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12/14/2021 c2 14previouslyjade
Oh I think I see where this is going with Jeremiah Nym. Loved this chapter. Anne is very different, but the way you'd expect without Marilla's steadying influence.
12/13/2021 c1 voodoomarie
this is hilarious. I can't wait to see what you do!
12/12/2021 c1 Regina56
I saw this story come thru just when I was getting ready to turn off my phone at the Nutcracker Ballet. (Audience was fully vaxxed and masked.) I made a mental note to read this and I’m glad I did.
I like the premise and it’s not too deep which is good for me. I know I have a tendency to overthink stories but I don’t have it in me now as I’ve gone thru some incredibly difficult months recently. This has been just a godawful year.
I feel like there could be an emotional connection with your characters and I’m curious to see how you flesh out this Anne. Sometimes I have a hard time liking Anne. ( I know, it’s me.)
Speaking of emotions, the ballet performance I saw was actually opening night of the ballet season and the first live performance in 21 months for the company thanks to the pandemic. Who would have ever thought, but the city was hit hard.
The Cavalier role was played by a darkly handsome curly haired Adonis who is how I will picture your Gilbert in my head from here on out. Honestly, this dancer is the most perfect male specimen I’ve ever laid eyes on. Talk about hot, whew.
I was close enough to the stage to see that he and his partner, who was playing the Sugar Plum Fairy,
fought back tears while performing their exquisite pas de deux with the audience cheering them like it was a ballgame. When the hottie performed his solo next he was openly crying but incredibly never missed a jump or turn. It was just magnificent and I swear the raw emotions seemed to enhance the performances. Until then I had never been to a show where there was such a powerful, emotional connection between performers and audience and I’ll never forget it.

I’m glad you are getting this story off; it sounds very entertaining and a fun read. I could definitely use that.
12/11/2021 c1 8Catiegirl
Yay! There’s nothing like a first chapter of a Kwak story! You have me terribly intrigued, and that’s a thing I do love to be. Josephine! Almost married! TO GILBERT! Love to see things that have never been done before, this is gloriously new and exciting. Much love to the greatest of Anne-champions, Kwak; you are matchless in what you do. Xx
12/11/2021 c1 Guest
I'm already obsessed after one chapter! I always am with your stories. So who died? I'm guessing Ruby, since they went to queens together and I wouldn't be surprised if they were a couple. Watching her die a terrible death from TB would be enough to make Gilbert question medicine. It wasn't Di was it?! Or Priss or Stella? And here is Josie, sorry Josephine, who of course has been waiting to get her hands on Gil. I love how he's questioning how straight forward his life is. Being the smartest, most handsome and most popular guy isn't as fun without anyone to challenge you and change you.

And so here comes Anne to do just that, as she always does. Oh it hurts my heart to think of Anne without the love and support she found in avonlea. And not being able to get educated. She's so smart and loving and a born teacher, it's painful to think that she missed out on that. I'm guessing she went into service work, which would have been the only option for her. The way she comes into Gilbert's life like a whirlwind, ready to shake thinks up. It reminds me of Bringing up Baby. Can't wait to see how these two impact each other and what their histories are.
12/11/2021 c1 Guest
So excited to see a new story from you. I can't wait to see where this goes
12/11/2021 c1 7Formerly known as J
Is there anything better than a notification that kwak has posted a new story? I doubt it, but if someone can think of something, then please feel free to let me know. Especially a story already filled with so much promise of a classic kwak adventure romance. you know they're my faves. :) Reading this story is like fossicking for gold at every sentence. I love it!

