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1/15 c7 7wishwars
Oh man, this chapter just made me want so much MORE! Poor Gilbert! I wonder how king Josie waited before pouncing… and I am curious how Christmas will go. Will Josie let slip about Remy?
1/14 c7 Guest
2 chapters in a week. You're spoiling us :) so many revelations, but this is simply opening pandora's box. this chapter has thrown up many more mysteries now that the layers behind everyone's facades are beginning to peel off slowly but surely. Jeremiah Nym appears to be the King of the Jungle yet again, and I'm torn between the inevitable drama that will ensue at their reunion (Monty/Remy), and protecting her from grown-up Remy. Clearly Gilbert has his reservations, that I fear run deeper than petty misgivings from yesteryear.
Gilbert's defence of Josie also makes sense now, with emphasis on loyalty. Interesting direction for the Josie character, as I wouldn't have thought she'd take too kindly to playing 2nd fiddle in any relationship, if we are to take the Ruby/Gilbert situation at face value here. Maybe Monty's loyalty towards Remy, even if Gilbert feels is misplaced, is something he appreciates in her. He feels her loneliness keenly, even though he remains upset for her reticence to trust him with something he perceives as insignificant as her real name (identity), whilst giving it (trust) away so freely to someone he feels is undeserving (Remy).
I really like this Gilbert, who actually wants to be a farmer! Is Gilbert someone who always yearns for something other than his "pre-ordained" life? Here, whilst still presented with challenges at college, it would seem the way is paved for him from the get go (albeit slight blip with the Ruby situation) for him to become a doctor, and yet he yearns for the land. Enjoying his time in his garden, tending to his crops. Grass is always greener on the other side for Gilbert... will Monty be his new quest? Maybe she already is.
1/14 c7 Guest
I wasn't expecting that. :( Poor Ruby. I understand why the Gillis' would (unfairly) blame Gilbert for her death, but everyone else blaming him too, that's awful. I wonder if anyone has ever truly expressed sympathy for him for the loss of his wife and child. And is it any wonder that Gil is not invested in academic achievement when he won the Avery without lifting a finger and whilst dealing with all the other stuff going on.

I am very curious about many things. Were Gil and Ruby together before Queens? What is his relationship with his father like? Did he just assume that Gil didn't want to be a farmer? And then there is Remy/Jerry who seems like a huge jerk tbh. How did he take over orchard slope? Through marriage to Diana? What happened to Fred? Why is Monty clinging so steadfastedly to this idea of Remy, whom she only knew as a child? It's sad.
1/14 c7 3Lavinia Maxwell
I'm shocked :-O Gilbert Blythe was married to Ruby and she died in childbirth. Poor Gilbert :'(
1/14 c7 Regina56
Kwak, I’ve tried to catch up with your story and this chapter simply took my breath away.
I might have skipped a chapter; I need to go back and reread because these past few months have left me little time for leisure read and I lost interest in fanfic.
It’s all coming together now but the orphanage bits gave my heart twinges. My dad was an orphan who lived in an enormous building that was a landmark. He became a journalist/author and I never appreciated how much of a loyal readership he had nor how gifted he was until his passing. A coworker even commented how she had been reading his stories for years and never knew he was my dad. Writers have such a gift, the way they have the ability to touch lives. I hope you know that because you one of those writers. I miss my father terribly but I still have the gift of his writings which will enable me to hear his voice through the pages and his stories will always endure.
The last few months he would sometimes think he was back at the orphanage; in particular he would tell me about a sick little boy across the hall whom he would sometimes call out to by name, even telling me to go check on him. I think there actually was such a boy at the orphanage.

You certainly got the feel of what life in an orphanage would be like and It’s not over the top like some depictions.
The part about Charlie’s mother not allowing him to travel in a ice boat made me smile; I remember your previous story and commenting that I’d never allow my kids to do it either.
What a bombshell you’ve dropped here but so very Kwak. I didn’t see it coming but things like that did happen and it’s very realistic.

I will def be following along and try to comment as much as I can. My mom has covid but she’s boosted and recovering nicely but she keeps me busy, too.

You take care and congrats on such a fascinating, entertaining and engrossing story.
1/14 c1 ms.julie
I had the same thought: It must have been Jerry Nym – after all, the incident with Mr. Phillips forebodes that Jerry doesn’t stand up for his mistakes, that he lets others take the fall. And Gilbert has such strong emotions against all things disloyal. I’m guessing that Gilbert stood by Ruby and had to let go of his dream of becoming a farmer…? A dream that Jerry is now living, as this chapter has shown…? I’m loving this story so much. Usually non-canon stories don’t take me in at all, but kwak really convinces me otherwise (as she’s already done with ‚Begin Again‘, which touched my heart…). I await every chapter with much anticipation. Thank you.
1/14 c7 Guest
Gilbert is going to be mad when he finds out that Monty knows about Ruby but she won't even tell him her real name.
1/14 c7 Guest
Oh there we have it, the reason Gilbert is just coasting through life and letting Josie control him. Poor Ruby, dead in childbirth at 16. And it was also the death of a life that Gilbert wanted. His passion lies with farming, not academics, no matter how smart he is. We're so used to seeing him as the hottest, smartest, most popular guy around, but instead his life has been buffered by tragedy - first losing his mum then Ruby and he just wants a farming life. It's sad that Gilbert is the most scandalous person in Avonlea for tragic reasons, instead of an orphan girl getting into harmless scrapes. It's also funny to see Charlie recast as an annoying little brother instead of the creep he usually is.

As for Remy - he's now Jerry and married to Diana? I wish Gilbert would tell Monty the truth so she can stop pining for a guy who forgot all about her a long time ago. Gilbert and Monty are both stuck in ruts they can't move on from, maybe they can give each other a little shove. And Monty can give Josie a big shove. :D
1/14 c7 Guest
Bombshell! But I wonder if Gilbert was actually the father as rumour has it... perhaps it was Remy!
Can’t wait for more!
1/14 c7 2Enna Energe
I get so excited every time you update! This story is like a mystery revealed piece by piece.
1/14 c7 ErikaDM86
Woah. Did not expect that! I wonder if Anne not being there basically changed Gilbert’s outlook. He didn’t have anyone to compete with academically and who also had big dreams for herself, so he just kind of coasted through school but had no bigger ambitions.

Still though, Josie? He could pick anyone else but chose Josie. I wonder if there’s more to it. And he didn’t want Monty/Anne to connect the dots about Remy/Jerry, I wonder why….
Excited to see where this heads to.
1/14 c7 Allytb420
A Gilbert who would rather be a farmer than a doctor? A Gilbert who was married to Ruby? These are things I never would have imagined, I'm excited to see where this story goes!
1/14 c7 AnneNGil
Oh wow! That's some tragedy! I'm anxious for Monty and Gil to talk again.
1/14 c6 Guest
Lovely return with "For you, Mr Blythe."
chapter 7 can't come soon enough!
1/13 c6 AnneNGil
I'm curious what happens next...
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