we can imagine without Anne pushing him his life would've been completely different. I am interested on seeing if he will finally will find his love for medicine instead of doing it because it is expected.

And the Silkie tale, it looks like a message to him from Anne, be aware I cannot love you anymore... Ummm like Gilbert's first proposal rejected by Anne when she tells him she will never care that way for him.

Can't wait for more of this to know where you are leading us

Thanks for sharing your talent!
1/28 c10 Guest
Oh damn I know Monty loves being a storyteller and the centre of attention but that was aimed at Gilbert and he knows it. She really believes that she and Remy are star-crossed lovers- is it wrong that i'm kind of looking forward to her getting a reality check? He may have given her her seal skin but he definitely hasn't been waiting around for her to return. Gilbert has to tell her now, even though it's going to end badly for him. As Monty said he's a wannabe knight with a passion for potatoes- he's the guy who got whipped for not telling on Remy. He's the guy who married Ruby. He has to do the honorable thing even though it hurts. Maybe she'll even tell him her real name as a final blow. And as weird as it is seeing a Gilbert who's passion is farming instead of medicine it's touching to see how much he loves his garden.
1/27 c3 PelirrojaBiu
Wonder when Gil will tell her that he does know Remy… What a great story it’s shaping up to be!
1/27 c2 PelirrojaBiu
Oh, it’s getting better and better!
1/27 c1 PelirrojaBiu
Wow, the premise sounds brilliant! Onto the next chapter!
1/27 c10 ms.julie
Beautiful. I got to know the Selkie story through your ‚Gilead‘ (in which Anne was said to be a Selkies daughter, right?) and found it so wonderfully apt for the otherworldly, untamed sides in Annes character. And in this story! It fits perfectly. Sealskin coat, yearning moonlight vigils by the sea, a farmers closed heart opening up to a foreign, captivating creature… I personally read it as a stay-away-message to Gilbert, letting him know that Monty and he were of different worlds and that Montys heart would always be elsewhere. Thus her empty chest? But it is ambiguous, which is why I love it. Never any bluntness in your stories, they are so subtle and complex. Love the suggestive seed-catalogue-dialogue, love the mysteriousness of those island letters, love the description of Annes silhouette by the fire and love your cliff hanger. Gilberts nod to Anne already made me anxious. Then mentioning that they(?) stay out till dawn! … Oh! Oh! Don’t keep us waiting too long!
1/27 c1 YodaChick
I love the selkie story, it's just so ingenious! I take it the next chapter will be some major reveal. Also Anne and Gilbert end up having 7 children. 3 boys and 4 girls. And Rilla with her sore feet...
1/27 c10 CCPH
So I’m trying to figure out if Anne’s “glamping” story was about Gil (loving Ruby) or about her (loving Jerry). The seal skin at first made me think she was sending a message to Gil “I liked you bc you were nice but I love my sea husband more”. OR was this about how Gil sees her vs Ruby?His nod in her direction makes me think HE thinks it’s her sending him the message that it’s Jerry for her no matter how close she becomes with him. That’s why Gil escapes to the garden. As always the other “lost boys” are oblivious. There’s a part of me that laughed that Mrs. Figgis was just like “gonna bounce. See ya wouldn’t want to be ya”. In a way the boarding house had become Anne’s and probably had been for a while now anyway. As for the “island letters” I hope we learn what were in them. Does he have a correspondence with Jerry now, rekindling their friendship to learn more intimate details about his life, but keeping that info fr Anne? Or worse does he have others spying on his behalf giving him updates so that he can somehow prevent ‘RemyMonty’s’ reunion? Whether that’s to protect her or selfishly keep her to himself, who knows. Oooor maybe Gil is in competition to buy the remaining of the Barry’s farm land before Jerry can marry into it? I just feel like the focus on farms failing and Gil’s natural aptitude to farming have to come into play soon. So many questions left after each chapter!
1/27 c10 7wishwars
I love that Gilbert thinks everyone must see how beautiful Monty is! And she’s so resourceful it’s amazing! I’m so curious if Charlie is going to slip about Jerry soon…
1/27 c10 Guest
Well that's depressing if Gilbert is supposed to be the farmer. Monty clearly thinks she's the Selkie being kept from her true love. After that Gilbert has no choice but to tell her about Remy. Let her run to him and find out that he's not the man of her fantasies. I don't get why she thinks she's in love with him since she only knew him as a child. But I guess it's no different than Anne thinking she loved Roy just because he looked like her childhood idea of romance.
1/27 c10 Guest
Not meaning to take things too literally, but didn't Monty claim that the seal-skin coat belonged to Remy? Is he the selkie trapped in another guise while Monty is Goodman (keeper of said coat).
Ok, time to stop obsessing over this story. Not that I can help it!
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