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1/26 c10 Regina56
This chapter gave me such a chill. The temps here have taken a nose dive but it was fantastic the way you described the freezing effects of winter. (I was in Mexico for Three Kings Day and returned to snow, ice and general yuckiness. So depressing to come back to bitter cold, and the last remnants of the holidays gone. You’ve captured it all so well. January and February can be brutal months. (In Mexico, besides the abundant sunshine, the people also exude a great deal of warmth. Mexicans are super friendly, family -oriented and boy, can they fiesta. Their deep religiosity is also comforting. Can you tell I still miss being there?)
I loved the camp-out and the telling of the ghost stories.
I admit, when I saw the Selkie story taking up a good portion of the chapter I was bummed. I’m not a folklore fan in general but I read it and it was a damn good story.
But sad. It made me think of my dad and his sibs who were abandoned by their mother and ended up in an orphanage. Their mom remarried and had more kids but totally wrote off her former life and children like they never existed. I hope these children got to see their Selkie mom again, even if this is a fable. They shouldn’t be punished for their dad being a jerk.
The seed catalogue part was great, too. I don’t know where you get your info for the dialogue but I’m sure it’s authentic. Your research is outstanding, and the way you weave it into the story so seamlessly is impressive.

Isn’t it funny how you can stumble upon something like the Selkie story and it’s so relevant to your life that’s its scary? That there’s a message in there for you, somehow? You got the message and so, it appears, does Gilbert.
1/26 c10 Guest
Hi! I've lurking for a while and this is the first time I write a comment here. I'm new on this fandom :)
This story keeps getting more and more interesting. There's a song that reminds me of Anne's feelings towards her Remy, the song is called "My Old Story" from IU. It's like Monty keeps waiting for him even though he clearly is a bad/heartless person because he didnt keep his promise to her.

Pd. Sorry for my bad english. I'm not native
1/26 c10 ErikaDM86
Woooooooo. I want to be content and just let the mystery unravel as the story goes on, but I also want to know now!

So I’m guessing that Gilbert really loved Ruby but she was in love with Jerry/Remy. I’m still not sure if he is the father, (the baby not looking like either him or Ruby, and just Gilbert seemingly not having a paternal bond with the baby) and he married Ruby because she was in “trouble” and somehow the real father who could be Jerry didn’t want to marry her.
Or he could be the father but Ruby’s death just left him that devastated, that he seemingly doesn’t care for the baby and is just sort of going through the motions.

Whatever it is, I can’t wait to find out what the real truth is though.
1/26 c9 2caprubia
THE BABY IS ALIVE! DIANA ISN'T MARRYING FRED! So many revelations. Anne not being in Avonlea really did mess things up.
1/23 c9 Denie1943
I stay lost about half the time in this story, but I can still hardly wait for your next chapter. Hope you are well. Thanks for sharing.
1/23 c9 CCPH
OK maybe I was wrong and it is Gilbert’s daughter. I misunderstood and thought the baby died along with Ruby so I was happy to learn she survived (Maybe her name is Joy too?). I wonder if learning about Diana and Jerry’s marriage would actually have crushed Monty/Anne- I’m still suspicious that Anne’s “love” for Jerry is more in kinship than amorous. Anne tends to approach her affections in the same way- verbally defiant, emotionally hidden but administered in “in-kind” ways. With The Mister it was by checking up on him and burying him, with Charlie it’s the glasses and stitched case, with Mrs. Figgis it’s how she keeps her home, and for Gil it’s the tenderness to applies to his tender rose finn apples. There’s always a self-interested justification of why she’s doing it and yet that reason is actually not why she’s doing it. I wonder how things will change when Anne finds out Josie is no long Gil’s intended.
1/23 c9 7Formerly known as J
Thanks for that little glimpse of Ruby's funeral, kwaky. It was perfect that the Gillis family have taken the baby, and interesting that she doesn't look like Gilbert OR Ruby. My favourite detail here was Mrs Gillis choosing fashion over practicality, even for a baby, it summed her up to perfection. I also adored our Gilbert seeking solace from the trees (just like someone else we know and love hey?), it made me love him even more. That picture of him and Ruby singing to the baby in her belly was so touching, and brought tears to my eyes. And good ol' Josie, taking full advantage of the opportunity to take him in hand and order him to go to Redmond. Poor Gilbert, this explained so much about how he's lost his mojo, and I adore you for it!

Also, poor Mrs Figgis, thinking her Stanley was trying to communicate with her from beyond the grave. Interesting that Gilbert noticed the writing looked like Monty's and I loved him speculating about her trying out a new name. It was gold! Drunk Charlie was hilarious and I so enjoyed watching Gilbert looking after his mate, just like Monty took care of Mrs Figgis. I adored the two of them talking in the kitchen later, with Monty making warm milk and honey. Mmmmmmm!

And then just when Gilbert was all ready to confess about Remy/Jerry oh no! The Mister has died, and he finds himself unable to destroy her remaining dream. What a guy. But THEN we discover Remy is marrying Diana Barry! Whaaattt?! I simply adored the picture of them tucking into the potatoes together at the end, but truly, that last line was a killer. Oh my god, I LOVE this story! More please?

