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1/19 c8 7wishwars
I can’t believe that that’s when she decided to show her smile! Ugh Josie is so stuck up and selfish! Well, Monty will be pleased lol and maybe she saved Gilbert some potatoes!
1/19 c8 Guest
it always brings me untold delight that Gilbert is always utterly and involuntarily taken with Anne's red hair, and she finds it her most hideous physical trait. Not only does she find acceptance for something she finds abhorrent about herself, he actually loves that aspect of her. Envy is an understatement...
1/19 c8 Guest
"Lies had always bothered his heart because his chest contained a lie so big he couldn't endure one more." :-O Oh no I really hope Remy wasn't the father of Ruby's baby. That would make him a jerk of gigantic proportions. Bye Josie I'm not gonna miss ya. But I think their breakup has freed her as well. I love that Monty was so close to using her real name with Gilbert and I loved them cooking together and bonding over the potatoes. And of course Gilbert seeing her flowing red hair and being completely entranced!
1/19 c8 2caprubia
So sad about Josie Pye. Wait, you don't believe me? XD Once a Pye, always a Pye.

I'm glad that Anne and Gil are starting to warm up to each other again! It's too bad that she hasn't told him yet her actual name. I think that'll be a big moment. And there's still Remy/Jerry out there doing his thing.

I'm curious if you'll have Charlie be absolutely Sloanish and propose to Anne then ignore her like canon. Though I can't imagine that he'd ever marry a kitchen maid. Right now he's actually endearing and I kind of like this different take.
1/18 c8 3Lavinia Maxwell
* I enjoyed your Christmas chapter
* I am very happy that Anne/Monty and Gilbert are friends again ;)
*Josie doesn't listen to poor Gil. Gilbert Blythe was so proud of his potatoes! He and Monty were having fun in the kitchen. Josie ruins all of it by stealing Gil.
* Gilbert, Josie and Joise's Uncle go out to dinner. Gilbert and Josie get in a huge fight. Josie cruel adds that,"Ruby broke him." :'(
Ruby unfortunately died. Course it broke Gilbert Blythe. He lost everything :'( His wife and baby.
1/18 c8 YodaChick
Thanks for the update. I really wish Anne had signed her pressie to gilbert as miss shirley.. And perhaps Gilbert will reveal the truth about Ruby to Anne.
1/18 c8 Allytb420
Well I have to say, good riddance to Josie!
1/18 c8 All4uu4all
I am liking this very much. It's refreshing to read something so unique but at the same time with the nature of the original character.
Waiting impatiently where you are bringing us with this great wrighting.
1/18 c5 wickhamgray
Oh what a romp it is! Follower here; was hoping to quietly soak this baby up but now I feel seen, or maybe called out. ;) This is my favorite chapter yet. All the neat domestic details: having to ration kerosene, Anne's thin-soled boots for feeling underfoot, money running out for cooks (the upper class struggled too, who would've thought). Then straight to that riveting tension at end! I prefer my Gilberts heart-eyes and love-stricken but my ears perk up whenever he pushes back. I'm always first in line for canon that is twisted or even severely bent, maybe bc I’m not a prolific reader of the books. My heart does hurt a little that he's ever loved or desired anyone but Anne. Kind of thrilled you’re making it up as you go, anything can happen! Fun to get glimpses into a writer's process.
1/16 c7 40FullMentalPanic
Charlie may just be an inexperienced gossip, but the sequencing of Gilbert's tragedy makes it sound like the pregnancy happened pre-marriage, AND makes me wonder if Gilbert did love Ruby but wasn't the father.

Though Jerry has his flaws, it's touching that he was so thoroughly taken in by Matthew and Marilla that he took on their last name. Also happy that though there is still frostiness between and Anne and Gilbert, they still interact, it would just be so dull if they completely froze one another out.

I really want to commend you on your characterization, you keep everyone consistent and their differences from canon are believable with the different events that have played out. Phenomenal job with the flow of the story, you keep enough happening that it's a very engrossing and engaging read!
1/15 c7 2caprubia
Ooooh, plot twist! Poor Ruby was destined to always die young. This makes sense why Gilbert is now averse to becoming a doctor since his wife died during childbirth. Are we to assume that their child died too? My heart hurts for Gilbert that he's a widower at such a young age.

I'm surprised that Gil hasn't told Anne about Jerry/Remy yet or contacted Jerry about Anne. I wonder how long he plans to hold out on that secret.

The story is very fascinating! Not at all expected.
1/15 c7 Guest
I went and re-read the first chapter and wow everything about Gilbert's attitude makes sense now. Did he even get a chance to grieve for Ruby and the baby before Josie pounced? No wonder he's just going along with life instead of participating in it. I hope we find out more about his relationship with Ruby, were they childhood sweethearts, etc.
1/15 c7 Denie1943
Rather weird story. I will continue to read in hopes that A&G will eventually find one another. Thanks for sharing. Stay well!
1/15 c7 Guest
What a great story love it. So this Gilbert would rather be a farmer ? Ruby makes sense without Anne in his life at a young age. Josie doesn’t make sense at all maybe he will see the light as they say. Really enjoying this it’s brilliant
1/15 c7 7Formerly known as J
You know what I love most about your writing, kwaky? Your flawless characterisations. Especially those characters that we think we know so well. You do it so effortlessly that sometimes it's easy to overlook, but it's the sign of what a gifted writer you are imho. I never thought I'd see the day when I actually feel sorry for Charlie-Barley Sloane, but you managed it here. We're so used to seeing him as a figure of fun, sometimes pompous, overbearing or downright annoying, where "Sloanishness" is something that only Avonlea folk truly understand the meaning of. Here, I find myself sympathising with the poor fellow with his domineering mother, always worrying about irking those around him and somehow it makes me love Gilbert all the more, too. I've never really considered that handsome, smart, popular Gilbert Blythe remaining friends with Charlie gives us even more of an insight into Gilbert's admirable character, too. That he even goes so far as to encourage Charlie, reassuring his friend that he will bloom when he gets away from his mother is gold. I find Charlie's character incredibly moving in this story and it makes me happy that Monty is kind to him, too. It's a very unexpected side effect of this wondrous story, so thanks for letting me ponder all that, kwaks. I love it when you do the unexpected and get me thinking about these characters all over again. :)

As for Josie Pye, well, I'm desperate to know more about a world where she's snagged the heartbroken WIDOWER Gilbert Blythe? Argh! It's too much! Please, I beg you, don't make us wait too long for the rest of the answers to that little mystery. God, I love it!

You know I've got a million more questions, but I trust that you have them all in hand and will answer them for us asap. I can't even BEGIN to list the questions I have about Monty at this point. I love her so much, and I'm desperate to know more, more, more!

Fave line: When Monty went all still and didn't want to hear Gilbert's secret from Charlie but from the man himself. So good!
Also: Gilbert's internal joke about the Fly Amanita. LOL!
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