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4/19 c12 AnneNGil
4/19 c11 AnneNGil
Finally! ... I can't wait to see the reactions to that kiss.
4/19 c9 AnneNGil
They are finally connecting!
4/19 c8 AnneNGil
Have I told you how much I'm liking this story?
4/14 c17 MwithanE
Hi Katherine with a K!
I hope you’re well. I can’t wait to read what happens to all these lovely characters, and hope you’ll have the time, the inspiration and the interest to continue. And anyway, well thanks for what you’ve created.
4/3 c17 7Formerly known as J
Ohhh, I love this so much! I was so excited to see Remy in the last chapter that I forgot to tell you how much I love that his physical description is Roy! Of course it is, he's so dreamy, it makes perfect sense that he would be in love with Diana, and I adored to read how much he loves Matthew and Marilla. I love that he wrote to Anne - I do hope we find out more about what happened to those letters - and I love that he's so happy to see her, too. Most of all, I love that in this universe, Matthew is still alive!

Ok, now I got to blurt all that out, let's talk about what on earth is Remy, I mean Jerry, doing with Josephine Pye? Yikes, she's everywhere, and I have so many questions! Just what is she plotting for the Cuthbert's farm now, has she really got her sights set on Jerry? I laughed at Josie deciding she had broken it with Gilbert, and her vengeful thoughts were perfectly Pye-like. She is a schemer through and through, and I can't wait to see what she's going to do next!

But that sweet little snow globe that John had bought for his wife, it explained so much about him and made me almost as emotional as Anne herself. I love that Lark actually used Anne's name at the end, and I think (hope) I can see where Anne's bird is going to land...eventually.

Fave line: trees talking to each other underground through their roots. Such an Anne-ish line, it was perfect!
4/3 c16 Formerly known as J
I'm finally catching up with my reading and reviews, and boy was this chapter a doozy, kwaky! You know how much I adore your rollicking romps, and that little Lark is just a gorgeous character, one of the many highlights of this story. I also loved Anne wearing Ruby's clothes, and especially love the idea of her wearing Gilbert's very large, very shiny boots (grrrr!).

You know how much I always admire your characterisations, and I love how you're revealing these characters to us. How intriguing that Dovey doesn't like Anne wearing Ruby's clothes, and that he gets itchy feet. Hmmm. And how adorable is Sunday for putting hot potatoes in his little girl's pockets to keep her warm? But that walk past the Avonlea neighbours was pure genius. The suspicious stares and especially the judgement of a pretty girl staying with a widower, it was all just perfection. But the best part of all - finally we meet Jerry - *her* Remy! And that Josie Pye-face is with him, it was gold. I loved it!

Fave line: That killer final line from Jerry as he recognises Anne, too! Oooohh, I can't wait to read the next chapter. Argh!

Also, John Blythe in his shirtsleeves working that plane. Oh yeah, baby! ;)
4/2 c17 Guest
I'm just rereading this story yet again because I love it so much and am missing the updates. Hope you're doing okay, Kwak.
3/25 c17 Guest
Sending well wishes your way and hoping you and your family weathered the Omicron ok.
3/23 c17 Guest
Hope all’s well, k, and you’re taking a well-deserved break :) Take care and stay safe! Absolutely adore your Monty story and can’t wait for her to meet Diana and the long awaited Anne and Gilbert reunion (I’m already anticipating all sorts of hilarious hijinks with Lark in the mix!).
3/22 c17 Guest
Hope you r doing okay Katherine with a K:) I miss your wonderful writing:)
3/20 c17 Meg
I hope all is well with you and yours. This is a brilliant story and I can't wait for the next instalment.
3/17 c17 Guest
Hope you are doing okay. Eagerly looking forward to the next chapter as always!3
3/15 c17 Spring
I love the way the things are going, it's so intriguing. I miss Shilbert
3/15 c16 Nani Cherry
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