Fave line: Monty always played by her own rules, not his. Ahhhhh! Perfection!
Second fave: Gilbert realising why Monty was mad at him. Heart eyes.
1/22 c9 Guest
Well since Gilbert has never mentioned the baby before now, I guess that means he's never had much to do with her. She would be 3 or 4 now, right? Old enough to start to look like Ruby or Gilbert or...? Gilbert the grieving widow and his story with Ruby is obviously much more complicated than anything Charlie knows. I'm looking forward to meeting Remy just to see if he's as bad as he seems to be! So far we have him letting Gilbert get whipped, ghosting Monty, maybe fathering Ruby's baby and maybe marrying Diana for her land. Maybe he's just misunderstood lol.

"Who's Monty?" lol. It's easy to forget that she's already moved onto a new name, no wonder that Gilbert thinks she might be trying out a new one. And despite that he's still wary of her he's fallen hard for her anyway. *_*
1/22 c8 CCPH
I quite liked the domestic bubble this chapter started with, a makeshift found family sharing their joy and loss over the holiday. The present exchange was really sweet. For Anne to be able to finally participate fully must have been exciting, finding a more charitable use of her bartering skills seemed to bring her happiness. Uh I know Gil says it wasn’t a total loss having missed the first tasting of his rose finn apples but it’s heartbreaking to know he didn’t get to reap the rewards of all of his nurturinghard work, I am glad to be done with Josie, at least for now, though I suppose she could assert her presence into Gil’s life even if she’s not physically around anymore by undermining his connections. We’ll have to see if she causes any mischief.
1/22 c9 Guest
“ Then he wondered how it was going to be possible to keep her in it.”

Oh boy doesn’t that just sum up any version of Gilbert to a T
1/22 c9 Regina56
I never fail to be awed by your writing style. All the little descriptive details that I would never even think of. Wow.
It seems so obvious to me that Gilbert is not the father of Ruby’s baby but since you are not one for the obvious I am suspicious of that.
Actually I really don’t know what to think, so I’ll just keep on enjoying the plot twists.
I have a confession that while I am a very discreet person who never reveals confidences or anything that could be hurtful, I do enjoy hearing a juicy reveal.
I feel the same way with your story. Rather than attempting to unravel the mystery, I prefer to enjoy the sensation of a bombshell reveal. It is so much more satisfying than correctly predicting an outcome.

I have a feeling a big reveal is lurking.
1/22 c9 Guest
The baby is still alive! If it *is* Gilbert's baby, that is. No wonder he doesn't want to be a doctor, what with Josie basically shoving him into it. Mrs Figgis and Charlie together are hilarious. And Remy and Diana are getting married! I knew it. But is it a marriage of love or convenience? And where's Fred? There's no way Gilbert is going to be able to stop Charlie from telling Monty about Remy/Jerry, not with the way he gossips.
1/22 c9 3Lavinia Maxwell
I'm shocked that Remy is going to marry Diana Barry :-O
1/22 c9 Guest
Another bombshell of a chapter! So many thoughts...!
So Ruby’s child is alive. Yet this is the first hint of it. And Gilbert refers to the child as “the baby” - Uncommon choice for a father. Furthering my suspicion that not only is this child (again, interestingly, not even acknowledged in his mind as a girl... simply “the baby”. Hmmm) not sired by him, she’s likely Remy’s offspring. She might even look like Remy (as she apparently doesn’t resemble Ruby) - and he resents her for reminding him of all that Remy has been (liar, coward, scoundrel). Perhaps with no insignificant sprinkling of a new addition, that he is the vocally expressed object of Monty’s affection despite the many years passed spent apart.
Remy and Diana. I wonder if we will get a chance to meet this iteration of Diana, who grew up without Anne. In canon, Diana clearly fancied Gilbert (at least there was some level of attraction) and told Anne so when he returned to Avonlea. And here, she is engaged to Remy, Anne’s first true friend (?love). Perhaps all kindreds are inextricably linked. And I’m not willing to give up on Remy just yet. His story will be compelling and I can’t wait to hear it whenever you’re ready to spill!
Gilbert has finally admitted to himself that he needs Anne in his life. I did a triumphant little dance. We have indeed hit a milestone. And no, Gil, a Remy reveal will not devastate this Anne or any Anne is who still has her Gilbert. I’m picturing a lovely little homestead (mandorla) where Gilbert the farmer works alongside his father and they return home after a long day out in the fields to Anne, maybe with a red headed babe with brilliant hazel eyes...
another random thought... Monty/Anne here is a poet. I wonder if she, like all the other iterations of Anne, has thoughts of further formal education and aspirations to be a teacher? I can see Gilbert being eager to help with that ambition if so. Perhaps even offer to enable that undertaking. It’s Gilbert’s way of expressing romance. And I just love it. Better than any sonnet!
1/22 c9 7wishwars
I love Gilbert’s insight into why Monty was upset! And OMG all the revelations- he has a kid?! Diana marrying Jerry?! I’m so sad at the thought that Diana didn’t have Anne to bring more whimsy into her life :(
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