This chapter is filled with so many delicious details, I barely know where to start. So, let's start at the very beginning. As you know, I'm always dying at your gorgeous story/chapter openings, and this one is a beaut. Your gift for grabbing the reader's attention and dropping us holus bolus into the action is simply breathtaking here. Of course I love exploring the possibilities of a Gilbert Blythe who grew up without Anne to compete with, who's won everything without challenge and with nobody to show him a world of possibilities. Argh! it's so exciting, I can barely contain myself. Although, maybe that's not it exactly. Hmmm. I'm dying with curiosity to find out who *used* to arouse him? The same person who's died? Most of all, I'm desperate to know what has happened to result in him ending up with Josephine Pye! Are they engaged? Courting? Knitting him jumpers, and so confident that she thinks she can tell him where to go to get his haircut and already making plans about his family property, it seems Josie thinks so. And I love that she clearly believes he's meant to be a doctor regardless of his feelings on the matter. Hahaha. That's the first lump of kwak gold.

But of course, the real gold is with the fascinating Rosamund Cordelia De Vere Montmorency buried under that seal fur. Even more intriguing than a Gilbert growing up without Anne Shirley, is Anne herself growing up without Marilla's firm but loving hand to keep her in check. That name perfectly demonstrates that with an efficiency that left me breathless. Pure kwak genius right there. And dragging Gilbert right along on the adventure with her, I love how he just finds himself caught up in the whirlwind and Sir Gilbert! Double argh!

Si much more I loved, but I've already gone on way too long. Overall, I'd say they were BOTH lucky that bossy bird got off the train! Oohh, I love how you write them, kwaky. It's delicious. More please!

Fave line: Gilbert eating the apple core, seeds and all. Somehow this completely explained his character for me. Kwak perfection!
Or was it: You look hot. Oh yeah, baby, I bet you do, despite that sweater. ;)
Also: Gilbert aiming to kiss Josie's mouth because it seemed like the thing to do, but missing because she was looking at something else. Lol!
12/11/2021 c1 CCPH
Well well well. This is a new adventure indeed. This Gilbert is not quite who I’m used to though it shouldn’t be a surprise if this is his first encounter with “Anne”. I’m curious who that other person would have been that “aroused” Gil and seems to have influenced so much of his drive (or lack there of) upon their death. Ruby? But would she have elicited such a connection? I’m so intrigued… and talk about a mystery! I love the image of this Monty/Anne: seal coat wearing, ratted shoe kicking, shirtwaist hiding trouble maker. And the kookiness of her hair tucked into a mop cap all the while clearly having no regard for propriety how close she stands next to him. This Remy and this throne have peaked my interest, as has the fact you don’t have this whole story outlined yet (like Gil’s pending marriage lol). I am 100% down with the idea that this story is going to just lead you, and this us, where ever it wants… happy to join the ride.
12/11/2021 c1 Guest
A new Kwak fic! I'm so happy! Even better the "Anne and Gil meet under different circumstances" is my very favourite what if. A Gilbert without Anne's influence and one who didn't have to struggle to pay for college and wasn't a teacher. And also one who's grieving. Who died? His mum? Ruby? And Josie is his girlfriend! Where are Di and Fred in this universe? And here is Anne who is a con artist? A drifter? Definitely a product of broken homes and orphanages. Interesting that Gil hasn't fallen in love with her on first sight. He hasn't even mentioned her hair! Can't wait for more! I'm so intrigued!
12/11/2021 c1 3Lavinia Maxwell
Sounds like an adventure! I can't wait for the next chapter ;)
12/11/2021 c1 Guest
So intriguing looking forward to more love the premis of this
12/11/2021 c1 39oz diva
What if Anne didn't make it to GG and that boy did instead, assuming he's no 'London street Arab' and wouldn't that shock Avonlea if he was. :0 (shut up Brayne) This idea that Gilbert and Anne would meet anyways has been explored before of course and it's always fun to see how it plays out. I look forward to seeing where Anne leads Gilbert and this mysterious roll of cheesecloth.
12/11/2021 c1 33piccolabimba
There is a lot going on here, but Josie Pye?
12/10/2021 c1 14previouslyjade
Oh wow. I am officially INTRIGUED
12/10/2021 c1 7wishwars
I’m so curious about what’s going to happen next! And what a fun fic idea!
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